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  1. Offensive Coordinator the last several years and runs their in school strength/conditioning program during the school day. He completely would be. I have a feeling this one being open is nothing more than following protocol.
  2. :laugh: That playoff stat line sure is going to increase now isn't it? Great call.
  3. So many programs are just one or two kids away from having completely different changes. You're right. Few just want to admit it. Talking about "culture", "climate", etc - attributing that to success make(s) people feel more warm and fuzzy inside.
  4. John returns the makings of a really good team next year and especially for how Preston will play. They return some very good backs, their QB is solid both as a runner and passer, they also return some good linemen with some really good size. After next years class graduates is when things are up in air. Hardin County schools shutting down the flood gates some of open enrollment that has absolutely decimated John’s enrollment and this new influx of troops will be pivotal in their success.
  5. From all I've heard, I think FS might be down for a year or two and then they will be back, ready to make some runs again.
  6. From all I've heard, I think FS might be down for a year or two and then they will be back, ready to make some runs again.
  7. Why is it that enrollment is the be all end all? Enrollment means nothing in many cases, there are a boatload of teams, especially rural-county schools who are 1-2 classes football playing wise what the KHSAA classifies them when it comes to enrollment. Total enrollment means nothing in many cases. Especially rural schools. The kids who have to travel bring nothing to these schools for the most part, yet they boost enrollment and classification.
  8. They only lost Goodin. The other (Oliver) is back. Taylor County isn’t going anywhere.
  9. When the weather is good early on in the season? I think it's very important. As the weather gets colder, the less and less people that come out. At that point in the season, I don't think it matters if it's small town or the big city in regards to being on the road....crowd(s) are usually small. At home? I think it just depends on the program. If its a blue blood, even small towns/county's, crowds are dependent on who the opponent or game is.
  10. That's going to be the hire & should be IMO. Ross deserves his shot. He's been with his dad at John and then has been running the defense ever since going with him to E-town. Offensively they'd still the same. As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Ross is also in the building and has been as a PE/Health teacher. His dad was just coaching since retiring from the classroom/admin at John Hardin. So, in a smaller school and one such at E-town where the school climate and academics are so strong, people don't leave there. Ross has a couple legs up already. He's due.
  11. Jeff Hester is still there. His youngest son will be a senior next year. He can retire from teaching either at the end of this year or next, now whether or not he will keep coaching after that I'm not for sure. The defense will still be in great hands.
  12. Considering their levels of talent- they win. I never said win titles, I just said "it wins".
  13. I agree. I love the hire from one standpoint because it's Mike Leach and his whole persona. They'll win 6-8, maybe a 9 or 10 here or there- but, it will be around that 7 win average like Morehead. Still blows my mind that some of these schools like Mississippi State and other mid tier Power 5 schools think they are "to good" to hire guys like Jeff Monken from Army, Niumatalolo from Navy, Troy Calhoun from Air Force or even Paul Johnson who was at Georgia Tech. All these guys do is win, with far less talent than almost all of their FBS counterparts. Paul Johnson won in the ACC and had much stricter academic restrictions than Mississippi State- as a matter of fact, that goes for all those guys. But fan bases have gotten to where if they aren't in some form of the gun (not even going to say "spread", bc their styles are actually from the spread- they just happen to be under center and not in the gun). Style over substance.
  14. I totally agree. There is nothing more that I love than watching college football, but it's becoming one of those things where I'll just watch the highlights/cut ups on youtube the next day. Or I find myself watching the service academies (along now with UK even more) because of their style- it's throwback, it wins and it doesn't take up an entire afternoon/evening to watch their games.
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