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  1. I think LCA would smoke most everyone in Class 3A. That said, my opinion on CAL isn’t as strong as some others right now. They’re ranked first by default, not necessarily because of what they’ve shown. They might be the best team, but this class is wide open in my opinion.
  2. Losing Texas and Oklahoma is obviously huge. However, the addition of these four teams makes for a pretty nice conference. I'm curious if BYU's move will be football only or all sports.
  3. I think divisions are all but finished in the SEC. There has been a lot of talk about pods. If I were in charge, I would give each school three permanent opponents (ex: Kentucky vs. Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Missouri; Tennessee vs. Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Alabama; etc.). That would leave twelve other opponents - you play six of them each year. That guarantees you play a home-and-home with every schools in the SEC every four years; no kid would play four years at a school without hosting and visiting every other league opponent.
  4. I don’t know what to think of Taylor County. They’ve proven they can win close games, but neither Rockcastle or Spencer are great teams. The win over Larue came against a team missing sixteen players. Under Marple, Taylor is always better later in the year than at the start. If I’m grading them at this point, I’m probably giving them an incomplete.
  5. This is the game of the week for me. I think Lawrence is good and might should be ranked. I win over Russell would probably get them in and might even give Belfry cause for concern.
  6. You may be correct but I think the same is being said for a whole bunch of 3A teams. It’s just really hard to separate the wheat from the chaff in that class right now.
  7. But the one good thing sure is good!
  8. Two pretty solid teams. Sounds like a fun game.
  9. What do you think people who began their teaching/coaching career in 1930 said about kids in 1970?
  10. Letcher with a late second quarter drive but was picked off and returned almost length of the field. McNamee to Grant Scott touchdown pass makes it 28-7 at halftime for Pikeville. Pikeville is very solid. Of course McNamee, but running backs Blake Birchfield and Zac Lockhart have both impressed. Lots of weapons. Letcher solid as well. Really nice team. Quarterback Carson Adams is very nice and wide receiver Nicholas Haning has made several nice catches. Problem for Letcher is they can’t establish the run which had made them a little one-dimensional.
  11. Made the trip since our game got Covid. Two early observations: 1) Letcher County Central has a gorgeous facility. Not many better in Kentucky. 2) Isaac McNamee is worth the price of admission at quarterback for Pikeville. Three touchdown passes already. Pikeville up 21-7, almost halftime.
  12. Not tremendously but they are getting four really good football programs. That might be enough to keep their status as an "Autonomy 5" conference which plays a major role in setting up the playoffs. Also, I'm guessing the other four leagues are more than happy to see BYU, Central Florida, Cincinnati, and Houston go to the Big 12 because it means they won't be asked about adding them in realignment.
  13. Middlesboro at Garrard County is canceled tonight. Garrard County is out with Covid issues.
  14. No, you can only get one result per week. However, it appears that the KHSAA is logging every game as a forfeit at this point with one team getting a win and the other team a loss. My guess is the scoreboard will be modified once the season ends and it can be determined if teams played ten games on the field. Not sure that answers your question but that's a mix of what I do know and what appears to be happening on the scoreboard page.
  15. Todd County Central headed to Russellville on Friday night. I applaud the Rebels effort to get a game in, especially after losing out last week. Their coach and AD have clearly worked the phones hard all week.
  16. Agreed. That's why I like the stats @Colonels_Wear_Blue put out. If 40% of a county is vaccinated, you can probably only hope that 40% of a team is vaccinated. Most kids aren't getting something their parents refuse and in many cases are open and vocally against.
  17. Three different reasons: 1. Johnson Central is really good. Not many teams want to sign up for a loss. 2. Johnson Central in the past has ran an offense that grinds on you and really wears teams down, something many schools aren't used to facing. Why sign up for a regular season game like that when no one else on your schedule or in the postseason will play that way? 3. Johnson Central is a big school (right on the 4A/5A line) in an area of mostly smaller schools. They are also located in far eastern Kentucky, which is a long trip for many programs. For the bigger schools in the
  18. Might have been before that. Maybe 2017? They hosted X and lost, though it was a reasonably close ballgame.
  19. You may well be right. I think Southwestern wins but I see no reason to believe Simon Kenton won't be competitive with them.
  20. Daviess County beat Owensboro in 1996. From the October 19, 1996 Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer.
  21. I guess this pick comes down to how much faith you have in Northern Kentucky 6A teams. Based on the last few years, I'm guessing not much. Of course I say that and Dixie will probably beat Conner by three scores!
  22. I've been to one game at PRP and was fortunate enough to get to sit with @Purple88. Pretty cool place to watch a football game.
  23. Franklin County's last four outings have included a win on the road at Johnson Central, a to-the-wire loss to Boyle County in the state finals, a road romp at Scott County, and then the win over Western Hills. I believe the Flyers have built up a lot of faith around the state with those performances. Corbin is a great team and a great program. However, the Hounds don't have that level of extremely recent success, which is probably why Franklin County is getting all of the votes.
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