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  1. Although McCracken ended up victorious 3-1 in the 2nd District Championship, the story in this one is that Tilghman became the first team to beat McCracken in a single set from the 1st Region. Prior to Tilghman winning the second set, McCracken had won 270 straight sets over Region 1 opponents dating back to 2013, which shows you how unreal dominant they have been.
  2. Tilghman comes in to this one reeling after coming off of two straight blowout losses. Turnovers have really hampered this team from being able to get anything going. Tilghman has only snapped the ball 53 times in the last 2 games combined. Mayfield and Union County snapped the ball 53 times each against the Tornado. All 8 turnovers in the last 2 games have led to opponent points. Add that in conjuction to a defense that can't stop anyone on the ground and you won't beat too many teams. I predicted 5 wins for this rebuilding team coming into the season. They should win this one and hopefully work on some things, but I'm not seeing that 5th regular season win.
  3. I don't even know what to think anymore. Put Mayfield, Murray,Tilghman, Caldwell and Union together and look at some of the scores of these games and you really just scratch your head about how some ended the way they did. It sure does make it fun to watch though.
  4. You would be correct on both accounts. Once Tilghman got hit hard early, it just spiraled out of control. They continued with the sloppy play that began last week and by the end of the night, with the 5 turnovers tonight, that's 8 in 2 weeks. All 8 led to scores by the opposing team. That youth that looks so promising, at the end of the night are still young and inexperienced. When a physical team lines up, Tilghman is in trouble. This team has as few upperclassmen on a Tilghman team as I've seen. It's just a combination of basically everything that could go wrong did, and that definitely includes getting outcoached across the board. Union reminded me of Tilghman the last 3 seasons. They just ran the ball at will wherever they wanted to. I think another big factor in it all is that they miss safety Cam Marshall more than they realize. He's a ballhawk and he made up for a lot of missed plays on defense. You notice a big difference without him out there.
  5. Union County did it their way. They did it however they wanted, whenever they wanted. Tilghman was no match physically in the trenches and Union just imposed their will in any way that was possible. I knew Union could definitely win this one, but I didn't see this level of domination coming from a Union team who had really struggled on offense this year.
  6. 27 yd td pass from James to Ragsdale to finally put Tilghman on the board. Union 49 Tilghman 7. 11:24 4th qtr.
  7. Perfectly thrown pass bounces off the chest of the receiver, and you guessed it...Union intercepts it for a pick 6. I believe that was turnover number 5. Union 49 Tilghman 0. 4:11 3rd qtr.
  8. Union converts on 4th and 15 for a 24 yd td pass. Union 42 Tilghman 0. 5:25 3rd qtr.
  9. Another Tilghman fumble. Union recovers once again. They take over at the Tilghman 40.
  10. Union County 35 Tilghman 0. Halftime Tilghman's defense stayed on the field a big majority of the 1st half. Tilghman's coaching staff literally made no adjustments anywhere and you've got a blowout going down.
  11. Union takes another one in on the ground on 3rd and 6. Union 35 Tilghman 0. 22.8 seconds until the half.
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