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  1. Mayfield somehow stayed under the radar this season despite now sitting at 26-5. They can make a big statement. They won 12 straight to end the season. Should be a great championship game.
  2. Murray led 34-28 at the end of 3, so Mayfield held Murray to only 2 points in the 4th quarter to make it 36-36 at the end of regulation.
  3. Mayfield will move on to the 1st Region final and play the winner of the McCracken/Carlisle game.
  4. Carlisle was kind of a surprise since they lost to Graves only a few weeks before by 31 (70-39). Ironically enough, McCracken beat Carlisle when they played by the exact same score.
  5. Whitaker led Murray with 11 points, all in the 2nd half. Powell led Tilghman with 9.
  6. Murray uses a big 3rd quarter, outscoring Tilghman 18-5, to take the lead and the win in this 1st Region quarterfinal game. PT led 20-14 at the half, but like in so many games this season, their lack of any depth really hurt them. Murray will take on the Mayfield/Hickman County winner.
  7. Murray 32 PT 25 End 3rd qtr. All Murray to open the 2nd half. They outscored PT 18-5 in the 3rd.
  8. Murray 28 PT 25 Murray on a 14-5 run. Whitaker with 10 of them.
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