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  1. What does what you have been saying have anything to do with Alabama? You've been talking about OSU quarterbacks, I just brought up some names from the past. Most have been pretty good but not great like all OSU quarterbacks have been.
  2. Obviously you don't know OSU Qb's, Rex Kern was a very good QB who played in the late 60's at OSU. Just a very different era of football.
  3. Cornelius Green is a name from the past. Good at handing off to Archie and Pete with an occasional 10 yd pass.
  4. Rex Kern played during the 3 yards and a cloud of dust era and went on to be a defensive back in the NFL. When I think of OSU, I think running backs and linebackers and linemen. If they played in the SEC, I look at them sorta like Texas A&M maybe slightly better but no Alabama.
  5. Who knows? Jones might have languished on the bench. UK has been pitiful in developing Qb's.
  6. Maybe. But I doubt if he would have transferred if that was entirely the case. A side note is Mac Jones committed to UK until Bama offered. Never thought he would turn out like this and if he had gone to UK , would he have been developed like he did at Bama? Good players sit on the bench and never get their shot or never develop because they have poor coaching.
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