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Covington Catholic 8 Highlands 7

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You may be right. However, so many people completely misunderstand exactly how good someone must be to truly be a D1 talent. A player can be a great high school player and still not be close to a D1 p

"He/She is D1" is one of the most over and misused labels ever. 

I wish more schools would do this.   I understand places wanting to be "professional" about things, but school is a place to learn.  Why not do what Highlands does and let the kids try their hand at t

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Wow!!! I just watched two really, really, really, really, bad teams play each other. Tough to watch that one. Glad to see CCH streak go to 8 games. To be honest, I thought CCH would have won by 3 TD’s playing inspired football for Eviston this week.
I still don’t see how after 8 games we still have no passing game. Do we not work on that in practice during the week? 

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Is a 1 point win running the score up? 

I didn’t get to watch but the last minute, but seems like highlands would run it between  the tackles and milked that clock all the way down and forced Cov Cath to sweat a little.

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2 minutes ago, bluecolonels95 said:

Painful to watch. What has happen to the programs this year???? Did thekids forgot how to play football. 

Uninspiring by both teams to say the least.

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