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  1. It would definitely cause a ton of problems for small schools (as a Danville fan I know this all too well). Based on where the state guidelines for schools are taking us, I just don't know what other options might exist outside of a quickie sports season in the fall that would basically be playoffs and nothing.
  2. I can't see any school rejecting the recommendation. Doing so I would think opens them up to some major liability if something were to happen to staff and/or students. I've been a big believer that if we see football it will happen in the spring. That will cause a massive disruption to other sports, but I just think all sports are getting pushed to that window and the KHSAA will let the chips fall where they will to salvage something.
  3. Not a bad get this late in the hiring season. I'd have to imagine this is going to be more short-term than long-term, though.
  4. If these numbers keep creeping up, then I think we could see a return to an earlier level of reopening. I don't think anyone wants to get into another shutdown but it could occur.
  5. I'm starting to think we're going to get tons of things pushed into the spring season and the KHSAA will just let the chips fall where they will.
  6. Yep. I thought 2012 was really going to be their year. Seeing the Giants go on and win the World Series made it worse.
  7. That number today is alarming. Maybe it's an outlier but it's disconcerting when our other numbers were already edging upwards.
  8. Program definitely fell hard when Stallworth left, like it immediately fell off. I hope they can land a good hire but it's pretty late to be be looking (and this assumes we get to see basketball for 2020-2021).
  9. The 979 cases to me is a sign that schools might not be opening for in person instruction statewide next month. Seems like we might headed for another wave of closure stuff, which would be a setback.
  10. With concerns about distancing in schools with existing numbers, I don't see a lot of districts giddy about getting waves of new students if they opt for in-person instruction.
  11. Big loss for Danville IMO. I was hoping Cooper would take over after McKinney.
  12. I think a universal DH is definitely going to be on the table in the next CBA. It's the biggest thing the owners have to dangle as a carrot.
  13. Yep, no way to really work a shot clock in right now. We had the debate earlier this year on the board (and it happens every year) but good luck paying for them and then finding someone to operate it.
  14. Weren't there some whispers about Berry for the Garrard girls job last year?
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