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  1. Agreed. Ashland took away the fast break rather well too. Noticed NL likes to leak out and get the break started. When Sellars nailed one, stole it, then nailed another in the first quarter you could tell it was going to be a long night.
  2. Sellars was the best player on the court. NL played sloppy defense and Ashland made them pay. Ashland shot lights out but the majority of those were wide open.
  3. Don't know about 2019 that Cov Cath team was nasty.. but for sure should've last year IMO. Almost got beat in the region championship. Anytime you have a team with as much talent as they do not winning it all is kind of a let down.
  4. Not at all. I was referencing the statement of being a cancellation away from the 1 seed. Corbin would get more though from Beechwood than Whitley. I predict Whitley does worse next year than they did this year.
  5. As long as Elkhorn and Franklin keep up their success it's going to be tough for Frankfort to keep those kids. Seems like FC is getting all the kids in Frankfort right now.
  6. Whitley was 2-5 with teams like Bell, North, South, and Hazard on their schedule (bad records for opponents opponents win percentage). I believe that game could have lowered their RPI.
  7. I'd like to see it go back to cross district for the first two rounds. Then the region championship be based off winner from sister districts so it's a true 'region' championship. Round 4 be based off of RPI.
  8. Also true. A win over a 2A school doesn't do a lot for your RPI was the point I was getting at. But yes, you have to win your games to boost RPI.
  9. Campbell and Simon Kenton much better for RPI boosters. Beechwood good for playoff preparation but hurts you in RPI where they’re 2A
  10. Love what he’s doing with the Boys to Mean leadership group. You can tell he’s all about the kids, gotta love it!
  11. Tyreon Clark would be a great choice. He’s doing a lot of great things for the youth over that way.
  12. Heard the same. His daughter goes to Centre, would get him closer to family.
  13. This was a great game to watch. I know North Laurel has been impressive thus far but people forget Knox Central has won the last two regions. I wouldn't be surprised if they 3 peat. Jevonte Turner and Isaac Mills are two great on-ball defenders.
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