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  1. There's going to be lots of hold backs and the vast majority are doing it for sports. Quit kidding yourselves.
  2. More than you think. It doesn't have to be just Seniors. Certain schools that have players doing this will win or be in the hunt in the near future for State Championships.
  3. A State Championship will be won because of this.
  4. What about this scenario? Graves had a Senior football player who transfered to Mayfield at Xmas. He played on the basketball team, if he decided to play next year would he be able to play for Mayfield? For clarification I have no idea if he even wants to do this, he was a good player but it got me wondering on these kinda of situations how this would work out?
  5. Decent schedule, I've seen better. Around these parts , it's better than most. It will prepare Mayfield for a deep run in the playoff's and will be somewhat challenging, so our young QB can get some confidence and experience. This schedule looks about right for this team....not overly hard or overly soft but will get them on the right track for the playoffs.
  6. Yes, but the expectations are based on the 8th grade bunch from 2 yrs ago. Those kids will need to be developed more to reach a State Championship level. What I saw was raw talent but I wasn't overly impressed with what I saw but they are young and with weight room work and good coaching a ring is possible.
  7. Kinda like hiring a coach at Michigan just to beat Ohio State. Looks like a good hire and they will have some athletes for sure. Mayfield has some very good athletes in the wings also , I like their chances against PT for the next 5-6 years for sure.
  8. They also like the money from the PT and Mayfield games. There has to be a balance is how you schedule. MC may never get where they can compete for a State title or only when they have really super Junior and Senior classes.
  9. Mayfield Coach Leahy: "He ain't no Phi Beta Kappa".
  10. What does what you have been saying have anything to do with Alabama? You've been talking about OSU quarterbacks, I just brought up some names from the past. Most have been pretty good but not great like all OSU quarterbacks have been.
  11. Obviously you don't know OSU Qb's, Rex Kern was a very good QB who played in the late 60's at OSU. Just a very different era of football.
  12. Cornelius Green is a name from the past. Good at handing off to Archie and Pete with an occasional 10 yd pass.
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