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  1. It seems like when Danville does a lot of full court press or generally increases defensive pressure that they are a tough team to handle this year.
  2. I've said it here before, but Somerset has done a great job in recent years of upgrading their athletic programs in basketball (girls and boys) and has kept positive momentum going with football. This is a great win for them.
  3. Danville's been on quite the winning streak since losing their season opener.
  4. Didn't Beechwood used to play Corbin 5 or so years ago?
  5. I have to think Somerset goes off anyway because that's already a possible sister district playoff game in round 2.
  6. I think playoff seeding can remain as is but if a division winner has a worse record than the wild card team they are playing, the wild card winner gets to host. I think the NBA has this system but its rarely been used.
  7. The proposed alignment of moving LCA out of the district with Danville and Somerset will give those schools a sigh of relief. However, it also means that with the sister district pairings that whomever is #2 in that district could be facing Beechwood in the second round each year.
  8. Sorry, didn't see this until a bit later. Here's the link with the entire game if you want to see Danville-Somerset. The girl's game was streamed too:
  9. I shudder to think of what the '03 Ads team would've been like if they'd had a great QB.
  10. I believe that was the 2003 title game where Kelvin Turner and Charles Penix just ran all over the place on teams for much of the season.
  11. This makes a well reasoned argument. I'm just trying to think of what mechanism could be used to help schools like this.
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