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  1. I agree. Very bad decision. I've talk to Coach Clevenger multiple time over the last couple of years. Very knowledgeable about football, allows gets the most out of his players, and his players love him. I wish him the best of luck and think he has to be one of the top coaches looking for a job.
  2. 2021 Schedule for LCA is finalized. 8/20 at Madison Central 8/28 at Boyle County (Rebel Bowl) 9/3 at Belfry 9/10 at CAL 9/17 Lexington Catholic 9/24 Pikeville 10/1 Bye 10/8 at Washington County (District) 10/15 Somerset (District) 10/22 Danville (District) 10/29 at Henry Clay
  3. Good luck to the Eagles today! Hopefully these young men bring home title #2! 😁
  4. In this rivalry a play here or there or sometime even the bounce of the ball can determine the outcome. That's what happens when you have two really good teams battle it out. Last year I think LCA could of said a play here or there and that game would of been flipped. Actually you could say that for the last 5 games they have played which have been settle by 7 points or less. I can't remember 5 consecutive games played by two teams against each other that have been this good. To add, #23 Mikey Garland for Somerset is a beast. That guy should be playing college football somewhere. Does he
  5. You make a really good point. I think that is a concern for a lot of teams. I also will be curious to see which teams that have not played in a while, and know they will get beat, will actually play. It now takes multiple buses to travel, per the COVID guidelines. For instance, in Fayette County, I was told by a reliable source, that it costs $800 per bus. Yes, for a yellow bus. For a team of 60 players you are talking 4+ buses. Do teams pay thousands of dollars out of their budgets, if they don't think the can compete?
  6. I am hearing that a lot of teams don't want to risk an exposure. Some teams still might be fighting for a better RPI and take a game but a lot of top teams seem to be opting out of playing this week. If you play this week and the school you play has a COVID case on the team you risk losing at least part of your team, if not all of it, and can't field a team for the 1st round of the playoffs. Meaning your out. A lot of coaches don't want to take that risk.
  7. I'm no expert on this but didn't they just have or having volleyball and soccer state tournaments. How'd they handle it for them. I thought I remember reading on twitter that if a team decided not to play a red county in those tournaments they would have to forfeit? Maybe someone on here can shed some light. I would think those tournaments might give us an indication on how football would go.
  8. In respect to him being in 2A. Didn't Van Cleve from Danville win it a few years ago?
  9. Hats off to Pikeville for taking this game. I know a loss is hard to swallow but you have a great team. Your players, coaches, and fans are a class act. You'll be fine and I think you have a clear shot of winning another state title.
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