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  1. What about Fort Knox one of two teams who didn't play last year and they always have high turnover of players anyways came out and won 4 games for only 3rd time in last 15 years.
  2. Eminence has been running up the score all year on people leaving there starters in to pad stats against a teams backups while up 40 plus points
  3. I said it earlier on the other thread, everyone had a season except Fort Knox and Fort Campbell and their kids don't get the option to reclassify. Everyone else got there season there should be no redo for them.
  4. The only people who should get a do over year are fort knox and fort campbell kids since they were the only ones who didn't have a season, and they aren't allowed to have a do over year anyways
  5. I’m not even saying you need the light show but they could easily add some stuff. Like instead of announcing one starter at a time why not do it like uk football or pro baseball teams do during warmups they introduce the starters on the jumbotron with a picture of them in uniform. Like I said earlier rent a couple of smoke machines and turn them on as teams run out of the tunnel. Easy cheap things they could add.
  6. Maybe your right about 6 games but how much could it costs to rent four years smoke machines for a couple of days. I’m not expecting the super bowl halftime show just a little something.
  7. Yesterday as I watched the sweet 16 final is it just me or is the noticeable lack of effort the khsaa puts into creating big time atmosphere for state football finals vs basketball. They had a light show, introductions with pictures of each starter, pump up music, they always have a professional highlight video played prior to hand that they make up in less than 2 hours. For football they play the same 5 classic rock songs during each warmup and the teams just run onto the field with the PA guy saying “here comes...” would it hurt to at least bring our some smoke machines or something. They
  8. Fort Knox beat Fort Campbell friday in the annual Army Bowl 19-10 for the 1st time in 16 years! Knox scored with a minute left to take 13-10 lead and then blocked a game tying field goal and ran it back 80 yards for final score. Big win for the Fort Knox program.
  9. Any chance Fort Knox makes any moves? They finished regular season 4-6 and trailed Russellville 21-14 going into the 4th qtr in the playoffs. I saw on the KHSAA site they have 47 players out this year.
  10. Fort Knox gave Russellville fits for 3 qtrs last week score was 21-14 to start the 4th qtr before they pulled away.
  11. Caverna got a win over Green County according the KHSAA site with forfeit win due to ineligible player.
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