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  1. People seem to think cause you have experience you were a good HC. Most of these OLDER guys are stuck their ways and don’t adjust with the innovative ways of football. But keep a HC job because people are afraid of change!
  2. Seems like they have a guy who wants to be there now! From what I read the coach learned under coach at Anderson on how to rebuild a program and establish a culture so I don’t expect anything less at Trigg from here on out.
  3. Would that be to Jaggers? Hearing he was the front guy.
  4. Will a hire be made this week? Hearing interviews took place last week so maybe a hire coming soon.
  5. Don't have to give a name but what area would he from?
  6. Seems like a really solid hire. Proven track record in college, I’ve heard he is a really good offensive mind. What makes people think you have to go to guys who’ve been previous head coaches
  7. I’ve seen coaches who win get let go. It could’ve been a culture thing that we don’t know about. Sometimes you stay at places to long no matter of when or lose all coaches have a clock. Also when you go back and look at some of those 5 or 6 wins and look at the competition you would see why they probably wanted a change.
  8. Does anyone know who might have interviewed or leading candidates?
  9. Oh yeah they can! would be great actually with athletes! the problem is those kids won't buy in because it's not what they see on saturdays! Kids would immediately flock to HHS if that happen.
  10. Doubt peach would leave Trigg in just 1 year. Doubt Gobel would go back. Keith is in a good situation as far as resources. Lewis and smith have a good shot. Robins and Fowler IMO would need more wins for a job like this.
  11. Loveless is no longer AD a Christian County 👀
  12. I assume they have their coach just more of getting the details worked out.
  13. Definitely would be a great hire! if you look at what he's done over the past 10 plus years at Christian County his resume is one of the best in WKY.
  14. This has been very quite! does anyone know if they have even started interviews yet? Would love to know who put their name in hat for this one.
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