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  1. I have no insight here, but I wonder if EKU wanted to take Cam last year and Cam wanted to go there, but couldn’t because of scholarship numbers. Instead of offering a traditional “grey shirt” where they player just kind of works out in the fall and joins the team at winter workouts, now he gets game reps to keep developing and I assume will still join the team in Jan 2022. Anyway congrats to him, I think he’s an awesome player and am not looking forward to playing against him this year.
  2. Hopefully we can get some production out of Hummel, but we really needed some more juice on offense last year and he didn’t get many touches nor was he a return guy once Zion and Giesler started playing. I think a lot of the posters on here have much higher expectations than I do, but I’m obviously holding out hope he breaks out this year as that would be much needed for our backfield.
  3. Yeah he was an animal. It’s pretty ridiculous when he’s the number 2 target on a high school team, especially in this area.
  4. For his sake, I really hope Starks plays. There aren’t a whole lot of 6’6 bigs getting time in the NBA. However, that is the ideal size for NFL and power 5 TE’s. With his athleticism, I think you’d have a big time player if he has physicality. The other thing that is funny to me is it is almost impossible to find tight end play at the high school level unless you coach in the GCL South and we have 4 or 5 quality players at that position now. Going back to I think Coach Eviston’s second year with Kam, we’ve had a big athlete with a D1 offer start at that position (not that they were offer
  5. As of now, I think that we'll be better than last year, but I would be surprised if we won a state title if the other top teams around the state are at the same level. Positives are bringing back 3 starters on the O-Line plus other big, physical players like Wilson and Jones who are both really good. I also think we'll be more athletic (read the BG fans thoughts from the game last year...they weren't wrong) with player development and a full year of Zion. It's obviously unreasonable to expect a first year QB, who's also likely a young guy, to carry the offense. So, I am going to be
  6. Right, if Pitzer wins the job, it’s welcome to varsity ball, kid.
  7. I really like the schedule. Opening up with Elder with a first year starter at QB is going to be interesting.
  8. I thought Cam was an awesome player. If he can get his arm stronger I think he has a good chance to see the field even coming in as a PWO. Really excited to follow his college career.
  9. Well there goes my lead back prediction for next year... shows you what I know lol. Collins, Hummel and Leen is still a good group. Hopefully Hummel develops this off-season into a playmaker we need out of the backfield.
  10. He's a nice athlete. My guess is you'll see him and Benke on the outside and Zion in the slot with some younger guys rotating in a bit and Rodriguez at TE (even though they play a bunch of guys there like Jones, Wilson and Sullivan). I am a BIG fan of that group for whoever ends up at QB.
  11. The QB thing is interesting. We’ll see if Crone enrolls, but after seeing them both last year I’d give Pitzer the slight edge to win the job. It would be very nice to have QB depth though.
  12. Agee is a nice player to get at receiver and DB. We have to get better at both of those spots this year and he helps. As much as I think 2 or 3 of the younger guys are really good, you usually want older guys playing.
  13. Congrats to Cam! I posted this in his thread, but I thought he was an outstanding high school QB who got the most out of his talent and had to carry the entire offense in a lot of games. That’s tough for any QB at any level. Well deserved.
  14. I thought Nally was ok. Felix was better and I bet we’re better at RB next year with Geisler and Collins a year older plus Leen. On the DB’s, Zion was our best player back there as a sophomore. A full year of him playing makes a big difference.
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