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  1. Can't wait until the school construction is finished and all that is cleaned up. It's going to look to so good. It might very will be the best public high school campus in the state when it's all done.
  2. I don't know if this stadium fits "cookie cutter" mold. I know what you are talking about and I have seen stadiums in recent years do that, even locally. The new Bowling Green one looks different than those. I wish the track could have been located somewhere else so you can get that Owensboro/Russellville feel to it. But almost no school has the land or the funds to completely move the track to a new area unfortunately.
  3. That is an amazing stat. Thanks for sharing. And Bowling Green I'd a public school too. And that makes it more amazing.
  4. Absolutely agree. Gary Fields was one of my coaches when I played there. Couldn't ask for a better guy. Very thankful for his leadership. The school system from top to bottom is filled with some great people.
  5. Greenwood and South Warren do not have turf and have very basic and bland stadiums. I would bet the pressure will be turned up to do those stadiums. The turf, while expensive upfront cost, probably saves in the long run with low maintenance compared to grass. Plus multiple sports can use it without it getting messed up. The contractor for Bowling Green 's new stadium deserves lots of credit too. They were on a tight window and looks as if they will get it open on time. I know when Warren Central and Warren East did theirs there massive issues and delays.
  6. Yes, there will be some smaller stands on the visiting side.
  7. Thought I would share a few photos I took of the new football stadium. Sorry I couldn't get closer, but it's still under construction. Will be ready by the Purples first home game in September. Great looking stadium. Kept a.lot.of the same look on the home side. Many will be angry about the hillside seating being taken away. That was one of the best things about the old stadium. I was told it was unavoidable. BUT I want to see what the end product over there is going to be first. Great job by the current administration, superintendent Gary Fields and everyone else involved
  8. Welp it's a little different than playing Ohio County and Breckenridge County isn't it? I don't know though, maybe BG should have to play Daviess County to find out who the real state champion is, apparently they have the studs...🙄 Congratulations to the Purples on a great season, a great run through an extremely difficult postseason schedule. Thought the offense was going to cost BG this game, but thankfully the BG defense completely shutdown Owensboro throughout the whole game. And the Red Devil's just never stop a chance. Just a fantastic year for Bowling Green
  9. Their offense have had a ton of bad calls the last two games. Such a waste of Cooper's talent.
  10. The whole game? Yes. My gosh they've been covering up for Wimsatt all game.
  11. Finally. They sounded like they had kids on Owensboro teams for most of the broadcast.
  12. According to some Owensboro folks they don't have anything on Daviess County though. 😀
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