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  1. 10 pt game- Pikeville 5 pt game- Cooper 4 pt game- Mayfield 3 pt game- Trinity 2 pt game- Cov Cath 1 pt game- CAL Tiebreaker- 41
  2. WV is the team to look out for in the 8th Region as starting 4 SRs and a Jr!
  3. This has the makings for a great game as both teams have their strengths and weaknesses! I give the edge to Somerset based on their trenches!!! They will force SV to run the ball!
  4. No way this is a running clock. Ludlow is being overlooked and will do everything they can to shock KCD tonight! Rain and slick field plays in Ludlows favor too! I am saying Ludlow 28-24. We will see!!!!
  5. Sounds like rain could help LCA with their OL and stud RB! If I am Mayfield I am hoping it doesn’t rain as that’s their advantage- speed at the skill positions!
  6. KCD is a state champ contender and Sr laden. They have athletes all over the field and are stout in the trenches! There QB, RB, and WRs are excellent skill players and they have top notch coaching. Give me KCD 35-21 even though I hope Ludlow wins as would be great for their town!
  7. Is this game being streamed anywhere as I thought someone earlier said NFHS Network but don’t see it?
  8. 5 pts- Glasgow 4 pts- Belfry 3 pts- Ryle 2 pts- Franklin-Simpson 1 pt- KCD
  9. How do the OL and DLs look for each team as games are won and lost in the trenches?
  10. 5 pt- Dixie 4 pt- Simon Kenton 3pt- Brossart 2 pt-Greenwood 1 pt- Ballard
  11. Owen County at Walton on Friday. A potential playoff berth on the line. Owen beat Bracken County 14-6 and WV beat Gallatin 31-20 on Criday. Owen sits at 5-4 on the year and WV is at 3-5. Thoughts on this one?
  12. Have heard that WV has had 6 season ending injuries, all to starters and 5 of them SRs- that’s tough!
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