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  1. Updated list of offers: UK Louisville Cincinnati TCU West Virginia Missouri Vanderbilt EKU Murray WKU
  2. 16th - I wondered who FD would have at QB after losing McClurg, but I see they have a 6-7 transfer from Washington (Cornett). That's got to be huge with Key/Neal/Crowdus and the big guy on the line Burton. What else is going on in FD world - great athletes I was very impressed in the semi's last year.
  3. SW was not region champs BG was. SW went no further so that’s why I wouldn’t rank them 1 or 2. Especially after OHS was very competitive with FD. I would expect OHS to be higher in the polls based upon last year and the D1 talent.
  4. I think Owensboro is number 1 no way they are 4 - lol. McCracken lost Hayes and Wheat. OHS has 3 division 1 caliber players a were nip and tuck with Frederick Douglass. OHS beat BG the last time and BG loses Tisdale. Wimsatt is the best QB in the 2022 class, Gough 1st team all state at LB and big OT Millay. SW was beaten by BG twice they shouldn’t be 1 or 2until they beat BG. Tinsley back at WR, they are loaded. One of the best defenses in state and scored 17 on FD although missed some other chances.
  5. Add Missouri to the list - day by day this is changing
  6. Add West Virginia to the list: UK Louisville West Virginia Vanderbilt EKU Murray Western I expect a lot more for junior-to-be Wimsatt.
  7. Add Vanderbilt and Louisville to the list: The SEC gets process rolling for QB Gavin Wimsatt on the trail
  8. I have heard a lot of big schools are looking since last year, but UK is another offer as of today. He has been offered by EKU, Murray, Western and now UK. Not yet starting his junior year and everything that I’ve heard I expect a lot more offers to be coming for this great QB and athlete. He throws the best long ball I’ve seen for a Sophomore this past season. OHS quarterback Gavin Wimsatt picks up offer from Kentucky | Owensboro Radio
  9. Edge has no talent in Spencer County, IN. He would do a phenomenal job at Apollo IMO.
  10. I was Hayes all year long until Maher dominated the playoffs and FD. 1. Mayer 2. Hayes 3. Allen IMHO.
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