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  1. McCracken wins for the 13th time in a row over Tilghman. Tilghman's last win was in February 2017. They had plenty of chances in this one to break the streak but it wasn't to be.
  2. Per the Tilghman Facebook page, this is Tilghman's 2000th basketball win, which would be 2nd in Kentucky and would put them as the only team with 800+ football wins and 2000+ basketball wins in the state.
  3. Just left there an hour ago. It was a very emotional time. Horrific is a description that fits. My family and I will continue to be there to lend a helping hand for the weeks to come whenever we can. I am glad you are o.k. @Mayfieldsportsfan. There is a lot of support coming that way.
  4. Keep the community in your thoughts and prayers as they survey the damage and get rescue efforts underway. Mayfield was hit directly by a large tornado and there is massive amounts of destruction. Prayers to our neighbors to the South.
  5. Excellent! Props to you on a work ethic not many will take on anymore. Learning from and taking different perspectives from others who have been around like you do is key. You have got it together and I'm sure everyone around you appreciates it. I know I do and I'm an outsider. I love to see people strive for excellence, and that's exactly what you do.
  6. You are correct. He knew about everything around this area and beyond. It hasn't been the same with him gone, not even close. He was a great guy.
  7. Way to go St. X! You all proved a lot of people wrong, and that always makes it even that more gratifying.
  8. All the "what-if's" keep going through my head. I guess that's what you do when you lose a one possession game. Great game to be at and both these teams had years they'll always remember. Congratulations Belfry, maybe we can run this one back again sometime soon. Wonderful football game.
  9. Cam Marshall has absolutely turned into another player ever since the playoffs started. Very good finish to his high school days.
  10. What an incredible finish to the half from Tilghman. If I were Tilghman , I'd throw it every play of the 2nd half. Way too much cushion by the defense.
  11. I'll let you guys handle this one the rest of the way if you will please. Hope it's a great rest of the game. Go Big Blue!
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