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  1. I 100% agree with everything you said and think it's absolutely reasonable to think that a rough season or two aren't out of the question. But, what you said kind of goes to prove my underlying point in asking that as well. I'm all for all things "culture" and all the fun buzz words that are thrown around this day and age with coaching, and the ironic thing is, those are all things that the coach(es) themselves can say that they helped create. A reflection of them if you will, which is all fine, well and needed. However, let's not forget (and, not saying you are) you have to have some du
  2. Completely honest question here because I totally agree that Crutchfield and his staff brought excitement back to the program and have helped restore it in many ways, so if they hire from within, Lincoln shouldn't miss a beat after graduating one of the largest senior classes in a long time that just so happened to have several good skilled kids and one that many say is the best to ever play there in Clayton Davis?
  3. And with six classes, everybody has their big 3-4. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the same handful of people are in the mix in every class and I’m not sure that gap is ever going to get closer- if anything, wider. All anybody can ask for is support from admin, community to be the best it can be to give yourself the chance at being the best you can be. I don’t know of any head coaches ever looking for jobs that have that in place where they are. It usually isn’t a lot they are asking for, but instead basic necessities in this day and age.
  4. No need to be in a hurry right now. Microwave society it is. I’m going back to another thread here, but coaches should ask for the moon, especially if it involves packing up and moving their families. A large part of this stuff gets drawn out and shouldn’t be, though. By that I mean that said school hiring should be totally transparent with serious candidates (either ones they are interested in and those themselves going after a job) about what they can/can’t do from the jump instead of dragging out a process which more times than not end up in candidates either withdrawing, interviewing a
  5. I don’t disagree with any of that. Hit some nails on the head. I think they will eventually end up disappearing because enough coaches are going to to just eventually walk away and be done with it, so they won’t be able to find actual qualified people in the very least and away they go altogether.
  6. This is going to sound selfish, but to be quite honest, it’s going to take some selfishness in the coaching ranks to see these changes take place or else there is going to be just enough people applying for jobs to make administration(s) keep doing what they’ve always done in terms of pay and support. Run an offseason program? Compensated. Want June and July workouts? Extended days. If neither of those? Too bad, so sad. Drastic change requires drastic measures. It’s sad to think of it like that, but stipends, compensation aren’t ever going to go up if people aren’t wil
  7. 100% will and it should. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I'm not sure the last time Mayfield ever made an outside hire, but they don’t need to start now.
  8. This was addressed earlier and I can't support it enough, but everybody needs to be on board with whomever the hire works out to be for Lincoln County. What I'm about to address isn't so much opinion as it is fact IMVO. Lincoln County just graduated what arguably could be said was one of the most talented, deepest classes in in who knows how long which included who could be considered one of the most talented players in the school's history in Clayton Davis. He was one of those types of players that are game and season changers and would be for most any program in any scheme. With t
  9. I wish the new coach the best, but I also hope to see Coach Egli land on his feet again as well if he so chooses to coach. He did a good job there. That district the last three years, especially with how quick Great Crossing’s has burst onto the scene has absolutely become a beast. I’m not so sure how well anybody would do or if they’d have done better. So much gets lost in records, when for the majority of schools in the state it’s all about making the most of what you have in the scenario you’re in.
  10. Offensive Coordinator the last several years and runs their in school strength/conditioning program during the school day. He completely would be. I have a feeling this one being open is nothing more than following protocol.
  11. :laugh: That playoff stat line sure is going to increase now isn't it? Great call.
  12. So many programs are just one or two kids away from having completely different changes. You're right. Few just want to admit it. Talking about "culture", "climate", etc - attributing that to success make(s) people feel more warm and fuzzy inside.
  13. John returns the makings of a really good team next year and especially for how Preston will play. They return some very good backs, their QB is solid both as a runner and passer, they also return some good linemen with some really good size. After next years class graduates is when things are up in air. Hardin County schools shutting down the flood gates some of open enrollment that has absolutely decimated John’s enrollment and this new influx of troops will be pivotal in their success.
  14. From all I've heard, I think FS might be down for a year or two and then they will be back, ready to make some runs again.
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