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  1. 100% agree with you @TylerDurden IMO: AAU sports should not be more important than school affiliated sports! Football is not a sport you can just practice 1 or 2 days a week and expect to be good. It isn't fair for the entire team that is busting their tails daily trying to accomplish a team goal. Also, by missing so much practice time in football, at some point, it becomes a safety issue. Not knowing what to do (play, technique) on the field can increase the probability of injury ten fold.
  2. Thanks CWB. That makes sense. It would take two squads to complete this schedule in a reasonable manner.
  3. The amount of travel is huge for their first year! I'm curious how the logistics are going to work on 10/8 & 10/9. Play @ E 'Town, gather equipment, make a 3 hour drive to Indy and play the following day??? Is that safe for the kids? The following week looks worse in terms of travel. Charter jet?
  4. Yes, there have been moments. I agree, their district can battle for the toughest in 2A every year. To add to their stress, many of the "talented" kids are making the 10/15 minute drive to McCracken Co.
  5. I agree J_D, I hope to see this across the NCAA. It will benefit both the athlete and school. It might also help with kids staying in school a little longer. Being a high earning athlete at Kentucky might be worth more than a second/third round draft pick.
  6. Wish Coach Bledsoe good fortune. Kevil is a difficult place to win. I like the non district schedule for the bombers. Hopefully, they can have some success.
  7. This looks like a really good tournament. Hope the rain doesn't spoil it. Good luck to your Chargers @Unrivaled97
  8. I'm also confused on how these situations are being handled. I now see Trimble Co playing Washington Co on 10/01. Washington Co also shows Trimble Co on 10/01.
  9. Coach Poole stepped up in a huge way for these kids!!! I'm glad they are going to have a season after they missed last year due to Covid. Coach Poole helped back when the Eagles were winning championships. I hope he is able to get the program back on the right track! Imagine that Ft Campbell team with Antonio Andrews (Mr. Kentucky) in this district 👀
  10. I wonder if their goal is to be a post grad school in the coming years? Schools like IMG, Carmel Catholic and such.
  11. A trip to Marion, KY should be interesting 10/01.
  12. To answer to poll. Coke and it's not close. But I prefer water over either.
  13. Football season is among us 🙌🙌 What 7v7 tourneys are coming up? What players are you excited to see perform?
  14. My mistake! Pendleton game is August 27.
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