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  1. No excuses as Danville came out to play. LCA was without their RB/WR, and 2 starters on their D Line. Starting QB was out the first half. Danville has some really talented players. Again, hats of to Danville! I thought they played a really good game.
  2. LCA will be playing South Oldham next Friday at LCA. Paintsville cancelled.
  3. Game was postponed due to lightning. Never kicked off. Rescheduled for tomorrow at 5pm.
  4. Maybe someone can help remind me but doesn't the the Breathitt County press have 2 AP votes? I think I remember hearing about this last year but might be incorrect.
  5. This game will not be on PrepSpin. Fayette County has non-exclusive deal with the NFHS network and since this game is being hosted at Douglass, PrepSpin could not do their normal broadcast. They are going to use PrepSpin cameras and have announcers but you will have to pay for the game. PrepSpin and the schools did everything they could to have this game broadcasted for free.
  6. Danville is, by far, the best team they have played all year. I agree with the previous posts. If they come out flat like they have all year and they don't clean up penalties this could be a very tight game.
  7. They do. At least 3. LCA has one player with multiple D1 offers and another with a couple of FCS offers.
  8. The game has been moved to Douglass to allow more fans to attend.
  9. Not sure if it's gumption, but I like in this COVID season, that LCA is willing to play tough competition. You never know when you are going to get shutdown for two weeks, games cancelled, and who knows what will happen in the playoffs if a team has to go into quarantine. Win or lose it's going to make LCA a better team. Douglass has been looking for someone to fill this game since the beginning of season. Nice to see the Eagles step up.
  10. It is confirmed that LCA will play Douglas this Friday at LCA. Game time is 7:30pm. Game will be on PrepSpin.
  11. Exactly. To be red you have to have 25 new cases per 100,000 people. They use last years population which was 320,000 for Lexington. So with this math it take 80 new cases to make Lexington red. 80 out of 320,000. UK students were never counted as the census population but are included in the number of new cases for Fayette County. A really flawed system.
  12. Don't have a clue. Most counties will at least let the red county team come to them and play. They just won't travel into the red county. Washington County has a very strict policy. I heard LCA offered to play there. Also going to be an issue with the State Championship game at Kroger Field.
  13. The game has been cancelled due to Washington County's COVID policy. Washington County is not allowed to play another team if that team's county is "red" 7 days before the game. Fayette County turned red, again, yesterday. LCA and Washington County were suppose to have a JV game Monday and the varsity game Friday. I hear LCA is looking to fill the game on 10/9 and there may be a great game in the works. Hopefully more on this Monday.
  14. Honest curios question to a Williamsburg fan that has seen both teams play. You've now seen Somerset and LCA in back to back weeks. Who would you give the nod to if they played today? I know their game is still 3 weeks away, and a lot can change. Just curious as I know there a a lot of football knowledgeable fans in Williamsburg.
  15. Wow! To me that is even a more impressive of a win for Danville if he didn't play in the 2nd half.
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