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  1. If Scott plays turnover free I think they have a chance. I know you can’t compare scores.. but stay with me here for a second... FD loses to North Hardin. North Hardin barely beats Belfry. Belfry < Scott County. But I know North Hardin and Scott have zero in common.. Upset alert! 28-21 Cardinals!
  2. Don't see Corbin making it out of region. Having to travel to Paint Creek is an unfavorable matchup.
  3. Corbin took the biggest L with no game this week. Goes from likely a home game with Boyle in third round to having to travel to Johnson Central now.
  4. That’s what I’m saying.. seems a little out of touch with the severity of what happened.
  5. Hines the head coach for PC is quoted as saying, "no one can give me a jersey number or say, hey, this guy said this". The commonwealth journal says "however, Hines was upset about the very possibility that the players in his charge might have behaved this way and apologized to Tates Creek coach, adding that he would gladly apologize to anyone else at Tates Creek if needed." Richardson the super at pulaski county schools said: " "(The call) was just to let him know that's not what we're about in Pulaski, and that we would be doing an investigation to determine what students were involved and deal with them," said Richardson. "We have also asked their school staff if they can identify any numbers that would help us in our investigation." Richardson noted that Hines and PCHS principal Rodney McAninch have also offered apologies and worked to determine which students were involved.
  6. What's sad is Pulaski County Schools is going the other way with this. They're saying that they don't want their county schools to play teams out of Louisville and Lexington because they don't want to play teams that may make "false allegations" towards them. It's a joke.
  7. Will they play Johnson Central? I'm sure they'd play.
  8. The man who posted the letter is a well known preacher in lexington in the community, that worked the chains for the game. I’d hate to think he’d make something up just for the heck of it. But I understand where you’re coming from.
  9. Absolutely they should. I think even when Somerset is at full strength Beechwood is better.
  10. This is sad. We have to be better and we have to teach our kids better. Hopefully something comes from this.
  11. South Warren vs Johnson Central would be fun.
  12. Interesting to note this is Corbin's first road game of the year. Wonder if that will have any impact on the game.
  13. Saw one of the Olingers from Hazard on there. Seemed like for the longest time Hazard always had an Olinger who was a STUD.
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