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    Best wishes to Coach Brian Weinrich. Wonderful person and outstanding football coach.
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    Someone asked a question, I answered. Sorry to offend. I take zero joy in it. Next time, I’ll be mindful of what time I post. Thanks for the moral reprimand. Shame on me. Oh, one last point... If relaying this info is so hurtful, then why have a thread with this topic? Stop the double standard. Seriously, people have been pining for months about this dude’s job, and I’m the bad guy for answering a question. Have the kids not been looking at BGP until, miraculously, today? Come on. I get it. Makes perfect sense. And for the record, I hope my source was wrong. I hope BW is at H forever!
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    I'm excited to announce that this game will be broadcasted live free with video on (859) Sports Radio!! Click here!!!
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    Name Current School 2020 KY Title Record KY Schools Where Titles Won Bob Beatty Trinity 14-2 Trinity Clay Clevenger Danville 1-1 Danville Marvin Dantzler Central 1-0 Central Harold Davis DeSales 2-0 DeSales Mark Dixon Perry County Central 1-3 Hazard Eddie Eviston Covington Catholic 4-1 2 - Cov. Cath., 2 - Newport Cent. Cath. Larry French Middlesboro 2-1 Boyle County (0-1 Meade County) Philip Haywood Belfry 7-6 Belfry Dudley Hilton Bell County 3-1 2 - Bell County, 1 - Bourbon County Jonny Hines Pulaski County 1-3 Pulaski County Bruce Kozerski Holy Cross (Covington) 1-0 Holy Cross (Covington) Stefan LeFors Parkview Baptist (LA) 2-0 Christian Academy - Louisville Robbie Lucas Somerset 1-1 Somerset Jerry Lucas Collins 1-1 Collins Jim Matney Johnson Central 2-3 Johnson Central Jim Mckee Scott County 1-3 Scott County Chris McNamee Pikeville 2-1 Pikeville Joe Morris Mayfield 6-6 Mayfield Doug Preston John Hardin 2-2 Franklin-Simpson (0-1 Bullit East) Noal Rash Beechwood 5-1 Beechwood John Rodenberg Roncalli (IN) 1-0 Covington Catholic Ty Scroggins DeSales (Asst.) 5-2 Central Brandon Smith South Warren 2-0 South Warren Bob Sphire Camden County (GA) 1-0 Lexington Catholic Kevin Wallace St. Xavier 5-3 Bowling Green Chris Wolfe Male 2-2 Male
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    I'm pretty sure there were some Highlands fans who kicked their coaching search into high gear back on 10/15/2016...or at least on 10/14/2017.
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    Based on your posts circa 2008-2014, I'm pretty sure you would be the first person in line to shine a light on any perceived misfortunes that might befall the CCH athletic programs. Hell, I don't feel like that's really changed in the last half a decade either. But someone (accurately) points out that Highlands has pushed out 3 of their last 4 football coaches, and you want to make it out like doing that is a no-no? Somebody can dish it out but can't take it back.
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    There is no sustainable way Ky can win vs quality opponents if the outside shooting doesn’t improve. The style of major college hoops has evolved to the point where you can’t just pound inside and succeed. The teams that advance in tourney play have two major components, point guard play and outside shooting and right now Ky has neither. It isn’t genius mental capacity to figure this out so get in the gym and figure it out, and do it soon before you get in the double figure column in losses.
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    I agree with you and I don't think the talent is even close to what it was years ago but again many people in Fort Thomas say that isn't the case and the talent is there.
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    I feel bad for Coach Weinrich but I think it was the right decision. All the best Coach.
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    Coah Hawk is the Coach of the year. What he's done this year is outstanding!
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    Boyle surviving this unexpected scare like:
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    Man, I love those Media Notes! I miss them. They used to come out every Wednesday before the Purples games like clockwork! Kept you in the know as a fan! Good luck X!
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    I know exactly what you mean but some Highlands coaches adjusted to this. Sometimes Highlands has big guys sometimes quick guys and they adjusted their game around that. Having players adjust to the system never works as well as having the system adjust to the players. When Highlands beat Cincinnati St Xavier, if you looked at the line for each team you would say Highlands had no business playing this team.
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    Nope. Rebuild should be immediate. The talent is there.
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    He didn’t already opt out? You could have fooled me.
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    Ok, here is the breakdown of North Hardin after seeing them play three times this season. Wright was injured in the Central Hardin game on October 30th. Not sure of the severity but he has been in a walking boot last 2 games. If he is able to go, I don't see him being 100%. When healthy, he was the reason they beat Frederick Douglass and Belfry on last possession drives. With that being said, they are not as strong up front defensively as they were last season. They are vulnerable to the run between the tackles and bring someone on a rush every single play. Since they play extremely aggressive on defense, short crossing routes, and seam passes down the middle are effective as well as draw plays. It is hard to run on the edges with their speed. On offense, they go 3 receivers on one side of the field and throw a lot of wide receiver screens and block well on this play. Unlike last season, they don't seem to go down field as much in the passing game. Pressure on their QB Mannie Wimberle is key to limiting their scoring threats downfield. They play with a lot of intensity and emotion. Most teams cannot match their effort and intensity for 4 quarters. I think the final score will be Saint X 28 North Hardin 14
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    Speaking only for myself: I usually just check these sites for information. If I know something, I post it if not I remain quiet. I will leave the smack talking for the younger crowd.
