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  1. I think in the 60's or 70's. I don't remember one in the 80's.
  2. The last time that we put anything on the sides of the helmet was 1986. It looked like the LSU logo with a rabbit under SHS. We went 0-9 and nothing has been on the sides since.
  3. Given the guidelines for starting back youth sports released yesterday, I see no way that we're having football this year.
  4. A private school in Georgia has already cancelled all fall sports, including football.
  5. He'll probably be able to put up meaningful minutes in Bangladesh. Good luck to him.
  6. I'll be surprised if he ever spends a full season as a starter in the NBA. Hopefully he can develop a niche as a reserve and stick around for a few seasons.
  7. That was the initial peak. With no surefire treatment and no vaccine there could very well be another flare up once things start opening up. It isn't just going away.
  8. That's what I've seen. It sounds like only Maxey is likely to go in the first round. I don't think NBA scouts like Richards skill set with the ball in his hands. Crazy stat: In 105 career games at UK he had 101 turnovers and only 23 assists.
  9. On Kaiya Sheron's stats I think you had a typo or looked in the wrong place. He actually had 959 yards rushing on 114 carries for an 8.6 average and 8 touchdowns in addition to being 178/260 passing for 68% completion percentage, 3218 yards, 28 TDs and 5 INTs.
  10. If they do that they'd likely be playing without any of the players that would be declaring for the draft. Plus there's a good chance that all of the sites would not be available either.
  11. But you have to tell the whole story. 2009: 14-1 State Runner-Up 2010: 13-1 Region Champs 2011: 9-5 Region Champs 2012: 11-3 Region Champs 2013: 8-5 Region Champs 2014: 0-10 2015: 6-5 2016: 7-5 2017: 7-5 2018 11-3 Region Champs 2019: 14-1 State Champs From what I can see there that looks like: 7 Regional Championships 1 State Runner-Up 1 State Championship In 11 seasons. Only one losing season and only 2 seasons without a playoff win. I think you've earned a bit more currency when you've got that kind of record. 3 losing seasons in 5 years with only one playoff win would have most likely gotten the coach above fired as well.
  12. So the last 5 years were: 5-6 4-7 8-4 10-1 4-7 Total of 31-25 with a 1-5 record in the playoffs. Sounds like a change might have been in order.
  13. Wasn't Ortiz more upset that Fiers waited until he wasn't getting the benefit of the cheating to expose it?
  14. After last season no way a guy that makes everyone uncomfortable by running around naked will ever be back on the show.
  15. Final from Somerset. The Briar Jumpers close out the regular season with a record of 23-5 and will take on Casey County on Tuesday night at Rockcastle County in the 47th District Tournament.
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