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    It sounds like it didn't matter what was presented. People were going to believe what they wanted...
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    That's about the dumbest thing I've read all YEAR, sad world we live in.
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    Thanks, man. As long as the content is half way decent and folks seem agreeable with it, I'll accept the credit. But if it's just bad writing and people have gripes with it, I'll just lay it on you. 😂
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    After initially not being on each other's schedules, this game will now be played at Tilghman on October 30th at 7:00 p.m. This is a direct result of Christian County and Hopkinsville having to reschedule their game. Looks like it will all work out well in the end.
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    They had a legal right to be there with or without announcing themselves before entering. I think that's what VOR is getting at. Now, I certainly get that people don't like that, but police had a legal right to make entry. At the end of the day, those officers were following the laws and regulations put in place that evening.
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    Nothing will ever be made clear, but I agree with your overall statement here. The protocols, rules, and procedures in place is what lead to this tragedy. So if I understand this was a drug case, correct? Aside from an imminent danger, there is no life worth risking busting in the middle of the night for a (suspected) drug bust. Even if everything is true and a residence is lined with cocaine.
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    Do you have “proof” that they did not? Problem is very few really know what happened and how. People pick and choose what they want to hear and then run with whatever serves their cause. As I said earlier, sad all the way around.
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    It is absolutely crazy that they would suspend season for 2 weeks for 1 kid testing positive. Monitor for symptoms and continue on!
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    I'm not picking UK to beat Auburn on the road until we see what life after Lynn looks like. Auburn 28-17.
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    You've got to be pretty legit to hang with the GCL South. Even in defeat, this was a good showing from Manual.
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    That was a battle. As good as Hergott was, too much was put on his plate. Being the entire offense is a tough ask for any QB, let alone at 17/18 years old. I still thought he played really well and made a ton of plays off-schedule that gave CovCath’s defense some trouble tonight. He’s a really nice player. Penalties were a major issue for CovCath tonight, but I don’t expect that to continue. I really liked Beechwood’s defensive gameplan tonight. I’m not sure if that’s how they normally play, but they were really tough. They sat back in mostly 2 high safeties with one safety over top of Reardon, linebackers were off 8 yards and they said “run the ball and make someone else beat us.” It was pretty effective. That was a gritty win and Caleb made some great plays with his legs (the TD pass was also a dart) and the defense stepped up in the second half, but we’re a long way away from competing for a state title.
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    If it matters to you any I disagree with almost everything you are saying in this thread today and agree with everything @sportsfan41 is saying. He is spot on, on warrants.
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    Completely and totally disagree. The majority of warrants that I've seen served in NKY involved white people. I can tell you with absolute certainty that any officer being actively shot at, is going to shoot back and it doesn't matter about age, race, sex or political affiliation. It's 100% self preservation and the desire to go home at the end of the day. The warrant still gets served at night, waiting to serve it allows for the evidence to potentially disappear. The rules and regulations may not allow that in the future but until they change, race certainly plays no part. Your last statement doesn't jive? Police would fire back regardless of race, but somehow then take them into custody without shooting back? Am I missing something?
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    I know we are donning Bauer as the leader of this organization, but we were all saying the same thing about Sonny Gray before his injury when he was on fire. It's great having two guys that are showing leadership and fire. Hopefully they finish strong in Minnesota. Very cool of the team to all thank the Grounds Crew after last night's game.
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    Trinity had a 14-13 lead at halftime but St.X played well in 2nd half to get the win. Both teams now 1-1.
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    They have zero proof of them announcing themselves other than some “witness.” Good thing they had on body cams... Wait.
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    If I’m JCPS, I’m looking at moving this weekend's games to Saturday, with kickoffs around noon. That avoids curfew, gets an extra day of practice since today is cancelled, and hopefully sees a diffusion in potential conflict within the city.
