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  1. I imagine it will be a scary time for any school age children in Louisville for the next few days. Hopefully I am wrong but it doesn't look good.
  2. While I do believe that SK is the top NKY so far, I believe Johnson Central wins this by 3 scores. SK has had a week schedule so far, Highlands isn't really what they should be and Walton Verona will struggle most of the season.
  3. I don't think either team they have faced has a very good passing game. The Highlands back-up QB should start based on the fact that he was pretty light on his feet and got outside quickly.
  4. As long as Ryle cleans up the mistakes on offense, they will win this game.
  5. I would say Boyle County with a running clock. All you need to really do against HIghlands is stop the run off tackle and outside.
  6. Ryle struggled offensively. Too many mistakes on that side of the ball. Defense struggled to contain on the outside run as well.
  7. Ryle junior RB Jackson Belk had 3 TD, senior WR Jackson McGinnis had 1 TD and senior LB Max Hungler had a pick 6. Senior Franklin Rogers had 4 extra points and 1 field goal.
  8. My top 5 would be. 1.Louisville 2.Birmingham 3.Memphis 4.San Antonio 5.Mexico City
  9. I don't think Ryle will dial down future schedules, they have a lot in the pipeline as far as talent goes and will be very good sooner than everyone thinks.
  10. If the NFL expanded, what city do you think should get a team? I totally believe Louisville deserves consideration.
  11. In theory, playing team sports is healthier than sitting in a classroom. Less contact or exposure would make it that way. Even with football being a contact sport, they are less likely to be exposed on the field than in the school itself.
  12. Hope it holds up and all teams stay as healthy as can be. It looks like most are taking the precautions seriously enough. For a lot of these kids, it literally is the last real chance to play team sports.
  13. The season should consist of 8 regular season games regionally played, no sense in unnecessary travel more than 1/2 hour or so. Only top 2 teams in district to playoffs and possibly additional games for none playoff teams to get to 10 games on the year.
  14. Their initial revised schedule still had Elder on it. It can only be that the Boone County District isn't letting it happen.
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