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  1. The covid year in NCAA has created a mess. However, some kids are using it to their advantage. Talked to a kid at eastern and he had to redshirt when he first got there. Well he’s going to use this covid year as well, so he’s going to get six years from his scholarship and knock his masters out too.
  2. Also, you have to remember this is for NCAA Division 1 eligibility. The majority of your kids staying back won't be going on to play D1.
  3. Don’t think it would matter. You have to submit your holdback form at the school you’re holding back at by May 1st. So his form is at Lincoln.
  4. Congrats to coach Dunbar. He comes right up the road where he was the coach at Somerset. Great hire by the warriors.
  5. Word is Jeron Dunbar from Somerset is the guy.
  6. Southwestern just named a principal yesterday. Maybe the ball will get rolling now on this one.
  7. "Waiting patiently" is code for not good enough. No one promises playing time to guys who "wait patiently". If you're good enough, you should play. If you aren't good enough, then work to be good enough so you play.
  8. Evan Smith - Lincoln 2021 now 2022 transferred from SW Andrew Jones - SW 2021 now 2022
  9. I think a lot of kids who come back will be kids who just enjoy sports. There’s nothing like high school athletics. And if you get the chance to play a sport you love for an extra year, then why not jump at that opportunity? Especially with football, for most once they’re done they never put those pads on again. And if they do it’s not the same as those Friday nights, it’s more of a job and a grind.
  10. I did the same when I first read it. I think the majority of the kids who take advantage of the SSYP are going to be elementary kids.
  11. It is a lot of fun though knocking out your district rival knowing they will never make it past the second round. 😁
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