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  1. Ryle and Dixie are pretty close talent wise but it is where they have the talent that makes the difference. Dixie won't steam roll Ryle and vise versa, they will play competitively against each other. Where Dixie has the edge is coaching, they are a little bit better.
  2. Meaning probably a different Louisville team will dominate for the next few years.
  3. Look no further than to former juggernaut Highlands, they have struggled since Dale Mueller left and are hoping now to finally get back to form. Losing legendary coaches hurts programs simply by doubt of future success. Do I think Trinity will struggle like Highlands, of course not but 6A is as wide open as it can possibly be right now.
  4. Wow, McCormick will have a long day, he is competing in the Shot Put and Discus today in the 1A State Track Meet.
  5. It is a fun game for sure, my oldest played in it a few years back and it was a good experience to close out his high school years.
  6. With the state track meets this week as well, I would assume some athletes opted out for that.
  7. I am wondering at what point do they actually have all the athletes who have committed to playing, maybe that is why it is so hard to find. Some that should play have other commitments while others have no desire. I wonder how close to the game they actually know who will play.
  8. I tried doing a google search myself and came up with nothing. If I see something, I will post it.
  9. The NKY East-West Football Game is back on this year. I am not sure if there will be a live stream but it will be nice to see a lot of these kids play at least one more time. The 2021 @StElizabethNKY All-Star Series kicks off this Thursday with the East-West Football game at Dixie Heights! Kickoff is set for 7:30!
  10. REGION 5 has a great group of throwers this year. Should have 3 competing in shot put and 5 competing in discus on the boys side and probably the one of the most impressive girls ever to throw in NKY.
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