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    This week, we say hello to three players making their watchlist debuts: a multi-faceted running back from a 5A sleeper, a quarterback trying to fill some very big shoes at a perennial power, and a player who dishes out punishment both as a running back and as a pass rusher. (Alphabetically) Nick Broyles (QB), Franklin County Season to date: 38/50 for 795 yards and 9 TDs/0 ints. Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EFCvQ Week 2: Broyles lit up the night's sky for the second week in a row, posting a career high 431 yards and four touchdowns on 23/32 passing. He added an additional 37 yards and a score with his legs to lead the Flyers past Woodford County. The weapons at his disposal go well beyond just Fred Farrier, with five different receivers recording at least two catches for 50+ yards against the Yellowjackets. Cole Durbin (RB/DB), North Bullitt Season to date: 38 rushes for 458 yards and 10 touchdowns/1 passing touchdown Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EFDEm Week 2: Durbin spent a very productive 2019 season competing in relative obscurity. North Bullitt was solid, but just barely good enough to register a blip on anyone's radar beyond the borders of Bullitt County. That's no longer the case. Last Friday's outing against Shelby County has thrust Durbin into the spotlight of the Mr. Football watchlist. His chances of claiming the award might be slim compared to some other names listed here, but 262 rushing yards and seven total touchdowns (six rushing/one passing) against the Rockets demands our attention. If you already know his name, chances are it's because of his ability as a running back, but against Shelby County, he uncorked a half back pass for a touchdown that most quarterbacks would envy. There's no guarantee that he'll be here next week, but we can no longer use the name Cole Durbin and 'obscure' in the same sentence. Jagger Gillis (QB), Boyle County Season to date: 26/38 for 517 yards and 9 TDs/1 int. Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EFDFH Week 2: No Reese Smith or Reed Lanter? No problem, says Boyle County. The Rebels appear to have picked up where they left off last year with Gillis, a transfer from Anderson County, assuming the controls of another potent BC offensive unit. He followed up a four touchdown game in Boyle' s opener with six more (five passing/one rushing) against CAL. Gillis picked apart the Centurions' secondary for 342 yards on 16/23 passing. Cam Hergott (QB), Beechwood Season to date: 26/40 for 368 yards/ 172 rushing yards and three touchdowns Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EEzjp Week 2: A week after carrying Beechwood to victory against Corbin, Hergott nearly did it again against Covington Catholic. His arm and legs accounted for 236 of Beechwood's 239 total yards and both touchdowns versus the Colonels. Most of that production came in the first half before CovCath's defense dialed up a notch or two and shut the Tigers down over the final 24 minutes. Even in defeat, Hergott and Beechwood have altered the landscape of 2A, proving that they will be a force to be reckoned with when late November comes around. Caleb Jacob (QB), Covington Catholic Season to date: 20/41 for 251 yards and 2 TD/3 ints. - 1 rushing touchdown Week 2: Beechwood held Jacob to just 108 yards passing and his worst completion percentage (42%) in two years, but he utilized his legs to extend drives and pick up crucial first downs to salt away a CovCath win. The Colonels' offense has needed two games to produce the per game average from the past two years with Jacob at the helm. Life without Michael Mayer, and for that matter, Casey McGinness, is proving a struggle with so much falling on #5's shoulders. With Jacob's abilities and Eddie Eviston's talent for scheming and play calling, I wouldn't rule out a return to form as the season rolls on. For now though, his Mr. Football contention has taken a hit. James Johnson (RB/DL), DeSales Season to date: 40 carries for 327 yards and 3 TDs/72 receiving yards/3 sacks Week 2: After giving us a glimpse of his considerable talents against LCA, Johnson found Cooper's defense more to his liking. The Colts star ran for 207 yards and a touchdown on fifteen carries and picked up 47 more yards on a catch-and-run. He also proved to be a factor on defense for the second straight game, recording his third sack of the young season. Nathan McElroy (QB), Trinity Season to date: 25/40 for 283 and 3 TDs/1 rushing TD Week 2: The beat goes on for McElroy and Trinity. He was held in check statistically against Male, finishing with 140 passing yards and a single touchdown, but the Shamrocks routed the second ranked Bulldogs 43-14, leaving no doubt who is tops in 6A right now. He now leads his team into enemy territory, as