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  1. Not in favor of six fouls as that will just lead to referees calling more and I think that could slow the game down even further. I would love to see the men's game adopt what the women have with four quarters and you go to the double bonus after 5 fouls. It speeds up the game a lot. The NIT did this like 4 years ago and I thought it was a great improvement for the game.
  2. This will be a trial run for the UNC job. I just don't see Davis doing well at UNC, so if Miller does well for a few years in Cincy, I imagine that job will be his.
  3. Bethlehem has a tough road if they want to get to the title game.
  4. I love that this team has destroyed the Cards and the Pirates in a game. The scoring may not stay this way forever, but the Reds have lacked good hitting for a long time since 2013. I'm confident the current hitting options give them a boost in that regard.
  5. Embarrassing. Never thought I'd see the day where Danville's football team would be put in the position where multiple candidates would turn down the head coaching gig.
  6. From what I've read this is incorrect: "A retaken high school course under this subsection shall not count as an additional credit towards graduation unless the student failed the original course. Retaking a course under this section shall count towards full-time enrollment for the student." That would imply that if a student passes a course this year that they would already have that credit and would not retake it. This is why you see references to fifth-year seniors and others "supplementing" their academic transcripts.
  7. That's still the word on the street. I'm thinking next year could be really rough, especially if there are not a lot of players that come out. Clevenger dealt with a bit of that his first year but was able to get players to recommit/buy in by his second year. Peach faces a bigger issue than that because of the circumstances surrounding the coaching vacancy. Couple this with Somerset and LCA still doing well and Peach has a monumental task in front of him IMO. But, as they say, winning cures all.....
  8. My guess is that they can do a co-op program for several credits and then load up on electives. Some schools also have dual credit offerings/partnerships too, so that can fill out some credits. I do wonder if the requirement that a student take a math class every year of high school would still apply since you'd have students who had already completed their four credits. Schools will definitely have to get creative to fill out a whole class load for some of these students, though.
  9. I've thought all year that Baylor was going to win it all and I'm not swayed by that now. If Scott Drew wins this title, I think he should be under consideration to replace Calipari down the line. What he's done there after the mess he inherited after Dave Bliss has been amazing.
  10. If only I'd picked Highlands to win it all instead of Ballard....
  11. Sad to see Boyle go down, but winning a game at the state tournament is still a nice accomplishment for the season. It'd be a nice story for Ashland to go all the way since their undefeated year last year was interrupted by COVID.
  12. If Beard can effectively keep the talent in Texas this is going to be a big win for their program.
  13. My gut tells me that UNC might go through another Matt Dougherty situation with the pool of candidates out there. Strike out this time and then get someone good the next as they did in that transition from Dean Smith to Roy Williams.
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