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  1. Well, they did play in 3 straight title games in 17, 18 and 19. I would say that LCA is again the team to beat even through they haven't won anything. I'm going to say Mayfield and Beechwood stack up pretty close now that Hergott is gone.
  2. Defensively he's not even close to his class but as a running back, he has muscled up and is big and fast. He will be a load. I might not should have played the Jonathan Jackson card but I think he's going to be a difference maker.
  3. PT will be good but Mayfield will be better. Starks is going to be a beast. He might be the best running back since Jonathan Jackson and he's only a Junior. The line will be the key this season. Mayfield will have a plethora of skill players but could be short of good quality linemen but we shall see.
  4. Everything will be fine. I am expecting an undefeated regular season or one lose.
  5. As far as I know it is. My wife heard on the radio. They said Joe Morris was going to be the Athletic Director and the Head Coach. I don't think there is going to be any fanfare with this.
  6. Per WYMC and the Mayfield Independent school board, Joe Morris will be the Athletic Director and the Head Football coach.
  7. Just a play on words.....I don't know and neither does anybody else.
  8. Heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend.......
  9. Hatchell is in play now. Dew is too.
  10. Hatchell will not be hired. It's Dew or Coach Joe.
  11. I just go with a source but they could be wrong. If it's not Coach Morris , I think it's going to be Coach Dew, I would be shocked if anyone else gets the job.
  12. I'm hearing he's retiring from the school system and applying for the job. Think he'll get it?
  13. The sophomore class had several I'm told. Rogers played as freshman and sophomore so it seems he's been there forever plus he reclassified. He's been on the field about 3 games in 2 years and I think it's iffy about his Senior season. He's a good player. Cartwright reclassified also.
  14. Lets just talk about 22. Mayfield is 8 - 1 against Beechwood. Mayfield hasn't played Beechwood when they've had weak teams and visa versa.
  15. And this year without Hergott, it's a toss up maybe you'd be favored some but the game would have been more competitive. And thats without Galbreath, We would have been just fine with Starks. You can say the pandemic won you a State title. LCA would have mowed over everybody.
  16. I think they would have won all of them between 09 and 19.
  17. What about the years from 09 to 19 when they didn't play.
  18. I think it’s safe to say from 09 to 19 Mayfield would have beaten BW ever time they played.
  19. Mayfield beat BW 35-7 in 19. I believe we would have beaten them a few other years. Bw would lost about 6 times to Mayfield from 09 to 19. Seems like you forget the beat downs when you want to.
  20. 7 seasons 4 State Championship games in 2A. I don't expect them to dominate , there are too many good teams. Beechwood will have a lull, they have periods of dominance then periods of not dominance.
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