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  1. It was like clockwork. They played pretty well for 3/4 of most of their games, but the quarter they played bad really got them many times. I attributed a lot of it to simply not having enough true scorers and relying on guys to get points who weren't necessarily equipped to do it consistently. It just made it that much worse when one of the leading scorers was dismissed from the team after the 2nd McCracken game and most never realized he was no longer on the team. It hurt them down the stretch. All in all though, this was one of the least talented Tilghman teams you will see and I believe Coach Overstreet will have them contending soon.
  2. This game used the exact same script from the previous 2, only this time Marshall put on a run starting in the 4th quarter. Tilghman had a much better than anticipated season and I believe first year Coach Overstreet has them headed in the right direction. Marshall advances to play the McCracken/Mayfield winner in the 1st District Championship tomorrow afternoon. Marshall was led in scoring by Harmon with 26 and Powell with 22. Tilghman was led by Laster with 17 and Williams with 16.
  3. Timeout Marhsall 54 Tilghman 46 3:51 4th qtr. Harmon with 9 already in the 4th for Marshall.
  4. Marshall 41 Tilghman 40 End 3rd qtr. Stokes with 20 for Marshall. Harmon has 15. Laster and Williams have 11 each for Tilghman.
  5. It will be interesting to see how Tilghman plays after the half as the 3rd quarter has been unkind to them the previous games against Marshall and where the game was ultimatley lost.
  6. Tilghman 29 Marshall 28 Halftime Stokes leads Marshall with 14. Harmon went scoreless in the 2nd and has 10. Tilghman is led by Laster with 10 and Williams with 8.
  7. Marshall 16 Tilghman 11 End 1st qtr. Harmom leads Marshall with 10. Laster leads Tilghman with 5.
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