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  1. Will he ever take the court for UK? Or will he be 1/2 and done? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.aseaofblue.com/platform/amp/2022/1/20/22893580/shaedon-sharpe-eligible-2022-nba-draft-rankings-kentucky-basketball-news
  2. I don't think it is feasible. If it were added I think you would need to have another official to work it. I don't think having a parent/volunteer would cut it. They have enough trouble keeping up with just the basic game clock.
  3. Pulaski County improves to 16-0. I think they're a little bit underrated in the BGP poll at #13. They've got wins over #9 Madison Central and #18 Doss included in those 16 wins.
  4. Somerset football player Jack Bruner, who was a freshman in the 2019 Championship game against Mayfield, has raised $8500 for the victims of the Mayfield tornadoes. He had set a goal of raising $5000 for the cause but was able to greatly exceed it. He gives a great deal of the credit for that to sophomore teammate Guy Bailey and his family. From the article: "After the storm I thought to myself how the whole Mayfield football team showed us a lot of respect in that 2019 state championship football game," Bruner stated. "I wanted to give back to them and show how it doesn’t matter who wi
  5. The Bengals get a home playoff game with a chance to win their first playoff game since defeated Warren Moon and the Houston Oilers on 1-6-91. This should be their best chance to win one in a long, long time. Not having Andy Dalton under center to melt under the spotlight of a big game should help.
  6. I watched Wolfe County in the Lake Cumberland Classic against Somerset and Aiken(OH). The LCC is played in a pod system where 4 teams play a round robin at either Somerset, Pulaski, Somerset Christian or Southwestern. So there end up being 4 winners, one from each pod. I was impressed with Wolfe County. They've got 2-3 good shooters, play good defense and their point guard, Wilgus Tolson, is a really nice player. Somerset is young with only 2 seniors (one of which missed the last 2 games of the tourney against Wolfe and Smith County), but Wolfe looked really good against them and Ai
  7. Cincinnati for me. With all the Covid absences, cancellations, opt outs and teams playing shorthanded I don't put much stock in any of the games outside of the playoffs. To me it has to be one of the teams picked in the top 4. Out of those I think UC was better than Michigan.
  8. Went pretty much as expected. Cincinnati didn't get embarrassed, they were just outclassed up front. Great season for the Bearcats.
  9. What would you expect the players to say when being interviewed about being in the state finals? "We're just happy to be here?" After coming up just short the year before, I'd hope that their mindset was to accept nothing less than winning it this time. As for the running clock thing: Who cares what a bunch of fans were saying in the concourse before the game? I'm sure if you asked fans of any of the teams in the finals they had in their heads that they were going to win--even the underdogs would have some game plan in their minds that would work. All that matters is what was
  10. I heard from someone on the SW staff that it was. He had just congratulated Coach Payne on his hire.
  11. Coach Cronin seemed like a great guy. We met him when my son was a senior, and he committed to Georgetown. Later in his senior year he was offered the opportunity to play at EKU and decided to play there. He had a great 4 years with the Colonels but we were very impressed with Coach Cronin and his staff.
  12. It's crazy that we're at 19 pages for a high school coaching job--and not even a premium program. For comparison, the first John Calipari to UK? thread ended at 10 pages.
  13. It's actually 9 out of 12. They didn't make it this year, last year or 2016, right? They've been to 4 out of 7 since moving to 2A with 1 championship. They're still an elite program no doubt. But they haven't dominated 2A like they did 1A.
  14. I played baseball under Coach Finley at Campbellsville. He coached both sports for a couple of years. Really good guy. Even with him I don't think that they made it past the second round of the playoffs.
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