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  1. If they had enough credits to graduate high school then I suppose they could but TouchtheLine makes a lot of great points about why they wouldn't want to. I do think we'll have a season this year, but it'll be abbreviated and there won't be a lot of fans able to attend games. Hopefully schools are looking into ways to stream things so people can watch the action.
  2. It's gonna be ugly. Bama by at least 35.
  3. Agreed 100%. If we get to the finals and this happens it could be disruptive, but I'd want to see the two teams that were supposed to play, not winner of bracket A semi-final vs. loser of bracket B semi-final.
  4. The idea of a losing team advancing in the playoffs makes me laugh. I mean, I guess I kinda get it but why not just give the team that was supposed to face the COVID quarantining squad a bye?
  5. I do wonder how fast distribution would be. I've long though March is the earliest we can get to possibly getting past all this.
  6. Playing within your district for the first two rounds is ridiculous for the reasons people have already mentioned. Teams typically backend their schedules with district games so then you turn around and play a district team again two weeks later? They need to go back to matching up the districts based on geography and cross-districting for the first two rounds. Of course, if geography and distance was a big concern, maybe we should've have six classes for football in the first place (but I know it's here to stay).
  7. Yikes. I'd hope this doesn't happen as I can see major liability coming from that or an uproar if it came out later that a team should have had some quarantined players and chose to cover it up by doing this. I do think COVID is going to create some problems in the playoffs, so I'm just prepared for it.
  8. Great win for Somerset. Ads were never in the game.
  9. This will be a good test of where the Ads stand. They've done a great job out of district but they have to be able to take care of Somerset/LCA to advance deep in the playoffs because of the new, ridiculous district playoff formatting. I'm excited to see how this game comes out, but Somerset is definitely the favorite.
  10. Danville doing a good job out of district. Great start to the year. I think these sudden games where you have to make adjustments on the fly play right into Coach Clay Clevenger's wheelhouse.
  11. How is this going to impact the playoffs if Fayette is still in the red and teams refuse to play schools like LCA?
  12. I think Highlands definitely needs to drop down to 4A and rebuild.
  13. Really nice win for the Ads. District play is going to be a tough road.
  14. Yikes, what a beating. Boyle County is just rolling everyone.
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