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  1. Well I think there's a couple reasons for that: 1. The casual fan doesn't notice the offensive line unless it's really bad. Most fans, unless you have a kid or family friend on the line, don't focus on them, they watch the ball. They really have to be punishing teams in the run game (like vs. Highlands) or giving the Qb "all day" to throw for them to be noticed. 2. There is no high profile recruit like they've had the past few years on there like Murrer, Ziggy, Jones, etc. so that affects perception. 3. We were under 4 yards per carry against both BW and Dixie and under 5 ypc against Cooper. That's not good. I realize that we start some younger guys in the middle, and the run game is not all the O-Line, but no one is getting fired up about that output. 4. Caleb helps prevent some sacks with his pocket movement/escapability and he's also massive, so he's difficult to bring down. 5. We're really well coached up front and certainly above average. I hope we see more games like last Friday night.
  2. I talked in previous threads how I thought CovCath was 2 difference makers away from competing, well 1 showed up on Friday in Trevor Wilson at DE/TE. I’m also 99% sure Zion Mason at WR/DB is going to be another one when he shows up for the playoffs. I still think FD is better and maybe SW/BG but it gets a lot more interesting with CovCath adding those 2 guys.
  3. All about the boys upfront tonight, my game balls go to the DLine. The reason we looked different is because 85 is on the field again. Trevor Wilson was an absolute animal and I think this is the first time he’s been out there this year. He’s a difference maker. Dickhaus and Stegman both got after it today as well like usual. Great job to the guys up front, there was a big difference between the teams. CovCath was under 4 ypc against Dixie and BW earlier this year. Do you know what helps that? Having Highlands be out gapped almost every time we had a tight end. I was laughing all game watching them line up knowing we’d get 6 yards running the ball, at minimum, just by alignment. That’s a big reason why we ran for like 350 along with just physically being much much better than them up front. I never would have expected some of our best offense to have Caleb running down hill, let alone scoring on power read from 31. Props to him for developing as an athlete over the last couple years. We’re going to need more of that down the stretch. I think he only had 1 catch, but it’s nice to see Benke get in the end zone. Kid is a player and a good compliment to Reardon. Charlie Noon...I like that guy. Good athlete, strong arm, really good things ahead for him. He just needs some help! No big picture stuff tonight, love beating Highlands, hope the guys enjoy it.
  4. I don’t care that they’re down, beating Highlands will ALWAYS put a smile on my face. I also believe that makes Coach Eviston and the staff 49-1 in their last 50 games. An incredible run of success that they should be very proud of.
  5. Nah you could see the athleticism and tackle breaking ability, but the CCH back 8 kept him under control. I’m excited to add him and I expect him and Owen to get a bunch of carries at the varsity level next year.
  6. I thought Leen (CCH RB) was the best player on the field in the freshman game, but you’re never going to turn down talented players wanting to come into the program. This year on with the running backs on varsity should be a clear example of that.
  7. I never thought that CovCath had been stacked on the OLine recently. I thought they had some good players, but most of the value added to the offense was from the skill guys that they had. This year I think they’re ok to slightly above average. Definitely a drop off from last year, but that’s to be expected when you lose an FCS player in Jones. The backs are ok as well, but they really miss the type of player that Stava (no longer on the team) was hyped up to be for years. We haven’t been able to run the ball well vs the good teams on the schedule, so we’ll see if that turns around on Friday.
  8. I was very impressed by Cam when he played against CovCath. I really respect it when players get the most out of their physical abilities and he’s doing it. BW puts a ton on his plate and he’s stepped up. He has very clean mechanics, he’s accurate with the ball and throws with good touch. That doesn’t even take into account his rushing ability and his abilities to make plays outside of the pocket. He is a heck of a player.
  9. I’ll take the Colonels by 7, 24-17. I’m expecting this to be a competitive game, but Caleb makes some big throws down the field to get the job done. I thought he played great last year, even though the box score didn’t show it because of some drops. On defense I think we’re pretty tough to run against so it’ll come down to how well Highlands throws the ball. Anyway, I’m expecting this to be tight throughout and having Gronotte at kicker is a huge advantage in these types of games.
  10. This is absolutely a fair point on LaSalle and I probably overestimated them, however, I would be surprised if the game was close. When you're in a battle with Dixie and Beechwood, I'm not expecting you to compete with LaSalle. Anyway, I think there are a lot of good high school players on the team (Reardon, Caleb, Dickhaus, Stegman, Schneider) and I like what I've seen from some of the young guys like Jones and Benke however they are missing 1 or 2 difference makers to push them over the top. I hope I'm wrong and we win 5A again, however I don't see it currently.
  11. After watching CCH to start the season, I have a hard time imagining they are the best team in 5A. If Cincy LaSalle was still on the schedule, that would be a bloodbath. I still think they’re a good team, and have a chance to go undefeated in the regular season, but missing the top guys to put them over the top.
  12. I’ve been really impressed with him, I think he’s been their best player so far this year. That defense front is tough to run on.
  13. I hope they keep the CCH season pass after this season, since I was able to watch this in about 20 minutes skipping through all the downtime. The thing that stands out about the CCH class is the size and athleticism of the skill guys and QB play. A bunch of big kids that can run, which will be a much needed boost to the varsity.
  14. I'll continue to harp on it, but getting the passing game up and going is going to be the biggest key to making another run and being able to beat good teams later in the schedule. Without a real summer/camp hopefully Caleb and the receivers can continue to get the timing and execution down since that will determine if they repeat as 5A champs or not.
  15. From an outsider perspective, I actually really liked their schemes last year when they played CCH. Defensively they played a bear or "tite" front, which is difficult to run against, especially on inside and outside zone, and had the Mike flow over top and make a bunch of plays because he was a really good player. They would also run mostly quarters, which is a college coverage, and forces the QB to make a series of accurate short throws to move the ball down the field or 1 on 1 balls over the top. Offensively, I thought the actual schemes were fine, but the QB play just wasn’t there. Again, only one sample size against the team that won 5A, but I didn’t think the schemes were that bad. I think schemes are only about 30% of how the coach should be focused and judged on with the other 70% being culture and player development/retention, which seems to be the big issue.
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