the T/X rivalry moves away from Cardinal Stadium and onto the campus of St. Xavier. Kaiya Sheron (QB), Somerset Season to date: 24/34 for 524 yards and 4 TDs/73 rushing yards and three touchdowns Week 2: Williamsburg landed the first punch, but Somerset landed the next several, uninterrupted blows to knock out the Yellowjackets. Sheron was razor sharp, completing 18/21 throws for 364 yards and two touchdowns, plus another pair of scores with his feet. He continued to showcase his bond with top target Kade Grundy, with the two linking up six times for over a hundred yards. Braedon Sloan (RB), Wayne County Season to date: 42 carries for 456 yards and 8 touchdowns Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EF8RG Week 2: It's hard to top a 300 yard, five touchdown opener, but even Sloan's "off" nights are still special. His workload was lightened significantly in Wayne County's 42-0 blowout of Harlan County, resulting in 162 rushing yards and three touchdowns on thirteen carries. Next up is a trip to 'Title Town' to face Danville. Lavell Wright (RB), North Hardin Season to date: 45 carries for 253 yards and a touchdown/4 catches for 39 yards Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EEvzg Week 2: Wright found a little more running room in Week 2 than he did against Frederick Douglass, but John Hardin made him earn the majority of his 167 yards the hard way. This week, Wright faces off against Bullitt East, a team he had both a hundred yards rushing and receiving against last year. Noteworthy performances from Week 2: Reece Jesse (WR), Hopkinsville: 131 yards receiving and a touchdown against Caldwell County Leetavious Cline (RB), West Carter: 273 yards rushing and three touchdowns against Boyd County Q'Daryius Jennings (RB), Ohio County: 289 yards rushing and three touchdowns against Muhlenberg County Joseph Bond (RB), Bryan Station: 222 rushing yards and a touchdown against Tates Creek
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    Seeing a lot of Louisville area games moved to Thursdays and Saturdays but haven't really seen that anywhere else. I know referee shortage is the reason, but it is odd/interesting that there doesn't appear to be shortages throughout the state. In fact, the game I was at in northeastern Kentucky last weekend had a seven-man crew.
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    All Highlands needs to do is score more points than Boyle and they should win.
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    Very tough loss. Dixie may be the best team without a win yet. A back and forth game for much of the night. Dixie forced a fumble early that they didn't recover which could have been huge deep in Corbin's own territory. Corbin interception in the second half kept them within striking distance as Dixie was driving. Dixie's defense didn't seem to stay very comfortable and benefited from Corbins QB over/under throws. That fourth quarter was exciting. The last touchdown play Dixie finally got pressure and Corbin QB stood there, took the hit as he delivered an absolute dime in stride. Not many players in the state that could catch that receiver. Corbin somehow got the Longmire kid open when they had too.
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    He's a coach with a championship pedigree taking over at a school that's had some great success in the not too distant past. And there's plenty of talent in Hardin County. A resurgence of John Hardin football should almost be expected.
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    South Oldham wins their 10th straight in the series and now takes a lead in the all-time series, 17-16, over the Colonels. It was a shame this rivalry game was played as the first game of the season - when so many little gremlins show up - and after COVID limited pre-season and off-season work. As a result, we saw South Oldham cough up the ball on fumbles three times, Oldham's normally brutally-efficient QB Sam Young threw two interceptions, and both teams blew some big scoring chances. Special teams were a little bit of an adventure....Oldham had a 37 yard FG blocked and South had a PAT blocked.....two snaps to the Oldham punter were botched, one gave South the ball inside the Oldham five yard line - but the Dragons promptly fumbled the ball right back to Oldham - the other gave the Dragons the ball at the Oldham 32 and led to the ultimate winning South score. Lots of wide-open dropped passes....Oldham had two sure touchdowns dropped, one in the end zone, and one that was dropped at about the South ten with no defenders in sight. So....the game was understandably a bit of an adventure....coaches Mike Fox of OC and Jamie Reed of South needed extra blood pressure meds after the game.... That doesn't mean it wasn't a good game. This game was a LOT of fun to watch, from