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  1. All good points! Eddie must know something maybe we don’t???
  2. What a way to start your varsity career! Can’t wait
  3. That's awesome!! Two very hard working kids. More to come.
  4. Lol, wow this is pretty awesome. Well, I’ll answer the old old old owl. Please spare me with the thought Highlands fans aren’t the biggest mouths in NKY. Now that you have your tell between your legs from a couple years of loosing you guys come on here handing out “wise old advice “. Please. get back to the thread. 😂😂😂
  5. Bro, lol relax. You take this wayyy to serous. Look at you going through old post. Calm it down. Lol, you made my morning. Good day
  6. Lol, you’re right I miss read your message BUT you’re still talking trash so I will gladly give you what you want. You got your head beat in 40-0 and can’t wait to watch the same thing next year! Go colonels!!
  7. Dude, how can you say that Senior class was not strong? They beat your team a 40-0! Then again in the playoffs! Here’s some advice worry about getting better. Don’t talk about CCH. Worry about beating Conner.
  8. So I understand your basing CCH lack of Talent on QB leaving and a JV win by a late score? Listen , put me down for praying that HHS gets back to old form. I want them to dominate!! I want 10,000 people at those CCH /HHS games BUT for all You recruiting experts CCH has talent and I can’t wait for that game.
  9. 😳 WOW love it. Next couple years will definitely be fun to watch.
  10. Seeing some of the boys and we will be big and fast on Def & OFF.
  11. Well, why does John C make $9mill and Stoops $4.7mill? Geno Auriemma $2.4mill and Randy Edsall (UConn's football coach) $1.4mill? Get better, win more and then you get paid more. Never said it was easy BUT it’s the truth.
  12. I would agree 100%. Overall good staff.
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