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  1. Sounds like a possible passing of the torch from the AP to KFCA for the "Mr. Football Award."
  2. Schools adding commentary to describe other schools. No way that ends well.
  3. Any mention, discussion, and media regarding politics or political figures is expressly prohibited on BluegrassPreps. This includes, but is not limited to the mention or names of any elected or publicly appointed officials, both domestic and foreign, by name, title, or by the offices held (e.g. - president, governor, chancellor, mayor, minister, senator, congressman, commissioner, attorney general, county clerk, magistrate, Beshear, Clinton, Lincoln, Merkel, Obama, Putin, Reagan, Roosevelt, Trudeau, Trump, etc). Any direct references or inferences to political terminology and activities, (e.g. - government, Democrat, Republican, GOP, conservative, liberal, campaign, lobby, legislature, filibuster, caucus, etc) and anything else deemed political in nature by the BGP staff is also prohibited from the site. Likewise, this also includes 3rd party links to articles that are political in name or in nature. Additionally, the use of names/nicknames deemed by the BGP staff as references to political figures (e.g. - Andy, Donald, Tricky Dick, Slick Willy) will not be permitted on BluegrassPreps. Keeping in mind BGP's core purpose as a sports-discussion community, discussion of the the managing bodies specifically serving over high school, college, amateur, and professional sports leagues (KHSAA, NCAA, IOC, MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL et al), along with the officers, officials and the titles held by the individuals within those organizations is permitted on BGP. Similarly, high school and college/university administrators and officials, when discussed in a strictly non-political manner, are all permissible on BGP.
  4. It is a lot more than just this topic and you know it CWB!
  5. I agree with your post and to the bold they are memories of a lifetime.
  6. I doubt it and I can assure you the JV wasn't beating the ones at Moeller.
  7. I am so happy for the students in the JCPS. Time to get this season rolling!!
  8. Back in the 80s when I coached at Beechwood that is exactly how the program was run. The freshman football team was totally independent in every way with its own head coach and coordinators on each side of the ball. I definitely agree freshman football (and JV if you have the numbers) are great places to build bench strength in a football program. And if you want to take it next level, I remember being at a Moeller (OH) football practice once observing how the "big boys" do things. It was the playoffs and the 1st and 2nd team offense was on one field going against the 3rd team defense and the 1st and 2nd team defense was on another field going against the 3rd team offense. All this time the JV offense (skilled players) were inside studying film of the playoff opponent and came out half way through practice and ran all the upcoming opponent's pass plays against the 1st team defense.
  9. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 19, 2021 The dates for the 2021 Boys’ and Girls’ Sweet Sixteen® State Basketball Tournaments have been set, with the boys’ tournament taking place March 31 through April 3, followed by the Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16® on April 7-10. Each tournament will be played over four days at Rupp Arena, with the semifinals and championship played on the final day, as a one-year accommodation due to the events being scheduled around Easter Sunday. The four-day format was standard for the state basketball tournament for several years prior to the 2013 Boys’ Sweet 16® when (the powers that be) recommended separating the prior semifinal/championship Saturday schedule into two days. At this time, attendance for both tournaments will be restricted to 15% of capacity within the areas of the arena in-use. Details will be announced in February regarding the ticketing process, but all-session tickets will be limited for 2021 in order to properly maintain social distancing and allow for the fans of competing teams to have an opportunity to attend. All prior ticket holders will retain their ticket records and priority, and have the ability to renew into the same seats from 2020 in future years. “We know that there are many who would like to see things resume full-speed ahead immediately, but that is neither responsible nor practical right now. This is the same situation our University partners and friends have found themselves in this season, so it isn’t all that unexpected,” said KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett. “Ever since the 2020 events were shut down and ultimately canceled, we have all hoped for the 2021 tournaments to be a renewal and rebirth. Unfortunately, that timeline isn’t feasible right now. We will work with our partners at Rupp Arena, the City of Lexington, and various health entities to maximize the opportunities for this year’s event and ensure an optimal experience for the participating teams and members of their community.” https://khsaa.org/01-19-21-dates-announced-for-boys-and-girls-sweet-sixteen/
  10. One coach resigned and another is still suspended but to answer your question transparency, not a bunch of meaningless words.
  11. 1. Male 2. Ballard 3. Bowling Green 4. Fern Creek 5. Lexington Catholic 6. George Rogers Clark 7. St. Henry 8. North Laurel 9. Elizabethtown 10. Covington Catholic 11. Oldham County 12. Highlands 13. Eastern 14. Ashland 15. John Hardin 16. Rowan County 17. Trinity 18. Dunbar 19. Lyon County 20. Beechwood
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