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  1. Zane became a great player. He had mental toughness that was unmatched. I enjoyed watching him get better every year and it ended with a State Championship. He will be missed.
  2. Mayfield has gym that holds around 5000. Only Graves and Marshall and Mayfield in the 1st region have the seating capacity to hold a Regional Championship.
  3. Danville has a special place in my heart. They have been Mayfield"s nemesis but they were alot like Beechwood that they did it the right way. I hate too see them going through tough times. Kentucky high school football is better when Danville is a solid program. I hope they turn it around quickly.
  4. Mayfield will be a contender by the end of the 24 season. I look for them to have some growing pains in 24 but they have will have a stout defense and a bunch of potential on the offensive side of the ball. The qb position is up for grabs, at least that's what I'm told. They will have a pretty good runner in the England kid and a proven receiver in the Hoover kid who will be just a junior. There is is some uncertainty for Mayfield but spring ball we will know a little more. I will say Mayfield should be the favorites again in the 25 season but in 24 it goes to Beechwood but I think Mayfield won't lay down for them if they happen to meet.
  5. Sounds very good. I don't think Mayfield and Pikeville have ever played. That needs to happen one day.
  6. Why not Mayfield? You always have Beechwood number #1 till they are beaten when they have won their titles.
  7. Just saw this video on tiktok and most people like his message. I have no real opinion.
  8. I'll throw one out there, Jonathon Jackson. Mayfield. Played both sides of the ball, excellent. 2012. Was as good a high school player as you could find on both sides of the ball. Had over 2000 yards rushing in 2012 and was an all State linebacker. Led Mayfield to 4 straight Title games and 2 Titles including 2012. Very rare a 1A guy wins Mr Football.
  9. You ain't coming then. The atmosphere will be off the charts.
  10. You need to add it to your list. Next year the Paducah Tilghman game would be the one I'd go to the place will be packed. And it;'s one of the best places in Kentucky to see a high school game.
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