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  1. I fully support this young mans decision. I personally have a different opinion about this than most I would assume. I first think about all the current athletes who play that has already been held back of course at a younger age but they are still eligible to play because of the birthday falling where it works. I have talked to a many of a parent who just wasn't thinking of a child playing a sport at the time of there birth. Sure some parents are all over it but not as many as you think. Then you have these blossoming high school students who have good birthdays but the 4 year rule keeps them from reclassifying. Then a parent will say something like man, I wished I would have thought about this years ago, what might have been. I honestly see this as one of those rare if ever moments where some kids who probably would have can now because of a rule change for one year. When I first heard of this possibility I thought, man it would be nice. Then I thought, it will never happen. Well it did. I work in construction and get around all over the state. I talk to a lot of people especially about football. Honestly, the comment I hear the most is "you would be crazy not to come back". I get on these forums and am kinda shocked that there is so many who are dead against it. I realize there are always going to be people against anything. I cant possibly make myself get upset at a kid who decides they might try to use another year to better themselves. What I see, is more opportunity to improve that act score, and if one gets a better scholarship then why not. I'll donate my money for the cause. I see too many athletes giving up here in the mountains that now carry a backpack to a drug dealer walking up and down a road looking like a skeleton. Sad thing is, those people get more of my tax money than a kid coming back for one year to play football.
  2. When was or is the official last day to do so?
  3. Congratulations to both of them.
  4. Congratulations to Coach Hester!
  5. If the Whitley game was played, Corbin would have gotten the number 1 seed. Fact.
  6. Corbin had a heck of a year last year and even with that loss to Beechwood was a cancellation away from having the number 1 overall seed in last year’s tournament the way it was going. I would like to have kept that Beechwood series on the schedule myself. This team will have a lot of talent ready to play this schedule. Some nice matchups and I look for Corbin to have another great year.
  7. I congratulated Boyle on another thread, but I’ll do it on this one. Congratulations to Boyle on winning there 9th State Championship. I hated to see Haddix leave Corbin, but I talked to Haddix and congratulated him on Sunday after the big win. I personally have nothing but respect for Coach Haddix and Boyle County. I know how happy he was to win his first championship. I went to the Championship game and took my son and daughter and a teammate of his. This was there senior year and we wanted to see the finals. One thing I saw in these Boyle kids is fight. I believe the shirt with that hashtag was spot on, against all odds. Taking nothing from Franklin, a heck of a team. I saw some kids rise up and make outstanding plays to win a state championship. I have some good friends at Boyle County. Again Congratulations!
  8. I took my son and daughter and one of his teammates down for the 2A and 4A games. I for one hate to see a team lose in one of those games. Watched some awesome football and congratulations to Beechwood and Boyle on there wins. Congratulations to LCA and Franklin for a fight to the end. For a year that almost wasn’t, last night was some of the best football games I’ve watched in person. I’m very thankful for this year to have been played. Very good games!!!
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