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  1. I agree that Beechwood is better than last year by far. I don’t want to disrespect West Carter. They played very well. I think what I was referring and should have made a little clearer is Mayfield won’t be a easy place to have a bad performance to win at. I would assume didn’t it rain in that game at West Carter last year that may have contributed to the play? I think Mayfield is playing good football this year. I also think Beechwood and LCA are playing heads better than last year. Hope we see the sequel.
  2. I was shocked last year that West Carter about beat Beechwood. Mayfield is way better than West Carter.
  3. I watched Boyles game against Bowling Green. Haddix has got that offense playing championship football. Gillis is tuff. Corbin is playing at a very high level on both sides of the ball, proud of our boys. I’m not sold on ruling Johnson Central or Franklin or Central off, they are all strong in my eyes. JC has played some good football the last two weeks against real competition. I think Franklin turns the corner from here on out. 4A is going to get fun during the playoffs.
  4. Franklin County is a very dangerous team. I am sure they will find there sweet spot any time. Franklin 35 Woodford County 21
  5. LCA was a missed field goal by .25 inch from winning last year in regulation lol.
  6. St. Xavier Beechwood Highlands Boyle County LCA
  7. Cahokia would be ranked inside the top 5 in KY 4A. Nice come from behind win for JC. Cahokia starting QB gets hurt and JC RB got hurt in this game. Hard nose game. JC tuff as nails! Congratulations JC!
  8. I have no doubt Franklin will be fine by years end, all this does is set the table for someone to look past them and get smacked. What that tells me is Ballard was a very good team to beat a very good team.
  9. Corbin looked very strong on offense last night. Mainly went with the run game. Nice first game for Seth Huff. Lots of highlight explosive plays from Seth Mills again. No doubt the most dominate player on the field for Corbin. Pulaski moved the ball on every drive which and got there drives deep into Corbin territory before either a interception or turnover on downs would take place. I really liked the QB play from #12 for Pulaski. I also thought they had some nice skilled players. They just couldn't get into the end zone. The 1 touchdown being a 20 yard QB keeper. Corbin defense in this game
  10. Lasalle (OH) LCA South Warren Mercer Franklin County
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