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  1. It's really no different than when seniors graduated early to enroll in college so this makes sense.
  2. I would say undisciplined, Ryle's DL really wasn't what it usually is this season. I don't believe there was a discrepancy in the calls. As I have said, they called a fair game. If you can, go back and re-watch the game on film and you will see.
  3. My point is that the officials called the game pretty even. I saw the hold after hold since I have always tended to watch the line of scrimmage more closely than most people do. If you can, go back and watch film and see it for yourself. Now, I didn't agree with the fumbled punt being replayed, that was clearly Trinity's ball and that would be the only big mistake by the crew.
  4. Both teams had parents complaining. I get it, parents will be parents but you have to accept that the officials aren't out there to play favorites and should be appreciated for their efforts. 22 players on the field make it hard for 5 guys to keep track of, not to mention the other 100 or so players on the sidelines and couple dozen coaches.
  5. I was at the game, it was pretty much down the middle. Both groups of parents were complaining about the calls and the no calls (which there were more of).
  6. This game was called pretty much right down the middle. Did the officials miss calls? Of course but you have to remember that there are just a few to the 22 players on the field.
  7. Please post any playoff live streams that you know of.
  8. He was fun to watch in the spring as well. He will be the one to watch in hurdles and high jump the next couple years.
  9. Ryle may have the best overall athlete in NKY in Kaden Gardner. Awesome on both sides of the ball.
  10. Isn't the streak only 3 right now? Here are the last 7 years 2014 - 21-14 Ryle in a rainstorm 2015 - 35-28 Ryle 2016 - 31-13 Nobody in NKY came close to Ryle that year 2017 - 49-17 CovCath 2018 - 40-7 CovCath 2019 - 37-0 CovCath 2020 - Did Not Play
  11. If Ryle utilizes their arsenal of RBs and take control of the clock, they may pull away early in the 2nd half.
  12. Crone has his work cut out for him, it all is on his shoulders.
  13. District game, SK needs to focus where the best place on the field is a weakness for Ryle. Ryle will win but SK needs to work on match ups to make it interesting.
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