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  1. Congratulations to the Lady Panthers on their 7-0 start.
  2. You can run on NC and a wet field will help HC. NC is a good passing team but if the field is muddy it may be trouble for them. Also on the visitors stands be careful of oil or something on the seats.
  3. It seems like the parents and grandparents are there but less student body. In small schools the cheerleaders and band take up a lot of the student body.
  4. Ludlow was up by one at half 21-20 and pulled away in the second half.
  5. It seems like scheduling up benefits the power house teams more so than Bellevue, Dayton or Ludlow. Playing a higher class team and being beaten badly serves no purpose. I like the old system better as it gave players and fans a chance to see teams from around the state. I hope this new system doesn’t turn out like the Dickerson system from years ago.
  6. Congratulations to Ludlow and Holy Cross on an exciting game Friday night. Ludlow has put together a winning record for the past three years: as of now they have won 23 games during this period. This has been a good job by the players and coaching staff. Not bad for a small Class A school.
  7. Bitter pill for either team to lose. Ludlow played a good first and fourth quarters, but went to sleep on defense in the second and third quarters. Congratulations to both teams on an exciting game.
  8. Respect should be automatic for any Class A school that dresses 50 with 20 seniors and plays a tough schedule.
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