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  1. So, less players, I am assuming less Dads on the sideline as well.
  2. Parents probably would be a given, if an injury happens it is always good if the parents are there. I would think that student sections which typically can get rowdy and change the game atmosphere will not happen this year.
  3. I am surprised that Simon Kenton has scheduled Comcast, no way they would schedule Trinity.
  4. As a parent, I cannot imagine a worse fear. Prayers need to go out to the family and friends of this young man.
  5. Let’s not live in doom and gloom, we know the virus has been here since probably during last football season and we probably have all been exposed. You are either susceptible to it or not and most kids are at a health level where they will fight it off fairly well. We need to proceed with caution but we NEED to move forward and let these student athletes do what they love.
  6. I have family who think they had this in Indiana before Thanksgiving.
  7. I would think conditioning could be allowed but non contact.
  8. If youth sports are allowed to start back up June 15th, I would assume high school sports will be too.
  9. Highlands lost their best player and SK didn’t lose as much as far as talent goes.
  10. Are we really sure that Highlands is a 2, I would say 3-4 maybe. CovCath won’t be as good this year but will still be the best in NKY. SK should be 2.
  11. I look forward to the track season maybe more than football. My son is a thrower on this list and basically taught himself to throw by watching YouTube videos of the best throwers in the world. I really feel for him and the seniors on his team, at least he still has a year to go.
  12. For Boone County yes, but the facilities at Conner and Ryle should be addressed as well.
  13. It will be great for all the high schools in Boone County to have these installed. I would love to see weight room and restroom upgrades as well but time will only tell on that.
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