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  1. Welp it's a little different than playing Ohio County and Breckenridge County isn't it? I don't know though, maybe BG should have to play Daviess County to find out who the real state champion is, apparently they have the studs...🙄 Congratulations to the Purples on a great season, a great run through an extremely difficult postseason schedule. Thought the offense was going to cost BG this game, but thankfully the BG defense completely shutdown Owensboro throughout the whole game. And the Red Devil's just never stop a chance. Just a fantastic year for Bowling Green and with no COVID cancelations by BG. KHSAA deserves a lot of credit along with the schools, coaches, players and parents for getting the entire season and post season in during this mess. GO PURPLES!!
  2. Their offense have had a ton of bad calls the last two games. Such a waste of Cooper's talent.
  3. The whole game? Yes. My gosh they've been covering up for Wimsatt all game.
  4. Finally. They sounded like they had kids on Owensboro teams for most of the broadcast.
  5. According to some Owensboro folks they don't have anything on Daviess County though. 😀
  6. Little different when you're playing against Ohio County and Breckenridge County ain't it?
  7. Game day is here! Everyone going to the game be safe and have fun! Hope the broadcast holds up with no issues. Sticking with my prediction of BG 28-14. Purples can't turn the ball over and Cooper must play well and BG will get the victory. Let's go!
  8. This is unacceptable if this doesn't get fixed. They monopolized the video broadcast which is fine, but the only broadcast available had to work well!
  9. Owensboro's schedule was a joke. The only team they played anywhere close to BG's level (or several of BG's opponents) was Frederick Douglass and that was at home and they should have lost that game. Owensboro may beat BG and that will prove it, but I see nothing in Owensboro's schedule that makes me think they can beat BG when BG plays well.
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