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  1. I don’t think Apollo doesn’t get within 14 pts. (voted incorrectly)
  2. The Cardinals have this game penciled in since last November. They will not need any extra motivation for this game. Losing in the playoffs at home is just something that doesn't occur on War Memorial turf. They will be ready. Mayfield's D/O-Line will dictate this game. Murray gave up 13 points on three turnovers vs Caldwell on a 20-14 game. Caldwell's D-line was a problem all night. I see some of the same issues come Friday night. Murray's O-line is undersized, to say the least, and starts 1 senior, 2 juniors, 2 soph on their O-line. Last time Coach Bowling played Mayfield, th
  3. Statement for Russellville!!! Great win vs quality opponent. The Panthers are in the 1A discussion!
  4. No way this game is moved unless lightning prevents it. Graves is 100% fine with playing in the trenches. I think it plays to their advantage with a back like McKee. It will also slow down the Devils' speed. The field's grass is usually longer than other fields. Home Field Advantage! If the game is moved, the field will still be soaking. The only difference would be the rain.
  5. Murray (5-1) graduated one of their best senior class in the last 20 years. Add the mess in the offseason where the previous coach left the program days before dead period. Needless to say, the Tigers seemed to be in trouble. Coach Bowling took over on day 1 after dead period. He has implemented a new offense/defense and culture to the program. With that being said, many of the older players decided not to continue due to his demands and accountability factor. He currently starts as many as 9 sophomores 7 juniors. Murray seems to be getting better and better as the season continues
  6. I want to root for the Tornados but like @TilghmanPride mentioned, they are going to have to be more physical than the two games last year. Union Co looks to be better than last years team with addition of the passing scheme. Before, you knew they were going to pound the ball right at you and that is not the case with this year's team. This will be the first of two meeting between these squads. Having home field in the second round is key. I don't think TP wants to travel to Union. It's a good drive out in the middle on nowhere and it's hard to beat them at home!
  7. It's hard to point who is a better player between these two for various reasons. Cam, being a QB, has the ball in his hands and is making decisions for his team about 80% of the time (just a guess, not sure exact percentage.) By all means, Mr. KY winner is far more valuable his his team than Mr. Brown. Xavier is an incredible athlete. The Virginia commit is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. The down side for him is that he has to share the ball with the likes of Moore and Nieves. His touches are limited, yet precise. LCA will put Xavier all over the field to find
  8. UK is considered to have the best OLine in the SEC. I know GA has athletes all over the roster, but I don't think they have faced a physical team like they will this week. The Wildcats will have to play their best game of the year to even have a shot and I honestly don't think that will be enough! On your note: the best coaches are ALWAYS those who purchase tickets and watch the games 😁😂
  9. I think Graves playing at home will be the difference GC 31 O 28
  10. I'm afraid that D-line the Patriots have will be a problem for the young Tornadoes. Tyson Hornbuckle (Jr. OLB) will be hard to get around. His older brother (Tre) was a stud for Murray and just graduated from Duke football. On offense, the Patriots have struggled of late but they do have athletes that can play. They will feature #24 (Rb Kendall) and move him around for mismatches. He has offers from Memphis, Western KY, Middle TN amongst others. I am pulling for PT but it will probably the best team they have seen to date.
  11. I would say top 3: Cam Hergott Joe Humphreys Clint McKee Cam, to me, is the favorite! He is a beast on the stat sheet. You stop Cam, Beechwood does not win but no-one has proven to even come close on that. There may not be a team in 2A that will. Time will tell. I'm not sure how voters will think about putting him back on the podium. Joe has been playing Madden vs rookie mode of late. He seems to be peaking right at the right time for districts & playoffs. Joe seems to be the most natural QB prospect, after Wimsatt's departure, in the bluegrass for the n
  12. Mayfield (3) will come out of the district 1&2. Others in top ten: Murray (7), O Cath (9), Caldwell Co (10) LCA (1) will win districts 3&4. Others in top ten: Danville (4), Green Co (6) Beechwood will clear out district 5&6. Others in top ten: none The final spot in the semis will likely be between district 7 champ Middlesboro (5) and district 8 champ West Carter (8).
  13. Williamsburg Hopkinsville Pikeville Danville Highlands
  14. Mayfield is the exact same team as last year with the exception of their All State LB Jax Rogers (Jr) who was injured the entire year. Now... they are a year older, stronger, and their team speed is better. Qb seems to have improved but still is not as consistent as a title contender should be. He will be tested this week vs Caldwell. The Tigers have the best D-line group they will see until semis. If Cartwright continues to develop, they will have a chance in late November! Murray will challenge their defense. They are improving every week and nobody has been able to stop thei
  15. I've heard this is his last year... but I sincerely doubt it. He has an impressive Qb that will be a freshman next year and his son is currently in 7th grade and is a really good prospect on the O-line. I would be surprise if he steps down.
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