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  1. Key to the game on offense is staying ahead of the chains. If we’re consistently in 2nd and 3rd and long, it’s going to be a tough night. We need to play complimentary football and get into a lot of 3rd and 4th and shorts and convert to keep BW’s offense off the field and drain the clock. If we win, the score is going to be in the low 20’s. If the game script gets into the 30’s I have a hard time seeing us get the W.
  2. The key on defense to the game. Trevor Wilson needs to play his A game and we need to push the pocket to make Cam uncomfortable. I think our secondary is much improved from what they saw last year.
  3. Was finally able to watch the Elder game on the CCH season pass. Very, very impressive win. #4 Oliver Link jumps off the screen at receiver. Tall, athletic and great ball skills. I know we have some guys coming back at outside receiver, but I’m not sure he’s going to be watching many varsity offensive snaps next year. I also saw at least 3 lineman that look like future contributors, including Mason Dietz at center. Hopefully we can keep stringing together wins and developing these guys.
  4. Not a comment on the game or your team and no idea if he gets cleared, but I thought Giesler would have been starting at RB this year if he stayed at CCH. He’s going to be a really nice player for you guys the next couple years.
  5. I’m pretty sure the difference was Aiden Jones. When you get a 6’3 probably 235-240lb linebacker back who’s, at minimum, a high end FCS player, it’s a big deal. He covers up a lot. I would echo the comments on the secondary, much improved from last year. Agee is such a ballhawk back there. He made a couple plays on the sideline that were very very nice, including his pick.
  6. Couple thoughts: 1: Aiden Jones back makes a big difference defensively. I thought he stood out tonight along with Agee again and Dietz was getting after it in the run game up front. The 2 guys in the middle (AJ and Sullivan) make it difficult to run against for most teams. 2. We did just enough offensively. We still struggle to consistently throw the ball, but Holtz did have a couple nice balls tonight. We’re not going to be good enough on this side of the ball to put up a lot of points, so we’re going to have to win these types of games. Moving forward, Agee just has to get the ba
  7. They are big and muscular at pretty much every position. They are not missing time in the weight room.
  8. Disappointing. I think he’s a really good player and someone we need on the outside if Agee is the QB.
  9. I think Agee’s been our best player so far this year by a good margin. Hopefully, we can get some more diversity in the QB run game as opposed to just running power and iso. With his athleticism, we should be able to do some fun and creative stuff. This is a very loseable game again, but hopefully having a full complement of our best players for the first time this year should put us over the top. If we get anything from the passing game, and we should with receives like Benke and Zion, there’s no reason we shouldn’t put up a good number of points. Defensively, getting Jones back should
  10. Based on the SK score last week, I would be surprised if we lost to Highlands.
  11. Negatives would be we just really struggle to throw the football. It’s going to be tough to win games against good teams when you’re one dimensional on offense. We’ve got 2 good teams coming up the next 2 weeks, so there’s not a ton of time to figure it out. The other negative was being gassed and not tackling in the last 6 minutes of the game on defense. I thought we played well up until that point but you do all that conditioning work for a reason. Not to be cliche, but you need to play a full 4 quarters to beat good teams. LC just gashed us that last half of the 4th and that was with
  12. A couple of positives: 1. I thought Preston Agee played a great game. Such an explosive athlete, not sure on the stats, but he was at QB the 2nd half and is a big time playmaker with the ball in his hands. Not sure what we’re doing at the position moving forward, but he needs to have the most touches every game from our skill guys. On his 80 yard TD he was shot out of a cannon. 2. Zion Mason is as good of a corner as we’ve had at CCH for a while now. His pick 6 was an incredible play. He’s a dynamite player with special movement skills, I can’t imagine too many teams will throw his w
  13. Ouch is an accurate description. I thought we were the better team by a decent margin the first 3.5 quarters and then just ran out of gas. Credit to the LC players and staff, they kept fighting and deserved the W.
  14. It’s definitely going to be a challenge, but I think we’re better in the secondary this year than last year. Wirth and Sandfoss are a year older plus you add Zion, Agee and Miller (who I think is a good varsity player right now as a soph). I also think we’re well coached at that position, so I’m anticipating a better showing than last year.
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