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  1. Corbin (6-0) coming off of a big win over Simon Kenton by a score of 38 -35 will host District rival Knox Central (4-2). Knox Central has had the injury bug of late and has had to play without a lot of their fire power but won in a shootout over Bourbon County by a score of 62-61. Two dandy QBs will be leading each team in this one with Steve Partin for Knox Central and Kade Elam for Corbin...should be a dandy. Who you got?
  2. Hopkinsville Perry Central Scott County South Warren Trinity
  3. Got mine today!! All I can say is I am overwhelmed by the gifts!!! Thank You!!
  4. i think you bring up a very good point. This would be a great example of where a team should get home field advantage if they are a distict rival.....Beat there competition outright.....RPI doesn't weight opponents....This part of RPI isn't user friendly.
  5. St. X Ballard Pikeville Henderson County Glasgow
  6. This was a battle and Congratulations to both teams!!!!!!!! Nice game!!!! Boyle no doubt is getting there mojo and fine tuning the guitar!
  7. Hounds unleashed the passing game tonight! Congratulations Corbin!!
  8. South Warren is IMO 3-4th in 5A and who knows, by seasons end they may be in the 1 or 2 spot. I think there out of state competition may be better this year than last year but I am only guessing because I don't follow those teams... But that score against Highlands is a good indicator that they aint week....Highland played toe to toe with Simon Kenton who is having a heck of a year.. I don't know if South Warren loses again this year in the rest of there regular season...They will be a hard out come playoffs. Now this is just what I see..
  9. Rock Fight Lol…. That hurts me thinking about it lol.
  10. St X Pikeville Highlands Lex Catholic Spencer County
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