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  1. I had to leave during the rain delay due to getting wet and cold plays havoc with my MS. But I think they should have started back or be getting ready to start back.
  2. Wayne County has thrown it on almost every down. Corbin has moved the ball a little bit but the Cardinals defensive line is eating them up when they try to pass. It's scoreless with 1:30 to go in the 1st quarter.
  3. Oh it's true. I'm looking right at him. He's in a jersey and jeans.
  4. If Polston is able to play effectively I'll take Pulaski 28-13. If Polston is out or limited I'll take Southwestern 19-7. Johnny Hines offense has to have an exceptional quarterback to succeed.
  5. LCA Somerset Beechwood Mayfield Hancock County
  6. From what I was able to watch it seemed like the quality of the schedules played before last night's matchup had a pretty big impact on the game. Somerset hadn't been pushed into the 2nd half all season while LCA was much more ready for the speed and physicality of a close matchup due to having played DeSales, Frederick Douglass and Lexington Catholic. There's not a whole lot that Somerset could have done about that due to Covid-19 taking away the Beechwood game as well as Hazard being a mess this season after losing Dixon. Whitley County was also coming off of a good season but had a bunch of new starters and just now seem to be coming on. It seemed like the speed and physicality of LCA was a shock to Somerset's system and they got caught off balance. LCA took advantage and jumped out to a 14-0 lead. Once Somerset adjusted to the speed of the game they played pretty well in coming back to take a lead but, to LCA's credit, they finished with a flurry. Being more battle tested at this point might have had a lot to do with that. On the field I think the game was won and lost up front. LCA was simply better on the offensive and defensive lines. Nieves, for the most part, had plenty of time to throw and find his receivers. Sheron, however, was under heavy pressure most of the night. The Jumpers were able to run the ball with some success but when they got behind the chains they had a tough time throwing the ball like they usually do. Part of that came from Grundy and Gilmore being dinged up as well. LCA was better last night, but I didn't see anything that leads me to believe that the rematch won't be anything but another dogfight, and that the winner will be the favorite to bring home the big trophy.
  7. Great showing by the defense in a must win game to keep hopes of a .500 season alive. But if that is the offense that UK is going to bring every week they're looking at a 2-8 season.
  8. After watching their head coach pick up a football that got away from the other team and punt it towards the stands during warmups a few years back, I'm not shocked that Holy Cross suffers from a lack of discipline.
  9. Must win for Kentucky if they want to try and salvage a .500 record in a season that had them ranked in preseason.
  10. Video feed to the game. It's frozen a couple of times but running now:
  11. Somerset with a 45 yard touchdown pass to Grundy. 21-3 Somerset with 57 seconds to go in the first half. Grundy has made 3 incredible catches so far tonight.
  12. They would have to try really, really hard to find someone worse at that job than Williams.
  13. Having 3 of your 5 projected starting pitchers never throw an inning for you will do that.
  14. It doesn't really matter. It'll get decided on the field the next week anyway.
  15. This is a very dangerous game for Somerset. In Danville they're facing a young, but experienced team that is playing with a lot of confidence and at home. The Jumpers have had a tendency to start slowly so far this season, and they've been at or above 10+ penalties in all 4 if their games. They're also a little bit banged up and have that huge matchup with LCA looming next week. All the ingredients are there for the Ads to come out, take it to Somerset early and make this a dogfight to the end. Somerset has a better team, but the talent level is close enough that they aren't going to win this one on talent alone. They need to be focused. I think that's exactly how they'll be Friday. Danville makes a game of it deep into the second half but give me Somerset 33, Danville 21.
  16. Cora was suspended for his part in the sign stealing in Houston, not Boston. He was not penalized, nor found to be responsible for anything in Boston. Boston players were only found to have used the replay room to try and figure out the signs-- something both teams had access to. That's there penalties were much less than the Astros. They would have likely gotten a slap on the wrist had they not already gotten a slap on the wrist for using an Apple Watch in the dugout. Cora is a really good manager. I wouldn't let what happened in Houston keep me from hiring him. He's lightyears better than Bell.
  17. Shouldn't take too long. They don't embark on 7 year rebuilds.
  18. 6 of the bottom 7 teams in runs scored were either in the NL or AL Central. In fact, only the White Sox were above the league average in runs per game. You had a bunch of average to slightly above average teams in the 2 divisions. The regional play allowed the 7 playoff teams to beat up on the Tigers, Royals and Pirates while pretty much playing .500 with each other. That caused their records to look better than what they would have if they'd have had to play the elite teams. They got in the playoffs and the weak offenses got exposed. I had already started a very similar thread about this.
  19. Today wasn't an kind of reflection on the offense. When you score 35 points at home you should win the game.
  20. Between the 2 leagues the Central Divisions accounted for 8 of the 16 teams in the playoffs. With the Padres shutout of the Cardinals tonight they combined to go 0-8 in the postseason. I had read a lot of opinions (not on BGP) about how both Central Divisions, and the NL Central in particular, were the toughest in baseball. Is the decimation of the Central teams just a fluke due to the short series format? Or is it because there was no truly elite team in their regional pod? My opinion: By having a bunch of slightly above average to average teams it prevented one team from dominating and winning 40 games. Those teams mostly played .500 ball against each other and cleaned up against the Royals, Tigers and Pirates. That caused some teams to finish at or near .500 and get in the playoffs where they were exposed by the teams in the East and West.
  21. That's become a running theme for Somerset thus far. That's double digit penalties in every game so far isn't it?
  22. The guys that they faced over those other 9 innings had ERAs of: 4.50, 2.79, 2.78, 2.60, 1.10, 1.00 and 0.83 this year. They didn't face any of the starters that put up that 5+ ERA. You couple that pitching with the Reds offense and this is not a surprising result.
  23. True, but the two starting pitchers that the Reds faced had a combined ERA of 2.13.
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