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  1. 100% agree Dangerous All A and 9th Region Team- they are on a roll!
  2. If they have a couple consistent additional scorers besides Meyer they will be a tough team to beat!
  3. Wow- impressive as he is a baller! WKY is getting a good one in 2 yrs!
  4. Ipsaro had 34 when I stopped watching in 3rd Q! What did he finish with? Kid is a baller!
  5. Holy Cross Cov 108 DeSales 92 Wonder how many Meyer had! impressive win for HC considering the tough schedule and close losses that DeSales has had!
  6. How do you deny Ipsaro the MVP as he deserved it? What rationale was used to not give it to him- his team won and his stat line was 34 PTS and 5 assists. He was the floor general tonight. Reed Shephard is a phenomenal and very unselfish player but tonight belonged to Evan Ipsaro and his CCH Colonels!!!
  7. That’s why they play the game but one thing is for sure, 2022 should be another exciting year in 2A. Anyone know if they plan on tweaking the RPI formula/calculations next season? Wasn’t sure if there were any plans on potential changes- thanks! PLAY BALL as 2022 season can’t get here soon enough!
  8. Agree R1 Sports Fan as Mayfield is young and will definitely be a contender in 2A. 2A should be very competitive in 2022- any other teams to watch out for as I can see the following (apologize if any team was left out): BW- have to unseat the 2 time defending champ before they fall from #1- they will reload for sure LCA- 2 time defending state runner up- enough said MAYFELD- young and very athletic SV- prob has one of best QBs in class WV- strong So class with skill DANVILLE- heard they were young and was coaches 1st yr OC- ???? SOMERSET- ??? BREAT
  9. Thanks Guru as you guys do a fantastic job- best place for KY HS Sports!!!
  10. WV should definitely be in the mix as they started 7-8 SOs against BW in Regional Final! From what I have seen too SV is young and will be in the mix as well! Don’t sleep on either one of these teams!
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