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  1. While Douglass' schedule is tougher, I think the Father Ryan game was a big schedule game. FR BEAT Cane Ridge #875 nationally and Brentwood Academy #1694. Also included in FR's schedule was: Montgomery Bell Academy #75 Baylor Chattanooga #164 Nashville McCallie #264 In fact they only played 1 team lower than #1532. I would count that as a huge win.
  2. Think about this…the number 1 overall seed (FD) had to play: CovCath round 2 Woodford round 3 Owensboro round 4 and BG in the finals That is a very tough road. They also blasted Bryan Station, Boyle and Scott County in the season.
  3. What makes BG a different animal is their QB - I’m not sure if FD has seen one as versatile. That said Boone for O was 6 of 25 for 60 yards. Very athletic receivers were covered well. Can the BG line give Deuce time? Can Receivers get open? BG runners get some running lanes? O has played FD 4 straight and this is the best defense I’ve seen.
  4. Well Cooper great athlete and Dingle and the RB…but the freakin punter would pin you every time. That teams was truly a conservative calling offense with a stifling defense and special teams guy (Burwash). It was sickening to play them.
  5. The one great thing O was doing was bringing the heat on the FD QB - on the INT he should have thrown it away, Goodwin was all over him. Throw it away and it’s a 21-2 game. Bad decision. And I agree - I thought FD was too conservative right before half at midfield. They knew their D wasn’t going to budge though.
  6. BG fans complained the year they rode their Defense to the title - “offense playcalling sucked, etc.”…but when your defense is dominant don’t give up freebies and play to your strength. BG beat O in that finals 17-7. It wasn’t pretty but they were state champs and dominated defensively.
  7. X and Freddie D the 2 best defenses I’ve seen this year - I would say FD was actually better! They don’t have to score a ton to win. I’m not sure how good BG’s defense is. I would compare this to the X game, which I’m sure the purples feel they underachieved. I think BG has a very diverse offense a led by a versatile QB (whom I compared to a young Gavin Wimsatt). Can they pull it off? I’ll let others speak to their defense. I would expect this would go like the X game to some extent, but if anyone can prove me wrong it’s BG. I just think this Bronco defense is dominant. FD 21-7
  8. What a season by BG! Congrats to both teams.
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