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  1. Well there goes my lead back prediction for next year... shows you what I know lol. Collins, Hummel and Leen is still a good group. Hopefully Hummel develops this off-season into a playmaker we need out of the backfield.
  2. He's a nice athlete. My guess is you'll see him and Benke on the outside and Zion in the slot with some younger guys rotating in a bit and Rodriguez at TE (even though they play a bunch of guys there like Jones, Wilson and Sullivan). I am a BIG fan of that group for whoever ends up at QB.
  3. The QB thing is interesting. We’ll see if Crone enrolls, but after seeing them both last year I’d give Pitzer the slight edge to win the job. It would be very nice to have QB depth though.
  4. Agee is a nice player to get at receiver and DB. We have to get better at both of those spots this year and he helps. As much as I think 2 or 3 of the younger guys are really good, you usually want older guys playing.
  5. Congrats to Cam! I posted this in his thread, but I thought he was an outstanding high school QB who got the most out of his talent and had to carry the entire offense in a lot of games. That’s tough for any QB at any level. Well deserved.
  6. I thought Nally was ok. Felix was better and I bet we’re better at RB next year with Geisler and Collins a year older plus Leen. On the DB’s, Zion was our best player back there as a sophomore. A full year of him playing makes a big difference.
  7. I would love to agree, but we were awful at some spots last year. Unless you were behind Dickhaus, if you couldn’t get on the field last year, that’s a bad sign. IMO Wilson is the only guy that moves the needle in the senior class (I think there are 3 needle movers in the junior class). Maybe Sullivan gets there, but he needs to get way more athletic this off-season. The lineman are solid, but no one else really stands out on the perimeter. For example, Geisler was the best running back when he played against LC. It’s no coincidence he’s doing kickoff return as a freshman, he’s going to be the lead back next year.
  8. 😂 yeah they motion guys from the slot into the backfield and get carries. Schneider, Wirth and Zion did that this year.
  9. Couple other thoughts on these guys. I really liked Max Lawrie when he got some time this year. Will be a nice player next to Wilson on the DL. Casey Bir is a slot receiver and safety and think he’s going to contribute next year and maybe start at safety. I think Braylon Miller could start opposite Zion at corner next year with his length and movement skills. I think we’re going to be really young again next year but I’m not sure there’s going to be much of a drop off at some of these positions and in some cases, we’ll see an upgrade.
  10. Those are the 2 young guys to watch. Charlie Dieruf is with them too from what I hear from smart people.
  11. I would too! Probably a decade ago we played and it wasn’t competitive. Cov Cath is obviously much better now so I’m interested to see how it would go. I think the ideal schedule for Cov Cath is playing 7-8 NKY teams and then a school like Lex Cath/Cincy Sycamore/Indy Chatard/Columbus DeSales and then one of the big boys like LaSalle/Lou St. X./Moeller etc. Gives a good balance of the local teams that we should beat and then fun trips to play a good team and then you measure yourself against a big dog. We got very aggressive with the schedule a couple times in the past 15 years or so and it hasn’t ended up well. This model that we’ve done recently is much more sustainable.
  12. Of the guys this year, I'm looking for Trevor Wilson, Aiden Jones and Zion Mason to take the next step and be high level impact players.
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