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  1. I thought they’d go with Gavin Hurst at the Q to begin the season. I think that’s a great move on their part.
  2. Boyle vs JC final. You heard it here first.
  3. Lanter was also robbed of this touchdown called out of bounds.
  4. South Warren, Owensboro, and a dark house in Southwestern. Key to beating FD is to out coach them and our physical them. Every year they have the most stars on the field, probably going to be the same way this year.
  5. North Laurel will never make the jump over the Pulaski teams until they decide to amp up the schedule. 8-3 is the best they’re going to finish at this point year in and year out.
  6. Two years ago they had a lineman at UK, one at Clemson, a WR at UK, and a 4 star. Year in year our they have more talent, they’re just not battle tested. Need to let that iron sharpen iron.
  7. Playing Devils Advocate to your Devils Advocate.. Is it possible the lack of playing good teams is truly what has costed FD the last few years? When your starters are barely playing full games it’s probably a much different feel for them playing a full game against really solid competition.
  8. My heart breaks for his wife and his two sons. Jim was as fine of a guy as you'd ever meet. Our state lost a legend.
  9. Cov Cath wins by 14. Historically good teams find a way to get the job done in games like this.
  10. I don't think RPI is near as bad as people make it out to be. It really does reward teams for winning and for playing good schedules. You can try to schedule up to play bigger schools than you to help your winning percentage, but if they're awful schools it's going to hurt your OPW which factors in to the same extent as your own winning percentage.
  11. Johnson needs to try to find a game this week for that week they spent off with Lex Cath. Only problem is there's probably no one that's going to take that one.
  12. Is everyone off the highlands train that fast?!
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