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  1. Tootsie Rolls Tootsie Pops Tootsie Fruit Chews @theguru likes the king size
  2. Thank you everyone. Another year I survived without my wife killing me. Check.
  3. I honestly can't remember, that was 15 years ago and I'm getting old. I have had quite a bit of swag over the years.
  4. And the nostalgia continues Pulled this out of the deep recesses today Best BGP shirt ever... .
  5. Watusi

    Alexa or Siri

    Cawood Ledford Marty Brennamen Vin Scully Al Michaels on rotate
  6. Watusi

    Alexa or Siri

    A lot of good ones already mentioned. Feeman, Jones, Jackson and Elliott would all be fantastic. My list would have to start with Casey Kasem. I loved that guy and could listen to him all the time. A few others that haven't been mentioned yet Patrick Warburton Michael Caine Alan Rickman Anthony Hopkins John Malkovich Mike Rowe Jack Nicholson Donald Sutherland
  7. And that is just for this account... :sssh:
  8. According to my profile, today is the 18th anniversary of my BGP account. Hard to believe it has been that long, and then again it seems like a lifetime ago. I made a lot of friends and a few enemies in that time but I'm not naming names. LOL Carry on... :bunny:
  9. Belfry's schedule is still not complete as they still need one game, either Week 3 or Week 8. I don't know the location of the Alter or Magoffin games Here is the schedule currently... Aug 23 - (A) Southwestern- Don Franklin Bowl Aug 30 - (H) Lexington Christian Academy - Pike County Bowl Sep 06 - Sep 13 - (?) Archbishop Kettering Alter (OH) Sep 20 - (H) Pikeville Sep 27 - (?) Magoffin Co Oct 04 - (A) Floyd Central Oct 11 - Oct 18 - (H) Lawrence Co Oct 25 - (A) Pike Central Nov 01- (H) Johnson Central Bold - District
  10. Here's your chance, a lot of 4 being auctioned off by the State of Ky. Kentucky park now taking bids for 4 bison UNION, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky officials have some unusual surplus property that's being made available for sale: four bison from Big Bone Lick State Historic Site in Boone County. The Kentucky Department of Parks is accepting bids for the bison, which include a 4-year-old cow and three bulls, each younger than a year old. They will be sold together. Department spokesman Gil Lawson told the Lexington Herald-Leader the park has a small herd of bison and has to sell some each year. He said the park likes to keep 10 to 14 and now has 12 in its 22-acre bison facility, including the four being sold. Four or five calves are born every spring. Bids are being accepted through Feb. 18.
  11. Reportedly Belfry plays LCA not sure about Pikevilles opponent
  12. David denied it a few day ago on facebook. Other than that, not hearing anything Facebook
  13. Video posted on his facebook blog where he denies the Bourbon rumor but says he is moving out of the mountains. Facebook
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