a fan's perspective, and both teams showed some real promise. Both teams moved the ball relatively well early, with South getting it done on the ground behind the strong inside running of new fullback Kayden Anderson and the speed of Ethan Snider. Oldham responded with some nifty passing from Sam Young, who spread 16 completions in the game around to 8 different receivers. But neither got much done early, scoring-wise. Oldham's best drive early ended with a blocked 37 yard field goal attempt. South finally got on the board first, when Snider went in from two yards out to give the Dragons a 7-0 lead after one quarter. Oldham scored to start the second period, on a one yard QB keeper by Young, tying it at 7 with 11:18 in the half. A pass from South senior QB Alex Brown to fellow senior Kellen McGee - both seniors making their first-ever starts - pushed South back on top, 14-7 with 4:35 left in the second. When the Dragons struck again with just 36.4 seconds left in the half - a 28 yard dash by speedy Nate Garrison - it appeared that South would head to the locker room up by multiple scores, with all the momentum. In addition, South would get the ball to start the second half. But one of the first game gremlins struck when the Dragons' PAT was blocked by Oldham County. South appeared to stuff the Oldham offense, which was pulling out the stops in the passing game to get a late score, but a late hit penalty on third down kept the Colonels' drive alive, giving them the ball at the South 38 with 4.5 seconds left in the half. The Colonels went deep on the final play of the half, with Young throwing a laser to the end zone - amazingly, Jacob Davis found a little opening among the cluster of South defenders, and he jumped to make the leaping grab in space, pulling Oldham to within 20-13 at the break. Oldham largely had the upper hand, both offensively and defensively, in the third, and the Colonels managed the only score in the period. Senior running back Tate Crowell, who rushed for 57 yards on 15 carries, took it into the end zone from 6 yards out with just 3.5 seconds left in the third. Jacob Pollak's PAT split the uprights, and Oldham led for the first time at 21-20. Oldham seemed to destined to make the one point lead stand up as the two teams battled in the fourth. Neither team was able to capitalize. South took the ball deep in their own territory, and took about four minutes off the clock on a long, time-consuming drive that appeared destined for a score. The drive fizzled though, and Oldham got the ball with about four minutes left and a chance to ice the victory. A fumble - recovered by the Colonels - cost Oldham about 6 yards on first down, and Oldham was forced to go three-and-out. Ultimately, the Colonels had to punt, and the final first-game mistake wound up costing Oldham. The snap sailed over the head of the punter, Thomas Dempley. Dempley alertly tracked down the ball - at the Oldham 2 - and amazingly was able to get the punt away between two onrushing South defenders. South wound up with the ball at the Oldham 32 with about 2 minutes left - plenty of time to run their normal offense and perhaps steal the game from the Colonels in the final seconds. In the end, South didn't even need that much time. Snider got his second TD of the game, slipping between Colonel defenders from 15 yards out with 1:06 to play. South went for two, and Kellen McGee took the ball on a reverse to stake SO to a 28-21 advantage. The final Oldham drive didn't move far, and South got the ball back and downs, and Brown took a knee to run out the clock and get the win for South. Some miscellaneous thoughts.... Hard to know how good each team is after watching the game due to the 1) limited practice time that has the teams still a bit behind schedule, as compared to most opening week games, 2) the regular first-game miscues that often disguise the talent a bit, and 3) the emotion of a rivalry that frequently makes those rivalry games just a little more "messy" than other games. The Dragons' running game appears to be in solid hands. Snider flashed some real big-play ability, with runs of 32, 23, and 42 and two TDs on the night. Kayden Anderson gives South something they haven't had in many years - a bulldozer type of fullback who can earn the tough yards due to his own physicality, as opposed to the "tailback"-type of fullbacks South has featured for several years. Sophomore Jack McCubbin got only a few carries, but showed some real potential, and displayed an extra gear when he was able to get to the edge. Kellen McGee was the Dragons' featured wideout on the evening, displaying a real ability to find open seams in the Oldham zone defense, but Anthony Estrada will undoubtedly be South's home run threat. Estrada had only one catch, but South dialed up several deep throw attempts to him; the