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  1. Looks like JT is a 195lb Wrestling Champ. Plays linebacker, played on McCracken County's middle school team. Looks like a solid pickup for PT.
  2. Looks good. All the new stadiums have the same look, however. I guess it's to expensive to build a stadium that has some brick.
  3. Pretty interesting. Not what you think.
  4. I do. If you like Woody Hayes, you'll love this guy. When Mayfield beat Union City, 41-0, UC threw the ball 1 time. I don't think this style will suit Murray or it's fans. If Murray wants to compete for State titles, this style of play will be hard pressed. Then again, Murray was put in a hard place with the timing of the former coaches leaving.
  5. I wouldn't say never but year in and out.... not likely.
  6. Why is this a path? They are either good enough or they're not.
  7. I disagree because all of Trinity's have been in KY's highest class at their time of play.
  8. When Trinity won those titles 3A and 4A, weren't those Kentucky's largest class for football? If so, in reality all their titles were won in the State's largest class but with just different numbers.
  9. His wife is the Principle at Graves County.
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