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  1. Beechwood was the better team. Their line play won them the game. Mayfield had a chance but fell slightly short. Next year will be the same. Beechwood, Mayfield and LCA with Owensboro Catholic playing for the title.
  2. This is a game I expect to go either way. I believe Mayfield could win this game by two touchdowns but I also think Beechwood could win by two touchdowns. I believe Mayfield's overall speed will be an advantage plus Cartwright is really coming on, he played his best game last week. The defense has been top notch all season. It's all a guess for most folks, I'm sure the coaches know who really has the advantage.
  3. So far, not one person has publicly picked Mayfield in this contest. Hmmm.
  4. This game is sorta like Beechwood vs LCA the last couple of years. Beechwood was the underdog and we know how that turned out.
  5. Which side of the field is Mayfield on? I think Mayfield is the home team.
  6. LCA scored the the first three times they had the ball and Mayfield had to score to keep pace. Mayfield finally stopped LCA with 9 seconds to go and with a poor punt by LCA, Mayfield got the ball and scored with two seconds on the clock to tie the game in the first half. Mayfield got the ball first in the second half and kicked a field goal. Mayfield made some adjustments in the second half and came out with a hard fought victory. The Boley kid is as good as advertised, he can really make all the throws. I hope he picks Alabama or Kentucky. This was a really good game to watch.
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