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  1. What an outstanding football player on both sides of the ball. Congrats!
  2. Congrats Purples - great defense and Offense managed the game. Owensboro I was very pleased with the defensive effort tonight. 17 points with 3 short fields, they did great. I was very pleased with the Devils O-line. They did a very good job and gave Wimsatt time to throw on most plays. I was not pleased with QB draws about 10 times and running east west plays against that defense (BG too athletic for that). If you told me before the game that BG would get 17 and Wimsatt would have time most plays, I would’ve thought an Owensboro win. I was wrong. ‘Bowling Green DEFENSE, field position. While the first short field was on Owensboro, the other 2 were due to Burwash punting and the defense. I worried more about the athletic front but what held O in check more than anything, IMHO was the linebackers and the secondary. Secondary was PHENOMENAL. Yes Wimsatt was errant on some throws (which was forced a lot by secondary), most of the time our WRs had hardly any separation. That is phenomenal. All I can say is congrats purples - the better team won.
  3. Game stats: BG 17 points 83 passing yards 116 yards rushing 199 total yards 1st downs 10 Redzone 3-3 2 sacks, 5 TFL and 2 picks Owensboro 7 points 279 passing yards 20 rushing yards 299 total yards 1st downs 20 Redzone 1-2 1 sack, 2 TFL
  4. Yards 101-83. Punt was a killer. Fallin better get a little more aggressive on play calling. Wimsatt plenty of time but missing some throws. He had 2 to Tinsley early on that are probably 6 if he puts it on the money. First driver here is huge.
  5. Sorry @DragonFire. But good memories - Damon Hood wow. TRYING. TO BE COMPLIMENTARY!
  6. Yep. Pointer coached our first championship season in 74 - undefeated. Fun fact : The last time OHS entered the playoffs undefeated was 1993. Drew Hall and Joe Tutt - 2 AMAZING players - they had already beaten BG and Warren Central (Does everyone remember the Warren Central days of the 90’s - VERY TOUGH). Lost to BG at home 20-12 I think. Pointer coached that team as well. HOPE HISTORY DOESN’T REPEAT ITSELF!!! Big tidbit - Mr. Drew Hall, who was the all-everything back on that team is the Devils current Defensive Coordinator! REDEMPTION??
  7. My fam is in town and stopping to eat before all of us go over. I too will be enjoying this one and not posting during game. Typically I post everything I can during an OHS game, much like my counterpart @Purple88 for BG. Hoping for a good game!
  8. I picked the Tigers - love the underdog! Everyone should give the QB some props if he does this today!
  9. @BillNye yes sir. I will say this, I would rather play against BG offense than DC offense if your defense is the Jungle D. That would be scary good. However if DC had to play BG, Purples would wreck them. No doubt and wasn't saying that at all.
  10. @Purplepride fair point. I've seen both 1st hand. The main difference to me for Daviess and BG on offense is Humphries is a D1 guy - absolute cannon of an arm and great wheels to boot. Both have great backs. Bunton and Parm are both great - but Parm would be extremely successful lining up as a purple. Again BG presents different challenges here the exception is Dingle. The big difference for me is Humphries would make BG unbelievable. His worst game that I personally saw was against McCracken, he was just missing several big passes that against Owensboro and Henderson he didn't miss. Daviess played Owensboro, McCracken, Henderson twice. So I agree BG with the better schedule, but DC can score in bunches. Humphries in 7 games: 1577 yards and 21 TD's passing 483 yards and 7 TD's rushing He will continue to get more offers going into his senior season.
  11. Freddie D was by far the best team Owensboro faced (they weren't ranked #1 on BGP for nothing). Daviess County and Graves had the 2 best offenses besides Freddie D. Owensboro has faced some very good running backs, I tried to show this before the Freddie D game. Graves has a big physical O-line and the top rusher in 5A, Apollo has 2 D1 lineman (ranked the 2nd and 3rd best in state after Burton) and a great running back in Patterson. Daviess has a huge line and a great back in Parm (Daviess scored more than 40 on Henderson twice). Jennings is a great RB signed with Murray. If you asking me to rank the best offenses and defenses we have faced: Defenses: Freddie D Graves Offenses: Freddie D Daviess Graves Bowling Green is better than Freddie at D (although when Freddie played Key, Crowdus, Burton and Bryant on D - they are similar). Bowling Green is probably 2 or 2a on offense behind Freddie D and maybe Daviess. Daviess would put more points on the board, but BG is playing to its strength letting the defense win the games. BG presents different challenges than either of those teams, as Freddie D's QB is limited by his mobility, BG is not. BG really reminds me alot of Apollo on offense - FAST QB, FAST RB, huge line. Although BG has Dingle which is huge. Apollo has 2 phenomenal offensive lineman. BG is more 50/50 in passing/rushing yards, whereas Apollo is much heavier running, but the QB/RB/O-line is similar.
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