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    Absolutely !!. Hate the inter-district first and second round. Let the kids play teams they don't usually play. That's the fun of the playoffs. Make the playoffs and first thing you do is play a team you already played 2 or 3 weeks prior. I absolutely hate it.
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    They will every bit be top three in the class next year. I said it earlier in the thread but every single one of these games will be tough, competitive, exaughsting battles. South Warren will win. Bowling Green will win. The regular season winner will not always be the playoff winner and vice versa. South Warren losing to Bowling Green doesn’t make them down or any less of a program in my eyes. Spartans are progressing plenty and they had a great team this year who lost a football game to team that was better than them on one night in November. It happens.
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    Long ride home, but it sure was worth the drive! I will always remember this game for the turnovers and my man @Brown is correct with 8 turnovers for South Warren! But heck BG had 5 turnovers I think as well! CRAZY! Really reminds me of a former John Hardin playoff game (around 2011) where they came to BG and were undefeated I think and turned it over about 4 or 5 times and got run out of the El!!! Really happy to get to see 1 more game at El Donaldson before the Big Renovation! Back to the game! BG was getting all kinds of pressure on Veltcamp with a 3 man rush where they were dropping 8. WOW! That was huge for BG and South tried running too much up the middle. That was stopped all night, but thought they had a couple decent runs just off tackle, but didn't go back to it. Thought they had the bubble screen going but again didn't go back to it! The BG Defense was huge tonight! Very hard hitting game! But I think the difference for me outside of the turnovers was the offenses mixture of plays. And my man @Killowatt59 was correct about getting Conner Cooper in the run game. I think for BG to beat the best teams in 5A he has to be involved running the ball , at least some. Bunton got some tough yards. But the Player of the Game for me was Eli Burwash! The young man did it all! But most outstanding was a critical leaping INT and nearly the next play he ran a Super route and caught a TD pass from Cooper! He also had some great punts! Even though I think he will be in the League someday in baseball he is a heck of a football player! Just really excited for these Seniors! To get to go another week! Lastly, I want to applaud the BG Coaches as I think they flipped the script from the early October game and gave BG a chance to win this game and that was HUGE! On to North Bullitt!!!! Go Purples!
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    Tradition, facilities, top notch school district. Yes.
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    I would like to throw this out as an outsider. Highlands (or their fans) need to wake up and smell some reality. Chuck Smith? Tom Bolden? EDDIE EVISTON? Seriously -- why not Nick Saban? Why Not John Madden? The most desired head coaches currently see Highlands as a place to have to deal with unrealistic expectations from an extremely unrealistic fanbase. I don't know if the last staff was the problem. But I would have to be in a miserable job to want to insert myself into this situation. From the outside looking in - the unrealistic expectations, unrealistic coaching targets really make me wonder if this is a tenable situation. Highlands needs to come to grips with the fact that Tommy B, Chuck S, Bob S, Noel R are not walking through the door. The real question is -- can the fanbase deal with that? My advice -- sell the farm to get Wolfe. He is a great option and he understands the environment. If that doesn't work out change directions ASAP or you will lose out.
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    Yes, IMO. Boyle, LexCath, Franklin County, Corbin, Johnson Central, Central is quite a step up from 2A.
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    Yes, Walton has made it to a final 4 by beating a Glasgow team(This should have peaked your interest) with several D-1 recruits one holding an offer from Alabama. They play this Friday night for a second trip to a state semi final. He has not lost a district game since 2013 and yes it is a weak district but none the less he has dominated it. The argument then is only that his resume is only not good enough not his coaching abilities because he has done more with less than most.
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    Zac Taylor? At least if he went to Highlands they would be hiring someone with Head Coaching experience, unlike the Bengals.
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    Scroggins is an assistant at DeSales, but his son was a senior this year with the Colts. Not sure what the future holds for him beyond this year. I'm hoping he gets back in the game as a head coach at some point. He's too great a coach to be done at his age. Not sure about Wyatt.
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    😅 I was late to the party. Agree... they will be kept at "0" @TheDeuce I do hate if for the Rowan kids. They probably did not have much of a chance to advance, but as a player, you always want to compete!
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    Meaning he will probably win but don't expect any warm fuzzies.
