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  1. They are #1 in 3A until someone proves otherwise. Dominating victory.
  2. Henderson led 7-0 at halftime after both teams couldn't get out of their own in the 1st half. Very poor football all around. Tons of penalties. On a night where Tilghman played their best defense of the year, they also played their worst offensive game by far. This is the worst I've ever seen qb Jack James and it's not even close. I'll chalk it up as an anomaly as this definitley didn't look like him as we normally see. He missed wide open guys all night. I don't know if it was the 2 weeks off or what, but Tilghman was absolutely abysmal on offense. Henderson finally got the
  3. Henderson fg team back out. 38 yds. Right down the middle. Henderson 20 Tilghman 0 4:13 4th qtr
  4. 4th down Tilghman. Forced to go from their own 35. Henderson interception.
  5. Field goal team. 34 yarder goes through. Henderson 17 Tilghman 0 5:55 4th qtr
  6. 6:20 left. 3rd and 11 from the Tilghman 17. Henderson just used their last timeout.
  7. Henderson amazing field position yet again. 2nd down at the Tilghman 21.
  8. Tilghman forces a punt. No room for error if they plan on making a run. Take it at their own 7.
  9. They have played pretty well offensively until this game. The 2 weeks off looks to have affected the qb more than anyone. The most inaccurate I've ever seen him.
  10. Tilghman has only 2 1st downs on the game. 4th down and 20 from the 45.
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