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  1. I’ll rearrange mine after the games: Boyle (no contest best team) Trinity BG CAL Mayfield OCath Station Cooper CovCath Pikeville Bell Raceland
  2. To start season the knock was can’t stop the run. Come to the final game and Cooper gets no running game at all. Remarkable effort by Jungle D last night. Bailey/Barber both back is scary. Congrats Purples!
  3. I thought LCA was the best team in the state. But due to RPI they had to go to War memorial. I thought any of the other “3” teams could win it and they could have. But Mayfield ran a trifecta - beating the top 3 teams. It definitely helped having the 2 games at home, but you can’t take that away from them. That was a very tough road to hoe and they did it so big time congrats to Mayfield. This was the year for powerful offenses. Starks is a great RB, and the QB was dropping it on the dime every time he was called to. For OC - the short field on the fumble and the whiffed punt that gave the ball on the 5 to Mayfield were killers. BUT, Carrico IMO should be very highly considered for Mr. Football - great season and career by that young man. Atwell - Best QB I’ve seen this year. The ACES never quit and had a chance to win at the end. I’ll go with best OCath team ever. Congrats to them and the city of Owensboro is very proud of them.
  4. Is everyone scared to target??? Targeting has made people scared to go hit someone low and hard because you lead a lot with helmet.
  5. Speaking of stretch - I think you carried a couple comments to almost fabricating - "no chance of Mayfield winning". LOL - that was never said. Juju is only good on stretch plays? That's comical - never said. They mentioned Mayfield excels in stretch plays as does Starks - it was very complimentary.
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