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  1. Pulaski County managed to win this game without scoring an offensive touchdown. They had 2 pick 6's and blocked a punt and returned it for the winning score with under a minute remaining in the garne.
  2. Oh LCA can absolutely beat Somerset this season. Beechwood could beat the Jumpers as well. Somerset has a nice team, and they could win it all again. But it will take more than just staying healthy and showing up.
  3. Final from Pulaski. The 2 crosstown rivals (in every other sport) were finally able to hook up on the gridiron--even if only for a JV game. In this one the 2A Briar Jumpers were were able to venture across highway 80 and come away with a 2 point win over the 5A Maroons.
  4. Danville should take this one comfortably. I'll go with Ads 35, Bulldogs 13.
  5. Somerset definitely has some bugs to work out, but overall they looked good against Whitley County. I think they continue to improve and take care of the Yellowjackets, 47-7.
  6. That's an awful lot of points given up by the Bobcats. They'll have to really improve the defense if they want to be a factor and challenge LCA, Somerset, Beechwood and Mayfield in 2A this season.
  7. He was awesome last night. But if they don't get that defense straightened out he's going to have to do that every night just to keep them in games. And why did Wayne go for 2 when they went up 41-36? They had made all of their extra points up to that point and Southwestern had zero kicking game. After missing the first extra point wide right by about 10 yards they never tried another. If you go up 42-36 then they have to get that 2 point conversion to take the lead because they weren't going to kick it. As it was a touchdown put you behind. Exciting game. I left thinking that the better team didn't win but in the end the Cardinals made too many unforced errors to pull it out. They'll get it cleaned up hopefully.
  8. Any time your offense gives up more points than it scores you're going to have a bad day. 3 defensive touchdowns is a huge night for McCracken County. Mayfield lost a ton on offense and the short preseason seemed to be a recipe for disaster tonight. I'm sure they'll get it going by playoff time.
  9. Wayne County converts a 26 yard pass on 4th and 20. They are attempting 27 yard field goal with 8 seconds to go. It's blocked! Southwestern will win 42-41.
  10. Southwestern picks up 2 4th down conversions and punches it in from the 3. 2 point attempt is no good. 42-41 Warriors 1:31 to go.
  11. Wayne County hits a 55 yard pass on 3rd and 10. Sloan then takes it in from the 9. 2 point conversion is no good. 41-36 Cardinals 6:15 to go.
  12. The Warriors cash in on a 3 yard run and get the 2 point conversion. 36-35 Southwestern 7:28 to go.
  13. Southwestern has a drive extended on a roughing the punter that looked like it was tipped. The Warriors have it all the way down to the Wayne 9.
  14. Sloan isv incredible. He broke 5-6 tackles and ran through a facemask on that 64 yard run.
  15. Wayne County forces a Warrior punt which is shanked. Sloan then runs through, and over the entire Southwestern defense for a 64 yard touchdown. They even turned his head around on a facemask and he still kept going. 35-28 Wayne County 1:09 3rd quarter.
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