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  1. McCracken came out blazing and worked their way to a 15-0 lead. Tilghman went on a 20-5 run to tie it up. They played back and forth all the way until the 4th quarter when McCracken took over again. McCracken hits their free throws and this game was a foul fest. McCracken put up 30 points in the 4th quarter.
  2. McCracken is led by Tilford with 7 points and Keyes has 6 for Tilghman. Tilghman's foul trouble could be a problem in the 2nd half.
  3. Tilghman takes their first lead 25-24. Less than a minute to halftime.
  4. Tilghman has outscored McCracken 20-5 after trailing 15-0 to tie it 20-20. 3:29 2nd qtr
  5. Shaw and Goodwin both with 2 fouls for Tilghman already and still on the floor. McCracken 17 Tilghman 9. 6:17 2nd qtr
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