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  1. Well, here's the official video broadcast with the official radio feed to go with it. It's a great broadcast and a really good picture. https://www.facebook.com/D93wdns Pre game starts at 6:30 pm CENTRAL. Just click the link to go to the page and the broadcast will be there at 6:30 pm.
  2. Good information and good points all around. As long as it doesn't hamper him BG should roll Friday.
  3. So is he actually hurt, but still playing? Not sure how they are handling attendance. I plan to watch the broadcast on the Talk 104.1 Facebook Page. It's a great Broadcast.
  4. If Cooper is anything but a 100 percent BG could be in trouble offensively and really be in trouble for the game. I was told he was 100 percent and had no issues but a few comments on here have me worried.
  5. Well if you've been able to watch both teams this far, it's a no brainier BG is a better team. Now was South Warren holding back because they were playing such inferior programs? Is Conner Cooper 100%? Those are the two factors. But based on seeing both teams play this far, BG is an easy pick. Now how will those two factors come into play? We shall see.
  6. From what I saw from SW Friday and what I've seen from BG the first two games. I like the Purples a lot. Bowling agree 28-14.
  7. Well BG beat them 56-0 last year. And this BG team looked like it is better than last year, at least after game 1. And for those that saw the game, it was definitely a step back from last week.
  8. Not BG's best offensive effort tonight. But a win is a win. Looked very lethargic, slow starting. Several dropped passes. I didn't think the playcalling was very good either. BIG step back offensively for the Purples tonight compared to last week. PRP had a lot more speed than St. X did. Defense was great tonight. They are big, fast and tough at every position. Last week everything was clicking for Bowling Green. Tonight not terrible, but a step back for sure. The Purples had a couple of injuries, I hope not too serious, but could be. Now a week off before the South Warren showdown.
  9. I'm glad PRP hasn't canceled as well. I have a feeling there night have been some other factors in play as to why the SW game was canceled.
  10. My guess is they wouldn't play BG if they didn't have to.
  11. Well...........SW won't hardly even play its own class unless it's district. Doubtful they will play up, especially to a powerhouse. They like the 4A and 3A schools
  12. Yup. Game canceled. Too short of notice to find a replacement for SW.
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