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  1. This is how I viewed SB128 to begin with, why repeat a year if you are okay academically?
  2. If he doesn't repeat as Mr. Football, would you consider it a waste of the re-do year?
  3. What big impact players have taken advantage of the reclassification rule?
  4. I am not so sure that this is really a good indicator since this meet was broken into 2 sections and the weather was drastically different for both sections.
  5. Harrison Pawsat from Highlands threw 54'10" and Wilson Pendleton from Ryle threw 51'11" at the Anderson Invitational this past Thursday.
  6. Not necessarily, my son is younger than a lot of kids a grade lower than him but we started him early simply because he was ready. If he wanted to stick around another year, I would support that decision but he has no desire to. He was pretty dominate his senior season as it was so I can only imagine what another year could do for him. I look forward to Saturdays the next few years regardless. In my opinion, this extra year should really be about the academics and athletics should not factor into a decision.
  7. The key is exposure, an athlete can have all the measurables, film and competitive nature but if he doesn't "market" himself, he won't get the offers.
  8. I have a hard time thinking that is an advantage as far as recruiting goes, of course the "5th year" guys get more exposure but is it really an advantage? Now you will have 2 classes of students competing for the same small batch of scholarships.
  9. Looks like Ryle is continuing to play tougher opponents than the rest of NKY.
  10. Graves Fryman (Ryle) Thomas More Bradyn Lyons (Ryle) Thomas More Kyle Yarger (Ryle) Centre Connor Lee (Ryle) Centre Lex Briggs (Ryle) Georgetown College Wilson Pendleton (Ryle) Georgetown College Jeremiah Lee (Cooper) University of Indianapolis
  11. Pendleton had 69 tackles, 8 sacks and 12 TFL all while being at least double teamed on every play. He was definitely the best in NKY and statistically toward the top of the list in the state. He freed up space for every player around him. He will be the hardest player to replace production wise.
  12. They lost a few key seniors on offense from this year but they should be better offensively next season. They did lose Pendleton on the D-Line who might have been the best in the state, Cusick at DB and Hungler at LB, all who were important to the defense.
  13. What seniors in the class of 2021 have commitments and where?
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