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  1. I've been to a recent (last 2 years)football game on Owensboro's schedule where a fan was yelling racial obscenities to the Owensboro players, the officials and police told him to get back, and walked him back probably 20 feet, then left him. The guy wasn't even escorted out. This needs to be instituted state-wide and also involve this kind of behavior.
  2. 2020: Douglass 40, LCA 6 I think Douglass and Owensboro should be right around each other, but LCA at 5...?
  3. LCA over Douglass? Douglass over Owensboro. Some head to head should change that. But what do I know. Yes and I saw the tweets by the Troy dude - hmmmmm.
  4. Top 20: Trinity Male Boyle LCA Corbin Johnson Central South Warren St. X Franklin County Bowling Green Douglass Manual CovCath Owensboro Blazer Beechwood LexCath Bryan Station McCracken County Central
  5. I think BG @ Owensboro would be one to watch. You're going to be rotating players in and out, so scores really don't mean alot to me, but it's great preparation for the season. Hopefully no injuries!
  6. @Killowatt59 - good point on the track. I hate track's around football stadiums. McCracken has a newer field and the track is it's own stadium. I love Owensboro's Rash Stadium - and I've heard fans from across the state comment on being right on top of the action. Turf and nice, but no track.
  7. Rivals has him as the 25th rank pro-style QB. 247 has him as the 47th best QB.
  8. Round 2 of playoffs - wish I could be at both of these battles!
  9. That's the national Elite 11 (Top 20 QB's invited) in Los Angeles. He's done very well day 1 from the write-up I saw.
  10. The 2 Avery's I mentioned are cousins and the 2 Early's I mentioned are not related that I know of.
  11. Bradley is a man among boys and will run over you. Toughest RB I've seen in the last few years.
  12. Owensboro: Strength - Wimsatt, behind a very good O-line (2 D1 guys) Lindsay, Miller, Williams, Chaney(who started before he was hurt last year). WR's are replacing 3 of 4, but I think this group will be better (with the exception of losing Tinsley) - Rogers, Early (who should have played alot last year and a game breaker), looks like they've also moved Taylor from CB to WR, very fast, Pendleton 6-4 and 2nd in high jump at state. It looks like Robinson or basketball star Carbon moving to starting RB. Defense, although losing both MLB's will be BETTER IMO. They hit their str
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