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  1. On tangent, I have a lot of respect for Rock Creek Christian Academy for playing this game.
  2. Nate did a real good job there, thanks!
  3. Sounds like Beechwood should open the season as the number one team in 2A.
  4. Considering we now know that vaccinated people carry essentially the same amount of viral load of COVID with them as non-vaccinated people it is clearly time to open everything up with no restrictions and let nature take its course. With that said, for anyone that makes a personal choice to take more precautions, more power to them, but again, all third parties need to get off everyone's behind and let nature take its course.
  5. I am expecting an All-BGP type of year out of Mitchell Berger.
  6. It definitely puts you in an unknown risk group.
  7. I love this meme and Will Smith is one of my favorite actors.
  8. Agree on all counts. Hopefully the KHSAA will look at the RPI for next year, it some respects it is the tail wagging the dog.
  9. I agree but if so there should be a lot of high level football in Kentucky this year.
  10. RIP Coach. I have several Facebook friends that have posted about Todd, he was loved by many.
  11. I pull for every Kentucky team when they play someone from out of state.
  12. CovCath will learn a lot in the game and I am excited too!
  13. I agree and because of RPI the game doesn't make much sense for CCH to even play the Panthers.
  14. We may not look at the world the same but as I mentioned months ago in a "COVID thread" I don't trust anyone anymore. And I can tell you from conversations I have had with many others I am not alone. I digress here but the "UFO Issue" alone tells us we can't trust what the powers that be tell us.
  15. I believe we are saying the same thing, it means little to nothing.
  16. I was a told a potential soccer conflict.
  17. I would have to think that confidence in the FDA (or pretty much anything at this point) is at an all time low so I doubt how the FDA looks at the vaccine will be much of a factor for most un-vaccinated people.
  18. My understanding is the game will be played at The Pit.
  19. I agree and I even watched some horse stuff today.
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