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  1. He had a big strong back in that game too....I don't think Murray has one.
  2. I think it will be hammer time. Murray will try to control the clock and slow the game down. If they get behind, it's over.
  3. Who says a coach is running up a score. Sometimes a team is pitiful. 62 or 70 it doesn’t matter. And who’s to say your threshold of 69 is correct?
  4. I know for a fact , Joe was trying to keep the score down.
  5. You can laugh all you want. I wanted too see if Graves could play with them. They could. I evaluated how Mayfield would do against them. THey would do just fine against them.
  6. We didnt have a tough time with Caldwell. Mayfield is as good or better than Owensboro. I ;ve seen both play.
  7. I'll say this. Owensboro is ranked 11 in Calpreps. Mayfield is as good or better than them.
  8. I was at this game. Graves made too many mistakes. The QB was picked off on a screen pass at the 10 and run in for a touchdown. A touchdown by O was run out of the endzone. Fumbles by Graves in the red zone didnt help either. Graves can beat Owensboro but it just got harder because Graves has to go there next time.
  9. As bad as a team is BM , Too not score 70 is going to take some doing. You play the freshman players , you have a running clock. I know Joe doesn't want to embarrass the other team.
  10. The game will not be played anyplace else. Graves or nothing. Saturday is an option.
  11. Prior to the 8th grade , you can hold back without any penalty. Mayfield won it's first football title when 17 boys held back in the 8th grade (1977). I was going to be one of them but I moved to Cincinnati.
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