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  1. Boyle-Danville in football, Lincoln-Boyle in boys basketball is a good one not mentioned. High level games every time.
  2. If Lincoln Slows the pace like they are so good at doing and hit their shots. They have a real shot here in my opinion.
  3. Great game by both teams, on to the region, should be a great region tournament!!!
  4. Best atmosphere in central Kentucky tonight. Hands down, if you found a louder place tonight I would love to know where it is, both sides back and forth, what a great game.
  5. If Clay has applied at all the jobs he’s been speculated in, the fact that he hasn’t been hired yet shocks me. He is a fantastic coach, and I hope Mercer hires him if he has applied. Would be a good get for both sides in my opinion.
  6. I’m not familiar with the area, anybody have any ideas? Anybody on staff they may tap as the head coach?
  7. Looks like 11,111.00 according to the job posting.
  8. For some reason I want to say Lincoln is 11,000?
  9. Pretty sure they mentioned they had 42,000,000 at the board meeting I’m not sure where it came from but I think they do have it laying around😂.
  10. The amount of excitement I have right now, I’m not sure I’ve been this excited about a coaching hire since John Calipari got hired at Kentucky. Extremely excited, and glad that Lincoln County pulled this off. Fantastic hire.
  11. This has to be the oddest job search and hiring process I believe I’ve ever seen….
  12. Not sure, until anything is official, who knows who it is, it’s been super quiet for sure.
  13. David Buchanan left this program in great shape, ready to win, I’m sure their is a ton of interest it’s just been quiet.
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