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    That game set back basketball about 50 years. It was brutal to watch at times. I am sorry, I know we have a lot of college basketball lover / NBA sucks crowd, but the product is night and day. That said, I still get sucked in to watching UK as I can't help myself. The PG play is non-existent and I am not sure who fills that role. It needs to be Askew, but Mintz at least looks somewhat competent and can knock down a shot or two. Either way, there is no commanding presence on the court at this time. Hopefully Askew can take a substantial leap as the season progresses. I think this is Cal's toughest coaching ask while at UK, especially given the surrounding COVID circumstances.
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    Well now we have something Deuce Say it with me, Beat Colonels...
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    Agree with this 100%. Some guys just are not cut out to be head coaches.
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    I get that, and I don't blame Highlands for moving on. I just hope no one expects the new coach to come in and just flip a switch, as if that's all it takes. Even if they hit a home run with this hire, it's unreasonable to expect a return to the peak of the Highlands dynasty, which happened to occur under Mueller's watch. I suspect there are a lot of folks in Fort Thomas that expect that very thing to happen. But, to an extent, it's hard to blame people. When you're in the midst of all that winning that's been going on for decades, it's easy to take it all for granted and assume that this is just how it's supposed to be, when in fact, it's not.
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    The year 2004 was referenced earlier by @NLTanker1. For anyone not aware of the significance of that year, that was the last time a Kentucky school other than St. X or Male defeated Trinity. Dixie Heights did the job that year, 14-10, in the second round of the 4A playoffs. Think about that... sixteen years and your only in-state losses are against the other two members of the Louisville "Big Three". Incredible.
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    While North Hardin has 2 quality wins against Frederick Douglass and Belfry, I would argue that District 2 was one of the weaker 6A districts in the state this year with Central Hardin starting from scratch after losing 23 seniors last year and playing with mostly freshman and sophomores, Meade County vastly underperforming for a team with 18 seniors, and Barren County mediocre at best. With a Solid defensive effort, I think that 21 or more points wins this game for Saint X. North Hardin's offense disappears at times and in the Meade County game Friday night it was 7-0 North Hardin at halftime against a very mediocre team. North Hardin has had a good 3 year run but look to fall of next year as they will lose 22 seniors to graduation. A key returnee will be Junior QB Manie Wimberle.
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    I could see this one getting out of hand quickly. The difference in talent and schedule strength leans heavily in BG's favor. Trinity, St. X, South Warren (×2), and McCracken County is a championship schedule. North Bullitt has had a great season. Getting past South Oldham and winning the district was probably right at the top of their to-do list this season. They achieved that, and I'm sure they're hungry for more. I just don't see it happening.
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    It’s no secret that that Rowan County’s offense runs through RB Cole Wallace who is averaging 220 yards of offense per outing. Their D has forced an impressive 11 turnovers as well. Unfortunately for Rowan the only opponent they have faced that might be close to Boyle’s level is Ashland and they lost that one 46-0. I see this one being a similar margin. Rebels with a running clock in the first half.
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    I'm seldom shocked by the few who pick against the clear favorite. The Trinity/ Eastern game didn't even get a thread. I feel the same about this game. Dixie Heights is in for a reality check this week. This isn't the 2004 Shamrocks. Trinity has won 11 titles since then.
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    Three to keep an eye on: Hazard at Paintsville - The Tigers are one of the favorites in 1A and destroyed Hazard 54-0 in the regular season, but this Hazard is not that Hazard. Walton-Verona at West Carter - The Comets are definitely the favorite here, but I have a feeling this one will be very competitive. I won't be surprised if the Comets win going away, but a WV win wouldn't surprise me either. Corbin at Johnson Central - The Hounds are playing at a very high level right now, but this is Johnson Central. A Corbin win is definitely an upset, imo.
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    If there is one thing about this Dixie team that gives them a sliver of hope, is that one, big names have not scared them. Two, they played CovCath tight, then went down to Corbin and arguably should have won both of those contests. Went to Beechwood and dominated. Ryle is a top ten team. Dixie has faced early deficits in both playoff games and clawed back. There are a couple coaches on staff that were present for the 2014 championship game. I don't think this team is scared of anyone that lines up in front of them. They do have some horses to run with most teams. Im under no illusions of the most likely outcome of this game in favor of Trinity. I voted for Dixie because I'm a Dixie parent, stranger things have happened, and 2020 can't get any weirder.
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    5 years since Ryle has won a playoff game. Is that correct? If so, I can’t see that going over very well there for very much longer. A school like Ryle with the talent they have should be doing more.
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    Graves gave it a good effort all season.
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    Crittenden County may now be the favorite to win it all in 1A with Pikeville losing tonight.
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    Awful news. Hate this for Brossart. Congratulations on a very fine season.
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    I agree! I am hoping all the broadcasts are good quality and we can actually watch them. I just think with these NFHSNetwork.com Broadcasts there are too many hands in the cookie jar and therefore too many breakdowns.
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    At this point, I don’t think any businesses should be forced to close. We know what to do to protect ourselves as best we can. I don’t think restaurants should be singled out.
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