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  1. The result stinks but what a fun game and Joe Burrow is awesome!
  2. I watched some of this game, go Bearcats!
  3. Is that you in there? And he wasn't addressing you.
  4. They blew the play dead. In reality it was really close but practically speaking probably the right thing to do.
  5. Dixie brought in someone to run the football and it looked as if the ball was taken from him and it should have been a Campbell TD but the refs blew it dead.
  6. It is new for a lot of teams this year and I think that includes Dixie.
  7. I agree Youtube seems to be the superior technology when it comes to high school streams. Some others are okay but Youtube is universally good.
  8. Dixie has the ball again and they are throwing it. Dixie 1st and 10 on the Camel 24.
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