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  1. They did go 1-6 with and 7-8 without him. So a lot of that would have depended on if he bought into things and improved as well. Because he was mostly awful in the games that he did play in: 43% field goal percentage, 22.7% from 3 and 47% from the line. His floor game wasn't much better 13 assists to 21 turnovers and only 3 rebounds per game. Perhaps he would have proven very coachable and made huge strides. But it would have taken a massive improvement.
  2. So that's a no then, I didn't mention this year's team. I didn't think I did. I refuted your claim that they had bad seasons with Payne on staff. They would have been a tournament team every season had Noel not been injured. My post was discussing Payne's impact--PERIOD. You chose to branch off on your own tangent about this year's team.
  3. I don't think that I mentioned this year's team at all in that post did I? I sure can't find it anywhere. I simply stated the facts. The 2012-13 team was 17-6, ranked and had won 7 out of 8 when they lost their best player and finished 4-6. So, while it wasn't headed towards being a great season they were going to be a tournament team with Noel. So, trying to say that they had a bad season with Payne is misleading at best. Nope, still can't find any mention of this year's team in there anywhere.
  4. That 2012-13 team had just won 7 out of their last 8 games, had moved back into the rankings and was sitting at 17-6 when Noel went down against Florida. They were a tournament team at that point before going 4-6 down the stretch without him. That had everything to do with Noel's injury. So I don't think you can point to them having a bad season that year with Payne on the staff as proof that they had bad seasons with him.
  5. Big road win for Somerset. How did Stevens go 7/14 from the field but only score 11 points?
  6. Going into the 2021 season, since 2009: Alabama National Championships: 6 Tennessee Head Football Coaches: 5
  7. After the Bills knocked Lamar Jackson out of the game and defeated the Ravens last night, their fans took to Reddit and Twitter to find out his favorite charity. After learning that charity is the Louisville Chapter of Blessings in a Backpack, who helps to feed children who may not be getting meals during the pandemic due to schools not being in session. As of this morning they had received over 2500 donations amounting to $75,000. The organization can provide a meal for every $4 donated. First class move by Bills fans, and it shows how much Jackson is liked and respected around the league. https://www.wlky.com/article/buffalo-bills-fans-make-major-contribution-to-lamar-jacksons-favorite-charity/35237639
  8. Cal bet on the wrong horse in Askew. He's not ready to play the point and they have no one else capable of doing it. Askew should have stayed in high school this year. Here's your season in a nutshell: Kentucky on the season--133 assists/182 turnovers. Kentucky's opponents--150 assists/153 turnovers.
  9. They're just young and inexperienced. Cal always has them playing their best in March and makes a deep run. When Brooks gets back to full speed and we get Clarke back running the point we'll take off.... Trust the process.
  10. It stayed pretty tight throughout. Somerset pulled ahead by 3 with about 4 minutes to go and Danville couldn't ever get it back tied or pull ahead. The Ads had the ball down 3 with about 20 seconds to go. Somerset only had 3 team fouls so they fouled them as they moved the ball up the floor until there were 5 seconds to go. Danville inbounded the ball and it almost seemed like the Ads player lost track of the clock. They never even got a shot off. Grundy led the way for Somerset.
  11. Their only recourse to get in the tournament at this point is to either win out or win the SEC tournament. I guess we'll see if your mantra that you repeat ad nauseam of Calipari always having them playing their best in March is true-- because that's the only way they're getting in.
  12. Jones is 36-44 for 464 yards and 5 touchdowns. Just imagine how good that offense would be if they had a quarterback that could move the needle for you.
  13. The last team to make the NCAA Tournament after a 1-5 start was Texas in 1998-99.
  14. Relax. He always has them playing their best by March.
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