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  1. Mayfield will have to play hard and make few mistakes to win this game. Caldwell has most of it's players back and know that Mayfield is a young inexperienced team that has yet to play four quarters up to it's potential. I like Mayfield in this one by a score or two but I think Caldwell will be ready and could come away with a win.
  2. I've heard good things about him before Trigg, looking forward to seeing him at War Memorial.
  3. Hopkinsville has always been a little schizophrenic .
  4. I heard the James kid was going to be good, I guess he's ahead of arrival.
  5. Me too. But give UC credit, they played hard and had a physical running back and a decent QB and a somewhat physical line. Mayfield is playing a ton of players, guys in and out , offense and defense. I will say Mayfield's offense is behind the defense at this point just not quite on point.Just play hard, try to get better and hope for a deep run in the playoff's. This is a young team and it show's.
  6. 30-20. Mayfield’s freshmen star runs back kickoff. 3:58 4th
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