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  1. Cancelled Bowling Green because it was a Covid hot spot, then they had four kids on the team who couldn't play last week because of Covid. Then picks up Leslie in the slot for Bowling Green. Doesn't make a lot of sense.
  2. Corbin said it was a hotspot for Covid and didn’t wanna take the risk.
  3. Pulaski is going to Belfry on 9/11. Oops just realized you took them off. Lol someone can delete this if you’d like.
  4. Joe Montana basically ruined the Rudy story this week. “was there a lot of things that happened? Yeah he got in, he got a sack. Was the crowd chanting? No. Did I throw my jersey? No. Did he get carried off the field? He got carried by three of the biggest pranksters on the team.”
  5. Shoutout to the KHSAA fighting for a season. Hats off to them. Unfortunately IMO football gets “postponed” again tomorrow.
  6. Kansas offered last night and Virginia Tech today. Heck of a week for the kid.
  7. Think FD would give them more of a game this season? Brought in a QB with a cannon to pair with 3 high level D1 WRs.
  8. North Hardin and Belfry is a big time matchup. Shoutout to them for making it happen.
  9. My prediction is 6-3. Losses to Bowling Green, Somerset, and Wayne County.
  10. You can get other kids involved. Running water. Running balls. Running endzone cam and filming. Let them wear their jerseys in stands.
  11. 9/11: @ Wayne County 9/18: George Rogers Clark 9/25: Knox Central (was originally a bye looks to have filled with KC who they had week 3) 10/2: @ North Laurel 10/9: @ Whitley County 10/16: South Laurel 10/23: Pulaski County 10/30: @ Madison Central 11/6: @ Paul Lawrence Dunbar (new week)
  12. Saw it on Twitter from someone who was verified but don’t remember who.
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