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  1. I still think Buzz Williams is one of the most unheralded coaches in all of college basketball. He should be on the shortlist for the UK job one day.
  2. And the other thing: If we did have a shot clock, how long would it be? 45 seconds? 40? 35?
  3. But isn't it a legitimate question of whether some of Highlands woes over the last few years have been that they are playing at too high of a class?
  4. I've been to several games this year where there were 4-5 errors with the regular game clock. I shudder to think of the mistakes that would be made with running a shot clock as well.
  5. State demographic trends indicate that the central and northern parts of the state keep growing while the western and eastern sides are in decline, so geographically that's what I expect to see shake out in the new alignment, whenever it happens to be.
  6. Just an ugly game. Dallas' O-line was dominated for much of the contest, but penalties caused them a lot of problems. There should be a house cleaning after this game, but the one person that needs to go the most - Jerry Jones as GM - won't.
  7. I do wonder if this result could signify a big shift in the area, which could work against Danville. Boyle's sports programs have leapfrogged Danville over the past 15 years and is DCA that far behind?
  8. It's going to be a wild district tournament. This is where I get on my soapbox and complain about the 45th having 6 teams, which is far more than other districts in the region.
  9. Were both teams taking their time on offensive possessions? That's a pretty low scoring affair for each side.
  10. That would be very petty, but nothing shocks me in this world anymore!
  11. XFL 2.0 could've had more of a chance but the pandemic killed it out of the gate. Still, it's difficult to get these minor leagues going. Even the Arena Football League (AFL) went out of business.
  12. I wish we had him the previous two years rather than losing him to Nebraska.
  13. It makes sense this could take into mid-January when you consider the winter holiday. Not sure if they've posted the job but it'll take a few weeks to get applications, interviews, etc. Seems reasonable to me.
  14. Also mirrors the trend we are seeing nationally for teachers. Just not good.
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