timing just isn't there yet between Brown and his receivers. Special teams were something of an adventure....a blocked field goal, a blocked PAT, and a couple of miscues on snaps for punts.... Avante Johnson - a 5'9" 230 pound transfer from Central - had a big night for Oldham County. He seemed to be around the ball on every play, displaying exceptional speed on defense, and among his highlights, recovered a South fumble that SO QB Alex Brown had initially appeared to recover. Oldham had 8 different receivers catch balls - nobody caught more than 3 passes - but Jaylen McRoberts may ultimately be their best receiver. McRoberts had at least one wide-open drop, but - like McGee of South - showed some ability to find open space. He has some quickness to go with it, and elusiveness. TE Isaac Starr had a couple of drops - not his best night - but he could potentially be a real trump card for Oldham in the passing game. He was frequently open and has a nice balance of size and quickness. South Oldham's linebacker corps appeared to be as good as advertised. Austin Covington and Nate Garrison were particularly active and productive for the Dragons. South's secondary - with all new personnel replacing a unit that was one of South's strengths last year - came in as a question mark, but the Dragons did a decent job of covering Oldham's receivers and forcing Oldham QB Sam Young to hold the ball for a long time. They also contributed a pair of picks. The right side of the South OL - with Ethan Phillips and Garrison Muth - had a great night. Not sure what the final stats show, but it seemed that South focused on their advantage on that side. Oldham defensively gave up 20 points in the first half, but seemed to really firm things up in the second half. South never really threatened in the second half, and got their only second half score - the winning score - after starting that drive on the Oldham 32. Besides Avante Johnson, Matthew Bruner - a smallish linebacker at 5-7, 145 - had a tremendous game, showing great speed in running down South runners from behind. It seemed like I called Jalen Stratton's name a lot, too. Brian Monteleone, at LB, was involved in seemingly every play. Interestingly, both teams dialed up several long pass plays. South Oldham opened the game with the deep ball. South's Brown struggled to complete those passes, but his receivers were often open and as he gets the timing down... OC's Young hit on some deep balls, including a 38 yard TD to Jacob Davis and a 31 yarder to Crowell. Both teams' passing efficiency, however, should improve from last night. A disappointing day for Oldham County, which snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and another notch in the belt of the Dragons of South Oldham, which is now 1-0 on the season. South has won 10 or more games for five straight seasons; with an abbreviated regular season, making it six straight will be a challenge, but South off to a good start. More challenges remain: South goes to Jeffersontown this coming Friday (Game to be broadcast at www.pegasussportsky.com) Kickoff is at 7 pm Oldham travels to play Campbell County in northern KY. Both teams have some challenges down the road: Oldham will play #6 6A Fern Creek in two weeks (Pegasus broadcast) and has top 10 George Rogers Clark down the road. OC also goes to Madison Central, ranked in some polls, and plays a dangerous Bryan Station team at home. South will play #9 5A North Bullitt in a key district game in a few weeks, and closes their season against top 10 DeSales. The Dragons also go to 6A Central Hardin. CONGRATS to Jamie Reed and the Dragons, who are now 56-11 in the last 5+ seasons.... good luck to both South and Oldham County as they move into the rest of the season. Colonelmike
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    Some people probably question why 4A Franklin-Simpson still plays 1A Russellville. They have played every year of the existence of the FS football program, 77 years now I believe. Russellville has a proud, historic program themselves. Until Bowling Green won several state titles in the last decade, Russellville had more state football championships in the South Central Kentucky area than anyone else. Russellville generally beats FS two or three times a decade, so the rivalry hasn’t been as one-sided as some may think. Russellville had some good speed and more size than usual it seemed. They had a solid game plan defensively and executed it almost to perfection. FS played pretty well on defense, only giving up one score, but the offensive line needs some improvement. FS tends to start slowly most seasons and improves, sometimes dramatically, as the season wears on.
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    By the way, there aren’t many views as pretty as sunset on the visitors side at Bath County.
