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  1. NCC will be at Notre Dame tonight 7:30pm. Predictions/Updates.
  2. Listen it’s a great problem to have. I don’t care who Eddie picks just pick the best that will help us execute. Eddie will have athletes to pick from. I hope all these kids are working their tails off.
  3. I'll put my money on Pitzer. Already 6’4 165. Throws a baseball around 80 MPH. The kid is a stud. Add the Eddie factor his potential is through the roof. Again what a great problem to have. Several studs. QB BATTLE: Pitzer Hoyt (probably spelled wrong) Transfer? The Def will better then last year! **more speed an athleticism
  4. I think it's best that he stays and finishes his career at SK. IT would be a huge change to move to BW or CCH
  5. Mmm I have heard Crone is good but interesting you would think he a dead lock not not really knowing what else CCH has coming up? Please correct me if I’m wrong but I heard he’s a great runner and a decent passer?
  6. I wonder how COVID affects all these laws. I guess some of these kids are NTI? And I have also heard several of these kids the parents have divorced so adding more complications. Agee started today at CCH
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