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  1. This is very true just didn’t want to say what.
  2. I would go 1 and a tie at 2nd - not sure how the press will treat Key or Longmire (if I'm voting on best college player it's Key): 1) Humphreys 2) Hergott 2) Sivori
  3. I know nothing except 3 of my nephews went to Conner and were good athletes. Go Conner!
  4. When I'm doing hi-low in my mind: DC can possibly win 55-14 (DC clicking and it's over early and maybe a running clock) Apollo can possibly win 42-35 (Apollo pounds the rock and controls the flow - get a pick six or some TO's) A lot has to go Apollo's way to win this - I'm sure I might be underestimating them again though. I see this close until the 4th and DC hits the gas.
  5. I am no where near an expert on this rivalry, which is 13-11 since 1998 in favor of Apollo. Apollo won last year 40-34, but lost a lot off that team. Humphreys and his DC receivers are on another level though this year. He has got the wheels as do his receivers. They are so cohesive together. I watched them first hand hand against Owensboro and McCracken. They struggled more than normal the 1st half against Owensboro, but hit the gas in the 2nd. They annihilated McCracken - unstoppable. Henderson pushed them and was only down 7 late but DC hit the gas. Owensboro blew the doors off
  6. @theguruApollo will move to a deluxe apartment in the sky and on the east side?
  7. That’s great! That stops some if my research time!
  8. Does that mean that Cooper will win the 5 next game?
  9. Yep. Round 2 is going to be a tough game. Graves is a top 5-7 team in state.
  10. Using current RPI, If districts hold to season winners: 3rd round: West #1 Owensboro vs #4 South Oldham #2 South Warren vs #3 Bullit Central East #1 Woodford vs #4 CovCath #2 Frederick Douglass vs # 3 Southwestern (or Pulaski) Semis if higher seeds hold true: Woodford hosts South Warren Freddie hosts Owensboro If CovCath upsets Woodford or district 5 winner: Semis Freddie host CovCath, Owensboro hosts South Warren
  11. Scott or Pulaski. Yes highlands beat them but BG coulda shoulda and that was game 1. BG showed tonight that they are top 10 IMO.
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