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    Good win for Mayfield. Things didn't start out great for the Cards as Graves moved the ball down the field and Mayfield kept shooting themselves in the foot. It was 14-0 with Graves about to score when Mayfield got a timely interception and scored on the next play. To me that was what turned this game around because a 21-0 lead might have broke our back. I thought Mayfield got much better in the 2nd half. The qb looked much better and #2 for Mayfield had a heck of a game with 2 td receptions and a timely interception. Mayfield ran 4 running backs and they all were pretty good. The line protected better. All in all Mayfield got better in this game and it's a game to build on. As for Graves, they started off great but seemed to get flat. Graves is a decent team that needs to learn how to put teams away because they were on the verge but the worm turned and Mayfield gobbled it up.
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    Sounds like Beechwood will be a factor in 2A. This is the type of game that helps your team later on.
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    Boyle Plays 60 480 yards rushing 37 - 159 2 TDS passing 16-23 321 yards 5 TDS 1 Int Penalties 6-60 yards 1st downs 16 3rd downs 3/10 4th downs 3/3 Red Zones 3/3 Gillis 16-23 321 yards 5 TDS passing 1 Rushing TD and 1 pick on D. Sheperson 3 catches 135 yards 2 TDS Lantern 4 catches 96 yards 2 TDS McDaniels 21 rushes 94 yards 1 TD.
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    A little confused why Cov Cath didn't go for two on that touchdown in the second half?
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    Victory formation. Cov Cath hangs on and wins it 19-17. Final score.
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    Green looks physically worn out. Then you have John Ross who really doesn’t contribute much. Both salaries should go to Oline.
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    I don't know enough about this particular investigation to make any assumptions. I will say this though, because I've seen it happen before. If the drug target is only active in the evening or late hours and not during the day, then LEO'S are going to serve that warrant during those hours, because that's when drugs will be present. It's not uncommon for these locations re-up their supply of drugs during the evening in the middle of business, because they don't like to sit on drugs or keep them around any longer than necessaryat the point of sale. The leaked Tatum Report about this case actually indicated that was taking place. The problem with waiting until the next day to serve a warrant at the "soft target", where the no knock isn't needed is simply communication. Nowadays 50 people can know a guy is in jail within minutes of them getting picked up. Which would make sense as to why LMPD was serving all of the warrants simultaneously. If the warrant involving Breonna Taylor was simply an arrest warrant, then yes I would 100% agree they could do it during the day or even on a traffic stop etc.
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    With you 100% here. To think that only blacks would be shot in the situation as we know it speaks volumes about our society today. There are laws in this country for a reason. If you don’t like them pack up and move somewhere else.
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    He can run but he has a cannon. Has 500 yards and 9 touchdowns through 2 games.
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    Some of the facts of the case still haven’t been disclosed which only makes matters worse. Without full transparency, all we will have is public anger.
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    Agreed, after reading the leaked tatum report a few weeks ago, this is what I had been expecting since then.
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    It has been pretty bad. You would think they would somewhat familiarize themselves with the states laws before doing an interview about them. Hell, most of us on here do that when looking at cases in other states.
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    Time to remember @Birdsfan. Today is the feast day of Padre Pio, which was Dave's avatar.
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    I do not understand when we get to the 7th inning why we go with Antone. You have 3 guys in your bullpen that should be your 7/8/9 and you don’t use 2 of them tonight. Didn’t make any sense to me.
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    My coworker's husband is a 911 operator here in Louisville. He was called around noon today and told he had to report to the call center by 5:00pm - he said apparently they have have the center capacity of 911 operators on shift starting at 5:00pm. He's suspecting an announcement at 6:00pm.
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    I appreciate it guys. Thank you so much. Was very proud of our young men. Taylor County is tough as nails. They would not go away. We took a knee at 46 seconds. Until then, they fought us tooth and nail. It was a great night in Harrodsburg. Was so glad for our kids and community to have a Friday night football game. I don't know what the future holds, but if they shut us down tomorrow, everything we did to have football in the fall of 2020.... it was worth it.
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    Trinity held Male to -35 yards rushing and 6 first downs. That will win you a lot of ball games.
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    Don't tell them that GC or they will cancel tonight for sure!
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    I'll add to that: based on the concerns about fall sports that came from JCPS, I'm extremely surprised they didn't require all JCPS teams to play only schools in Jefferson County.
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    If this is a close game Covington Catholic is not the number one team in 5A.
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    Just found this, I’ll listen to you guys.
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