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  1. I’m not really a fan of Cincy chili. Don’t shoot me. I think it’s the taste of cinnamon that gets me. I like a spicy chili, something with a bite, but never anything sweet. @Birdsfansent me some Dixie chili once in cans. It was actually pretty good. But he just about had a cow when I told him I put it on hot dogs but had to add a lot of Frank’s hot sauce to it.
  2. Some of Isaac's Career Numbers Games - 61 Rushing: 530 carries, 6,457 yards, 87 touchdowns Receiving: 21 catches, 724 yards, 12 touchdowns Passing: 3 completions, 7 attempts, 53 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception 5 touchdowns on interception returns 2 touchdowns on fumble recovery returns 1 touchdown kick return 1 touchdown punt return 108 total touchdowns 12.18 average yards per carry 2019 State Championship MVP - 15 carries for 224 yards and 3 TD 2021 State Championship MVP - 41 carries for 376 yards and 5 TD
  3. Kash Daniel was pretty recent and Tim Couch was more recent than Scotty Russell, but I can't name the years. Of course they were the AP Mr Football and Dixon is the KFCA Mr Football, a relatively new award.
  4. With Belfry playing Paducah Tilghman this week, I couldn't help but think of my old friend Joey Fosko. BGP's westsider. Joey was the most informed high school sports guy I have ever known, particularly in western Kentucky. Joey and I used to talk about the 1985 championship game in 3A when the Blue Tornado beat my Pirates. I would have really enjoyed talking with him this week. https://bluegrasspreps.com/forums/topic/113438-westsider-has-passed-away/#comments
  5. This is a heavyweight match in the small school ranks. I missed it last year but I am really looking forward to this one. I don’t know who will win, looks pretty even on paper. I’ll be pulling for LCA because of a young man on their team who lost his father recently, and both his parents have deep Belfry roots.
  6. thanks SD for the info. When PT hired Coach Thompson I either read or was told it was the same Shawn Thompson. Glad you corrected me. So for anyone that knows: What is current PT Coach Sean Thompson’s coaching history? And where is former Wayne Co Coach Shawn Thompson at now?
  7. Good stuff DMC. A lot of thoughts running through my head. Glass slipper game, indeed. These will be two young teams who peaked at the right time and have a lot of tradition and history behind them. Two contrasting styles and coaching philosophies, with good measures of success for each Even though 85 wasn’t Belfrys first trip to the championship, Belfry fans remember the 85 loss very well. Tilghman was the more talented team but the Pond Creek boys gave it all they had and with a couple minutes to go it was 16-14 if my memory serves me. The Blue Tornado added a couple scores late to seal the deal. These two coaches faced off in a state championship game in 2013 and it was a classic game. The Pirates won 3-0 on a cold windy day against Coach Thompson’s Wayne Co team. It has been fun watching the Pirates rebound from the demoralizing start to the season. 0 and 5 will take a toll on a young team and nobody knew how they would respond. Credit goes to the coaching staff for keeping eyes on the ultimate prize and following Coach Haywood’s mantra of getting a little bit better every day and doing the fundamentals right. Speaking of coaching, is this the best job this coaching staff has done in their impressive careers? I can’t argue against it. Lots more to discuss this week. This game excites me 🤘🏼
  8. Yes. Not as good as a whole ham, but still good. If it comes from a pig, I probably will like it. One exception is Souse, another is probably chitlins but we will never know on that one.
  9. If only choosing one, its ham every time. I like to have both. I eat the dark meat of the turkey, so there is always plenty for me because nobody fights over it. (white meat vs dark meat, that's a debate) Ham is always solid and we always fix a spiral cut ham of some variety. It is so good as leftovers and the ham bone goes in a kettle of pinto beans a few days later.
  10. I would feel better if Belfry was a little healthier and the game was played on Pond Creek.
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