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  1. He's not even been a Major League level pitcher this season.
  2. While it is true that his batting average last season was not pretty at .202, he was still on a pace to hit 42 homers and drive in 108 runs with a perfectly respectable .781 slugging percentage. The biggest problem with his swing is that he's trying to pull everything. In 2018, when he hit .283, his pull percentage was 25.6%. It increased to 37% in his 49 homer season in 2019 and is all the way up to 39.6% this season.
  3. I can't help but think that moving him to shortstop, a position that he has no business playing, has had an affect on his offensive game as well.
  4. I think that he's saying that the influx of Latin players has significantly increased the overall talent level of the player pool in MLB. However, a higher percentage of those talented players are position players. So, while the position player talent level has improved, the pitching talent level has not. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but I think that is what he's saying. I'm not sure that I agree. I think it has more to do with who is put in the bullpens and how they are used. It seems like every team wants a pen full of pitchers throwing 95+. They take a lot of pit
  5. I would hope so. That would put them 972 runs scored if they score 6 runs per game. The last time a team broke 1000 runs scored was Cleveland in 1999. They'd be somewhere in that neighborhood.
  6. India is going to have to be an All-Star level player offensively to justify playing Suarez at shortstop every day. He was a poor defensive shortstop when he was 5 years younger and 20 pounds lighter.
  7. My son played at EKU and was a 4 year starter at long snapper. His first 2 seasons he snapped to Aussie Jordan Berry, who has been the punter for the Steelers the last several seasons. His last 2 years he snapped to another Aussie in Keith Wrzuszczak, who ended up being an FCS All-American at EKU in 2017. Dean Hood brought both of those guys over and I'm thinking it was through Pro Kick Australia. Jordan would have been there from 2010-13. I think Coach Hood is also responsible for bringing Duffy to UK while he was special teams coordinator there. I believe he also signed Jordan's younge
  8. They've still got Michigan as well.
  9. Tubby Smith: 153-50 .754, 6 NCAA Tournaments, 2 Elite Eight Appearances John Calipari: 149-55 .730, 4 NCAA Tournaments (Would have been 5), 2 Elite Eight Appearances Another note: In the past 6 seasons UK only has one win vs a Power 5 Conference team in the NCAA Tourney: against UCLA in 2017. They have lost their other 4 matchups with a Power 5 team, 1-5 dating back to their loss to Wisconsin in 2015. Doesn't mean Calipari needs to go. But fans couldn't get Tubby out of town fast enough with a similar record.
  10. They did go 1-6 with and 7-8 without him. So a lot of that would have depended on if he bought into things and improved as well. Because he was mostly awful in the games that he did play in: 43% field goal percentage, 22.7% from 3 and 47% from the line. His floor game wasn't much better 13 assists to 21 turnovers and only 3 rebounds per game. Perhaps he would have proven very coachable and made huge strides. But it would have taken a massive improvement.
  11. So that's a no then, I didn't mention this year's team. I didn't think I did. I refuted your claim that they had bad seasons with Payne on staff. They would have been a tournament team every season had Noel not been injured. My post was discussing Payne's impact--PERIOD. You chose to branch off on your own tangent about this year's team.
  12. I don't think that I mentioned this year's team at all in that post did I? I sure can't find it anywhere. I simply stated the facts. The 2012-13 team was 17-6, ranked and had won 7 out of 8 when they lost their best player and finished 4-6. So, while it wasn't headed towards being a great season they were going to be a tournament team with Noel. So, trying to say that they had a bad season with Payne is misleading at best. Nope, still can't find any mention of this year's team in there anywhere.
  13. That 2012-13 team had just won 7 out of their last 8 games, had moved back into the rankings and was sitting at 17-6 when Noel went down against Florida. They were a tournament team at that point before going 4-6 down the stretch without him. That had everything to do with Noel's injury. So I don't think you can point to them having a bad season that year with Payne on the staff as proof that they had bad seasons with him.
  14. Big road win for Somerset. How did Stevens go 7/14 from the field but only score 11 points?
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