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  1. Which is more than fair since some schools would take a big and unavoidable RPI hit playing district opponents in the first and second round.
  2. Was probably a pipe dream anyway, but with Covington Catholic and now Owensboro both advancing automatically to the semifinals, this will officially be the final game at the current Bowling Green stadium.
  3. If you were having a high school coach fantasy draft from only this list, who are the top three picks?
  4. Gross. It’s just all gross. Everything is gross.
  5. I just don’t know how you can coach basketball in 2020 and not realize that shooting is a must. The entire game is shooting. And Calipari just refuses to move in that direction.
  6. The one guy who made one played four minutes in the first half.
  7. Maybe it came out at BOC meeting. Tackett basically said they would play at Kroger Field no matter what color the county was because UK and Kroger Field has a policy the KHSAA will follow. I’m not sure if it was an official pronouncement or something that was verbalized in the meeting.
  8. I thought they had already announced 15% capacity for each game, which would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 per game?
  9. I think teams were allowed to play another game if they didn’t qualify for the playoffs. I remember Floyd Central asking around for an opponent. But around that same time was when almost every county went red and the KHSAA pushed back the playoffs one week. No one played the extra game. And it was never an option for Kentucky teams that made the playoffs.
  10. Calpreps does great work but they sometimes overvalue 6A teams as whole. The reality is 6A county is much different than 6A Big Four Louisville.
  11. Looks about right. I think it will be very close just like the regular season.
  12. I don't think so. I believe that only takes effect if a team cancels after playoff Week 3 or Week 4. So if Madison Southern had beat Covington Catholic this week, then had to drop out, CovCath would advance.
  13. Agreed, and Wes Johnson is doing a good job at Dunbar. No surprise as I remember the good work he did at West Jessamine some time back. It’s nice to see Lexington schools in the mix - something that doesn’t always happen.
  14. And a road win at Belfry. That said, X has stayed under the radar for much of the season. I think they’ll go to North Hardin and win a low scoring affair.
  15. The door is opening for a potential state final appearance for Williamsburg. I’m not sure anyone expected that when they were having games canceled almost weekly due to Covid. But it says a lot about the fantastic job Jerry Herron does every year at Williamsburg.
  16. If I were doing cross-district, I do it this way: District A 1st Place vs. District A 4th Place District B 2nd Place vs. District A 3rd Place Winners play in second round, then use RPI (or perhaps a better replacement) for third and fourth round just as they do now That means the 1-4 game, which is almost always a blowout, would pit two teams relatively close geographically. The 2-3 game being cross-district would hopefully avoid a first round matchup where two really good teams from the same district play immediately (think CAL/DeSales or Somerset/Danville this season).
  17. The theory behind it is good as I like the effort to make better matchups in each round. However, the RPI in and of itself is a flawed instrument.
  18. Worst playoff loss in school history for Central. Previous worst had been a 31 point defeat to Boyle County in 2001.
  19. They are simply posted as templates. After the second and third rounds are complete the RPI is used to set the next round. You will see them rearranged after each round.
  20. Looking back on some records tonight, it appears this is the first season Mayfield didn't win a playoff game since failing to qualify for the postseason in 1980. This is the first time Mayfield has lost their first playoff game since falling, 7-0, to Green County in 1975.
  21. No. Kentucky/Detroit on Friday night was canceled. Richmond played Morehead at Rupp last night and will play Kentucky on Sunday afternoon.
  22. Does this make us feel better or worse about Covington Catholic going forward in the playoffs? What about our opinion of Highlands going into 2021?
  23. Made the trip tonight. First visit to South Warren; nice facility. Stray observations from this game: 1. Bowling Green’s defensive line dominated the game. Pressure all night which showed in some of the turnovers. 2. Really liked what Bowling Green did on offense. Put pressure on South Warren’s defense all evening. I’ll add that I don’t believe Dingle caught a single pass but there were plenty other stars for the Purples. 3. Wasn’t wowed by Veltkamp but a lot of that wasn’t his fault. He had no time to throw. However, he made a few really bad throws include that attempted throw away near the end zone. He did a decent job avoiding some potential sacks but he’s not a good enough athlete to get yards when flushed from the pocket. 4. I sat on the South Warren side and if I had a dollar for every time they screamed for a holding call I could retire today. I thought the referees were a non-factor but apparently not everyone felt that way!
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