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  1. Playing a guy that has traditionally been a point guard at the 2 is not in the same ballpark as taking a shoot first wing and having them play the point-- especially over one season.
  2. There's a lot to improve on with the offense. Surely numbers like these will get better: So far UK is 9-47 from 3 for 19%. Clarke and Boston are 0-19. As a team UK has 31 assists and 52 turnovers. Mintz and Askew, the primary point guards have 12 assists and 16 turnovers. And this is a stat that has got to improve by leaps and bounds given Cal's offensive philosophy: through 3 games UK has only shot 7 more free throws than their opponents. His really good teams make more free throws than their opponents attempt. Three games is a tiny same size, but it shows just how far this team has to go offensively. I still like them though. They've been very good defensively. Defense is an effort thing. For them to continue to play hard while struggling on offense shows me that they're buying into what Cal is trying to do. They just have to figure out how to execute it on offense.
  3. And therein lies one of the big flaws in a one and done system. You've got such a limited amount of time with that kids. In someone like Clarke, you've got a kid with exceptional athletic ability who is certainly at UK just to refine his game and audition for the NBA. That's what Cal sold him on and that's what he'll do for him. He's not going to play someone out of position in regards to where they'll be drafted. You will see him work to improve an aspect of a player's game to benefit both the player and the team. But these elite recruits don't come to Kentucky to learn a new position--especially not one that they aren't going to play in the NBA. And changing a natural scorer with a good handle, like Clarke, to someone to run the point and facilitate other's offense in a couple of months-- that's going to be really tough.
  4. They played well on defense. But once Kansas shut down the transition game and invited UK to take jumpshots they just couldn't generate any consistent offense. They've hit a long way to go and, with the rest of the out of conference schedule, they better figure it out quick.
  5. And my point is valid. You can't dismiss concern as, "rinse, wash, repeat," and say that he always has them playing great in March. They've been good, not elite, in March, over the last 5 years. You keep bringing up Coach K. He too, has underachieved, given the talent at his disposal. Cal was a rock star from 2009-2015. He's been very good, not great, since. There's not another coach that I'd rather have but, given the amount of NBA talent that has passed through Lexington, he's not done as well in March as you like to portray. Maybe this year reverses that trend. They've got the potential.
  6. That's not another step-- that's leaping the Grand Canyon. Sure UK's record looks pretty good over the previous 4 seasons (not counting this crazy season) at 32-20. But when you look a little deeper they're 16-4 in non-conference games. 3 of those wins are bought and paid for every year and UL has been down the last couple of seasons to make the non-conference slate easier. They're only 16-16 in the SEC. That's a heck of an improvement over their past. But look a little closer at that SEC record. They're 11-1 against Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Missouri and 5-15 against the rest of the league. They're nowhere close to getting to Atlanta. Stoops is doing a good job but he's gotten them to the point that they're a legitimate SEC team-- not a legitimate SEC contender.
  7. With the way that do many highly regarded teams have went down or had "struggle wins" so far, I wouldn't ding them too bad. I'd put them somewhere in the mid teens, say #16 just for the heck of it without doing any real research. I still like the looks of this team if they'll buy in and play together on offense. It didn't seem like an effort problem yesterday-- although I was getting ready for work and only got to watch a little bit. But they seemed to be playing hard, just not effectively.
  8. There's also a 2nd round loss and a Sweet 16 loss in there. So, since going to the Final Four in 2015 he's 9-4 in his last 4 NCAA appearances. That's good, not great. He's been great in the SEC tournament--so if you want to count that then I guess he's got them playing great in March.
  9. No way Stoops should be on the hot seat. UK was ranked in the preseason which led to a lot of unrealistic expectations by Wildcat fans in this weird season. Even a ranked UK team is not usually going to win more than 5 SEC games in an 8 game league schedule. If they would have played their original schedule they likely would have had their 3 bought and paid for wins that they get most seasons and I feel like they would have beaten UL. Add the Tennessee, Vandy and Mississippi State wins off of the original schedule and they would be playing South Carolina with a chance to go 8-4 and everyone would be happy. When the new schedule was announced I said that it would be a great season if they went 6-4, a good season at 5-5 but expected them to go 4-6. Hopefully they get a win over South Carolina and come back next season and get to buy those 3 wins.
  10. While it is way to early to overreact given the weird preseason schedule with no scrimmages, not all of these reactions are unwarranted. I know you like to tout how Cal always has them ready to go come March. But we're coming up on 6 years since UK has appeared in a Final Four. Have they really been all that great in March over the last several seasons? In the first half of his tenure at UK it was absolutely true that the early season losses meant little as UK had 4 Final Four appearances in 6 seasons. Since then, well his March resume looks a lot like Tubby Smith's--and he got hammered for it.
  11. Very similar to last year. This one is over before halftime. Frederick Douglass 42-6.
  12. I don't think it will be a huge blowout......but I don't think it will be particularly close either. I'll take Johnson Central 35-10.
  13. I think Richmond will push Kentucky. But I really like what I saw out of the Cats for their first time out. I'll take Kentucky 79-69.
  14. Beechwood will put a running clock on Breathitt County in the first half. Tigers 52-6.
  15. Aren't we up to WW V by now? Somerset had to make that goal line stand to win the game in 2018 as well.
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