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  1. This probably was the most down the district has been since??? I can't think of a year where not 1 team in the city of Hopkinsville wasn't a top team in the Western part of the state.
  2. They've had quite a bit of injuries all year and they played a very tough schedule to prepare them for the postseason.
  3. Kerry Stovall wins postseason basketball games. It’s what he does best. They’ve been hurt and played a tough schedule this year, but his teams build and build for the tournament. Don’t count the Colonels out in region 2. But, it’s still Madisonville’s region to lose. Hoptown brings back a lot next year and I think Coach Miller will have his program established.
  4. Good test for Hoptown playing an aggressive defensive team like PT going into the tournament, because they'll pay the toughest defensive coach in WKY when they play Kerry Stovall on Tuesday. Hoptown is playing great basketball when it matters. I think they're the 2nd most talented team in Region 2, but there's just been a flow issue to their team all season where the parts didn't work well together. Watts seems to have gotten the chemistry and flow to their offense a lot stronger. Christian County at their gym will be tough, especially if they're fully healthy. Should be a fun matchup. It's not often you get HHS/CCHS in the 1st round of district(2nd year in a row), so this will be a fun one on Tuesday night.
  5. Shocker would be an understatement. Just 2 weeks ago the Tigers lost 38-79 to Warren Central and turned it around tonight. The return of starting point guard Alijah Watts has Larry Miller’s Tigers playing with new energy.
  6. Hopkinsville should be adding Alijah Watts to their roster this week. He is one of the better scoring guards in the region and hasn't played a varsity game since early in last season. 8th district race will heat up this week. CCHS vs. UHA tonight Hoptown vs. UHA Saturday
  7. Great to see Coach Haworth back competing for a state title. As much talent as he had at Hoptown...I believe he's working with so much more at Male. I know he's hungry for that first title.
  8. Saturday afternoon games can be weird. Both teams are used to 4 days of practice. Going to school on Friday and getting ready to fight on Friday. This week both teams have had to miss school and practice indoors or not even at all. It's been a weird week. On top of that, waking up on Saturday morning and getting up to play is different than going to school on gameday. Will it be better for Madville to be focused on a 30-40 minute bus ride to get their minds right, or will it be out of the ordinary? Will it be better for Hoptown to be at home and comfortable, or will getting out of bed and getting to the stadium make them more comfortable. IT won't be a traditional game by any means.
  9. It's the playoffs and Craig Clayton is coaching. His teams peak this time of year. Last game? Hoptown scored 3 TDs and Madisonville scored 3 TDs. Hopkinsville had an injured kicker and did not convert a single extra point all night. The difference in the game was the missing kicker. That won't be the case Friday. Hoptown will be motivated from a loss earlier in the year to Madville and more focused after a scare against Calloway on Friday. 27-17 Hopkinsville.
  10. Christian County plays a BRUTAL schedule. Already has losses to Caldwell, Christian Academy of Louisville, Henderson, Madisonville, and Hoptown. They still have to go play at Pope John Paul II (Nashville), Greenwood, Warren Central, Bowling Green, and Mccracken. Hoptown is looking pretty good down the stretch. Their matchup with Madisonville will determine a lot.
  11. Usually it just starts with a connection and it continues over the years through different administrations. Good hospitality and a clean game can carry over time. Madisonville is always a great host in every sport.
  12. They did not look as strong as in past years, but their line is amazing in pass blocking. I think Hoptown had a good scheme tonight, but I bet Mayfield’s running game is much better in the next few games.
  13. I think people underestimated Hoptown because of last seasons misleading record. They started out playing a tough schedule last season, but then they lost their starting QB and backup QB in the span of a week. They did not have a single QB on the roster that could throw the football. They converted a receiver to QB and had to change the entire offense mid year. And even with that, they hung with Madisonville the entire game in the playoffs last year. No offense whatsoever and only lost 20-0 in a game that was much closer. I’m picking them to come out of this side of the state in 4A after what I saw tonight and the level of talent on their team.
  14. The Mr. Football's from this part of the state for reference: Kurt Barber Pookie Jones Damon Hood Bill Jack Haskins Curtis Pulley Micah Johnson Cory Robinson Antonio Andrews Nacarius Fant Elijah Sindelar Jamale Carothers
  15. Yeah, I'd say don't sleep on Hoptown. They lost their QB and backup midseason last year. They had to move a wideout to QB and lost their entire vertical threat and became one dimensional. They played a very tough schedule and return their whole team, and add their QB back under center. And Craig Clayton is their coach, I expect a big jump from them.
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