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  1. I would be brave enough to say that this happens ("jack up a shot") in about 1/4 of possession today all ready. And that is a conservative number. Kids will adapt. Whether is for the good or the game or not, time will tell. Never said that I agree/disagree with the motion. Wonder what the conversations were years ago when they implemented a three point shot??
  2. Is there any info on what the average possession is in KY high school ball? Interested to see those numbers. Up-tempo/stall ball is a matter of preference and make up of the team's ability. Regardless, I think kids/coaches would adapt towards a shot clock if it was implemented.
  3. I would have to agree! I wish nothing but the best for young Cam. He, and many other athletes around the state, is taking advantage of an opportunity that presented itself. He and his family are hoping for a better future!! No one can be mad at that. Is it unfair for everyone else, Maybe. Do I agree with the ruling, ABSOLUTY NOT. But my frustration will not be on these kids for taking advantage of the opportunity the higher ups allowed!! I believe the age restriction is still the same for all HS sports. Right? So we aren't going to have 20 year old playing 15,16 year old kids. Again, hats off for Cam and his family to give up a year of his time to attempt for a better future! I hope it works out for him. Time will tell.
  4. With this decision: is Cooper able to transfer to a school that does allow it??
  5. All 5 power conferences are represented on this list. Impressive.
  6. They should match up well vs the Northpoint. They aren't strong contenders in their region/league. WC is also a winnable game. Calloway may not be as good this year vs last year, they are losing a lot of speed. This isn't a bad schedule for a team that wants to start having some success.
  7. There are a couple of teachers/admin in the Trigg system that have previous coaching experience that were not on Peach's staff. They have stuck around this school system for various reasons. Maybe Coach Ezell can count with their support and get them coaching again.
  8. I would have to agree! Congrats to Coach Ezell. Hope he surrounds himself with the right staff to develop the right culture. It's going to take some time. Especially coming in so late in spring when school is about to let out. Having kids buy in with a new staff during summer is going to be a challenge. Winning will be tough for a couple of years at Trigg. From what I understand, their pipeline has some slim pickings. My suggestion is to work the youth program, middle school as well as his current players. That is, if he will be there for longer than a year or two.
  9. Strong schedule for the Ads. Hope they figure out all the admin stuff and get these kids ready. They will definitely be tested! Coach Peach Good Luck... you will need it. Hate to say it but his first year may look like his last year at his previous gig. I hope I'm proven wrong for the good of the kids and the program.
  10. Heard just earlier that Mr. Isaac Dixon is coming back!! HUGE for Belfry... guess he wants more than a PWO from West Va. I personally think this young man is a D1 player. Can anyone confirm?
  11. They are currently listed in 2A district with Mayfield, Caldwell, and Murray... Ouch! Bledsoe is a well known name in Ballard. They have had several good, solid players over the years that carried the name Bledsoe. I believe Mr. LeToun is from that family. I believe that the Bombers made the right hire for this program. The kids will know who's the head of the program and hopefully will get behind him and follow. Congrats to Coach Bledsoe! Good Luck
  12. Mr. Brown must also be a great student!!! It's not easy to get into Stanford, Northwestern, Purdue, amongst others. Congratulations young man!!!
  13. I remember this game and the run Graves put on in 2014. They lost the state finals to Pulaski Co 14-7, I think. And you are right @Purple88 Crider was a beast! He went on to play at Southern Illinois and was a solid LB there. He was second team Missouri Valley his senior year being under sized at 5' 11".
  14. Coach Burgett did, to me, an amazing job at Madisonville. Prior to his tenure, the Maroons had gone through several coaching changes the previous 5-7 years. He gave the program stability and was able to grow into a contender the second half of his tenure. Good luck to him where ever he decides to go. Madisonville did have a down year. They were young and inexperienced. I'm sure whoever steps in should be able to compete in a district that, traditionally, does not have a power house.
  15. With this schedule, I think Trigg will have some early success. I see a realistic 5-6 win season. Step 1: Hire a head coach and a coaching staff. Good luck to the Wildcats!
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