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  1. Kansas offered last night and Virginia Tech today. Heck of a week for the kid.
  2. Think FD would give them more of a game this season? Brought in a QB with a cannon to pair with 3 high level D1 WRs.
  3. North Hardin and Belfry is a big time matchup. Shoutout to them for making it happen.
  4. My prediction is 6-3. Losses to Bowling Green, Somerset, and Wayne County.
  5. You can get other kids involved. Running water. Running balls. Running endzone cam and filming. Let them wear their jerseys in stands.
  6. 9/11: @ Wayne County 9/18: George Rogers Clark 9/25: Knox Central (was originally a bye looks to have filled with KC who they had week 3) 10/2: @ North Laurel 10/9: @ Whitley County 10/16: South Laurel 10/23: Pulaski County 10/30: @ Madison Central 11/6: @ Paul Lawrence Dunbar (new week)
  7. Saw it on Twitter from someone who was verified but don’t remember who.
  8. The insinuation was more so Paintsville isn’t getting the talent around them they had been getting and those two are schools that are getting more kids. I get what you’re saying. Lol. Paintsville had been getting a lot of Prestonsburg kids but I think it’s dried out over there.
  9. I’ve heard Chirico’s name float around. Paintsville should be really good this year, but after that they’re going to be down in years to come. Not very good numbers in the middle school level and Pikeville and Belfry raking in all the talent around them. Hazard may be intriguing, especially if they offer more $$$
  10. Football is the same way. If you have a group of 10 and each one uses a separate ball you’d think no problems right? QB’s and WR’s can’t work on timing or catching. Basically just footwork and conditioning.
  11. They have sport specific rules broke down on their website.
  12. Per Les Dixon on Facebook. Les is a writer for the Times Tribune that covers the tri county in corbin. He has been keeping up with numbers a lot during this time. “• Today’s overall average (8,286 cases divided by 166240 tests) now stands at an AWESOME 0.0498436000. We are now under 0.05. • The first day I actually did averages (April 23) the state’s average was 0.0840031000. Look how far it has DROPPED. • Today we had 135 new cases and 7,568 tests turned in and LOOK at today’s average. It’s the LOWEST I’ve seen in the month I’ve been doing this — 0.017883827. That number is amazing! • We have now had 3,008 recovered, and only 92 people in ICU.”
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