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  1. Calpreps has Ryle beating teams 8-10 and they aren't ranked I am assuming just because they are in NKY.
  2. Sounds like a pretty evenly matched competition. Campbell County is a well coached team and shouldn't hang their heads about this loss. Get to work and beat Dixie.
  3. The offense is pretty much what they have been playing the entire season. They had trouble with timing but now seem to be getting into sync. They have gone a couple games without the mistakes that plagued them early on. Those mistakes put stress on that very good defense. Ryle could easily be a 1 loss team right now but dropped some games they shouldn't have.
  4. This game was won at the line of scrimmage.
  5. Timing of the offense, obviously. Think about the lack of real reps these kids have had this year, some local QBs aren't quite comfortable yet.
  6. Timing takes time and they are progressing well. I think Noon is the next great NKY QB and it is starting to show.
  7. I think Highlands has things figured out now, I look for a close win by the Birds.
  8. Should be a good game, both teams have good lines. This will be won in the trenches.
  9. The Dixie Heights / Ryle match-up this will be interesting on the line of scrimmage.
  10. Correction, 2 against Highlands and 1 against Beechwood.
  11. Issues connecting more than anything else. Against Scott County drives stalled in the red zone. There were 3 intercepted passes against HIghlands and a few fumbles along the way. Running a spread offense requires good timing and they have shown signs of brilliance at times. The more time goes on, the more that timing will improve.
  12. Ryle won this one by avoiding the offensive miscues they had the last 3 weeks.
  13. Pretty good game, I expected it to be. Good luck to the Camels the rest of the season.
  14. Ryle will put one in the win column tonight. Should be a good game though.
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