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  1. I really like Clay County’s freshman QB. Tate has came into the starting roll and played like a veteran in all 3 games. Johnson Central will be too much for the Tigers to overcome though.
  2. I like the announcers saying “Touchdown Xavier Brown”.
  3. Yes it was. Corbin actually ran the ball the first half against Dixie Heights. Nice to see that too. But Teyveon Longmire exploded a huge pass play to seal the deal not leaving much time for Dixie Heights to work with. Dixie Heights is legit. Just a good ole Defense battle and field position game. Definitely a better showing from the Redhounds offense this game.
  4. Well, this is going to be a good game. For Dixie Heights, they stayed focused and was rewarded by a very solid second half of play. Nearly winning the game. I call it building character in your team. Corbin started extra slow on the offensive end against Beechwood. I know I predicted a big win for Corbin last week and probably swayed some people into believing we might win. I had no doubts. Late in the 3rd quarter, down 17-0 Corbin scored with :41seconds left on the clock. Beechwood hits another field goal making it 20-7 and Corbin scores again with around 7 minutes to go now closer at 20-14. The redhounds defense didn’t control the game like I predicted they would, but they maintained to get one more possession with 1:18 remaining. Deep with the whole field to go, Beechwoods defense would prove to be too much and a interception ended the game. I see two teams with similar opening day games meeting for a much needed first win. No doubt Dixie Heights should be the favorite the way they played Covington Catholic. I still am hoping our offense gets ignited for 3 quarters this game. I gotta stay with my team. Corbin 28 Dixie Heights 14
  5. He sure does. He looked like he was going to kick it over the Post Office.
  6. Congratulations to Beechwood. I think they can be very proud. A good looking team. I’m not shocked at all that Beechwood won. I’m just at a loss for words seeing we didn’t utilize the talent we have. Not good.
  7. I think home field for these teams is a huge factor when they play. Going back to last year. Beechwood had a good game plan and it happen to come after Corbins first loss at home and at a time Beechwood needed there first win. Honestly, Corbin played there worst game of the year against Beechwood last year. I was there. I also have watched that game film more than I like. Corbin in every preseason poll or prediction has been given a 5-5 or 6-4 chance for the season. I follow this team. They return along with Franklin County the most returning starters from last year in 4A. Through the coaching change, we inherited the defense coach we were missing from last year to make our defense very strong. Our offense coordinator hire in the off season makes our offense as equal or better than last year. Now the transfers. We gained 3 kids who will start and about 4 or 5 who didn’t play on last years team that could have been impact players last year. My score prediction was just that. Corbin plays a nice schedule. I hate we don’t get Bowling Green for a measuring stick but it is what it is. What I think will happen. I think Corbins defense will control the game. Unlike last year where they couldn’t tie there shoe. We are strong up front, fast linebackers and fast dbacks and well coached. Offense will look completely different. Cameron Combs our QB is underrated. I think by years end he will be well known. We are loaded on offense. I don’t won’t to put more because it’s too close to game time. I know Beechwood is no joke. Honestly, a very classy program. I enjoy the trip up there. I talked to some locals last year that were telling me about the talent at the school. If they all played football, they probably wouldn’t lose a game. Good luck to Beechwood and there team and I know it will be a good game. Always is.
  8. I don’t know, but I will say this. If anyone can have a big season, Sloan can do it. He is just a highlight reel every time he touches the ball. Doesn’t matter where the offense is on the field, he is a threat to score. When I think of a football player who fits the description of a Mr Football, Sloan is the perfect description. It doesn’t do this kid justice seeing his stats. He is one that you have to see in person to see why he gets those stats.
  9. Sloan Is for real. I got to watch him twice last year. I really like him as my top choice. I like the comeback kid Sheron. I watched him 3 times last year. He is right there too.
  10. I was looking forward to that game. That is the type of game Corbin needed for down the road. Sounding like now that this game might not be taking place, I would only hope for a similar caliber opponent. Corbin had a team scrimmage last night. A packed house on the outside of the fence in all directions. No fans was allowed inside the gates. Not a parking place to be found. Looked like our offense will be very hard to handle. Just too many weapons. I don’t know how a team can defend all these receivers. Defensively, looking like we will control the tone of the games we play in. Greers defense is second to none in 4A. 2020 The Year of the Redhounds.
  11. When did it get cancelled? I was told a week ago that it was a go.
  12. I think we will see a lot of run plays for sure. Teams that are geared for the run will be very good early. Passing teams will come along. A few passing teams with experience probably won’t take as long to be on cue. Turnovers and Defense mainly.
  13. Is this Meeting going to be live and where the public can watch like the KHSAA meetings?
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