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  1. I believe his only appearance as a head coach in the state finals was Owensboro's 49-42 loss to Highlands in the 2014 4A finals.
  2. Current coaches who pop into my mind... Dave Buchanan John Edge Bryson Warner Ben Nevels Dennis Johnson
  3. Cov Cath leads the all-time series 27 wins to 5, and have 7 shutouts pitched against the Bulldogs.
  4. Series Record: 1973 Cov Cath (Bernier) beat Holmes (Cynkar) 13-0 1974 Cov Cath (Bernier) beat Holmes (Cynkar) 14-6 1975 Holmes (Cynkar) beat Cov Cath (Ray) 35-3 1976 Holmes (Cynkar) beat Cov Cath (Ray) 45-6 1977 Holmes (Jackson) beat Cov Cath (Ray) 42-14 1978 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Jackson) 27-6 1979 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Jackson) 14-8 1980 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (???) 39-6 1981 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (???) 30-22 1982 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Hina) 35-14 1983 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Hina) 7-0 1984 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Hina) 21-6 1991 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (McCarthy) 31-19 1992 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (McCarthy) 41-6 1992* Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (McCarthy) 35-6 1993 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Turner) 37-13 1994 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Turner) 26-14 1995 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Turner) 21-0 1996 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Vandermeer) 37-7 1997 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Vandermeer) 35-15 1997* Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Vandermeer) 32-20 1998 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Vandermeer) 37-21 1999 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Vandermeer) 34-31 2000 Holmes (Vandermeer) beat Cov Cath (Ray) 27-24 2001 Holmes (Farley) beat Cov Cath (Ray) 26-20 2002 Cov Cath (Ray) beat Holmes (Farley) 37-7 2007 Cov Cath (Brossart) beat Holmes (Lickert) 24-0 2008 Cov Cath (Brossart) beat Holmes (Lickert) 42-0 2011 Cov Cath (Wirth) beat Holmes (Liggin) 63-0 2012 Cov Cath (Wirth) beat Holmes (Liggin) 49-28 2013 Cov Cath (Wirth) beat Holmes (Nevels) 55-20 2014 Cov Cath (Wirth) beat Holmes (Nevels) 38-0 * Playoffs
  5. Leen and Rodriguez, I believe, are sprained ankles. I was told Rodriguez also had a deep contusion on his ankle following the Dixie game. Flood broke his collarbone against Beechwood. Not sure on his recovery time, but when I broke mine in college, it was set without surgery and still required 4 months of recovery time. I'm not sure if surgical repair to a collar bone would speed up or slow down recovery, but my gut says it would be a longer recovery time than non-surgical repair. For Josh's sake, I hope it's shorter.
  6. Week 5 Games: Sep 18-Sep 24 Wed Sep 20 Conner at Cooper 6:00pm Thu Sep 21 Beechwood at Dixie Heights 6:00pm Thu Sep 21 Covington Catholic at Campbell County 6:00pm Thu Sep 21 Simon Kenton at Highlands 6:30pm BYE - Ryle
  7. Week 4 Results: Sep 11-Sep 17 Highlands 43 Ryle 22 Covington Catholic 20 Beechwood 14 Cooper 42 Campbell County 6 Conner 28 Lawrenceburg (IN) 16 Dixie Heights 44 Simon Kenton 21
  8. The last time Holmes and Covington Catholic played one another, Coach Ben Nevels was only in his second season as head coach of the Bulldogs, Coach Dave Wirth was in his final season as head coach of the Colonels, Coach Eddie Eviston was coaching at Georgetown College, and the current high school seniors were only in the third grade. Cov Cath headed down to Holmes and finished out their district schedule in 4A District 7 with a 2-1 by beating Holmes 38-0. Holmes finished their district schedule with a 1-2 record. This week's game is going to be Coach Eviston's third time coaching against Holmes, after going 1-1 against the Bulldogs as head coach at New Cath. Coach Nevels is also going to bein his third matchup against Cov Cath, with an 0-2 record against the Colonels. The 2023 Bulldogs have been struggling to find their footing, currently sitting on an 0-5 record. The Holmes offense has only managed 3 touchdowns and a total 450 yards this season, while the defense has been allowing an average of 44 points and 283 offensive yards per game and the Bulldogs have been outscored 219-22 by their opponents on the season. With Cov Cath's 5-0 record, the Colonels are clearly the favorite this week. Their offense has produced 1,910 yards this season and 25 touchdowns while their defense has been allowing an average of 22 points and 159 yards per game. Expect to see Willie Rodriguez and Owen Leen on the sidelines for most, if not all of the game this week for Cov Cath. Rodriguez was visibly favoring his right ankle in the Beechwood game on Friday after receiving a deep contusion in the Week 4 game against Dixie Heights. Owen Leen came out of the game on Friday after going down late in the 4th quarter. No word on his injury or his prognosis as of yet.
  9. Correct. And believe me, I'm not trying to disparage how great of a school Manual is - ESPECIALLY on an academic level. My point was that the magnet system took a lot of kids who could have potentially gone Manual and excelled more to their athletic programs than they did academically, and then syphoned them elsewhere in JCPS because of the extreme academic selectiveness required of most students at Manual.
  10. Very cool...thanks for posting @addout! Semi-interesting that their colors are maroon and white and then they call their team the Redhounds at the same time. Of course, maroon is a tone of the color red, so I guess it's really six of one, half-dozen of the other.
  11. 1st Quarter: 34:54 Beechwood 19 yard TD pass from Clay Hayden to James Cusick. 7-0 Beechwood. 37:25 Beechwood's Jack Meier sacks Evan Pitzer. 38:39 Beechwood's Tyler Fryman intercepts Evan Pitzer. 42:15 Beechwood 11 yard TD run. Tyler Fryman out of the wildcat. 14-0 Beechwood. 46:14 Beechwood 27 yard pick-6 by Xavier Campbell. 21-0 Beechwood 2nd Quarter: 57:34 Cov Cath 17 yard TD pass from Evan Pitzer to Tate Kruer. 21-7 Beechwood. 1:04:30 Cov Cath's Braylon Miller bats down pass from Clay Hayden. 1:08:16 Cov Cath's Owen Leen with a 41 yard run. 1:12:39 Cov Cath's Owen Leen with a 6 yard TD run. 21-14 Beechwood. 1:16:15 Cov Cath called with targeting. You make the call. 1:21:57 Beechwood with a 27 yard field goal. 24-14 Beechwood. 3rd Quarter: 1:44:50 Beechwood 32 yard pass to Luke Erdman. 1:54:47 Cov Cath's Braylon Miller pulls ball out of defender's hands for 18 yard catch. 2:00:01 Cov Cath 7 yard TD run by Evan Pitzer. 24-21 Beechwood. 2:05:52 Cov Cath with a sack by Ben Reeves on Beechwood's 3rd and 27. 2:09:31 Cov Cath with a 28 yard TD pass to Braylon Miller. 28-24 Cov Cath. 2:12:02 Beechwood's Tyler Fryman with a 23 yard run out of the wildcat. 4th Quarter: 2:14:06 Beechwood's Luke Erdman with a 18 yard run out of the wildcat. 2:16:07 Beechwood 26 yard TD run by Tyler Fryman out of the wildcat. 31-28 Beechwood. 2:24:22 Cov Cath's Owen Leen with a 21 yard run. 2:30:52 Cov Cath with a 1 yard TD run by Andrew Bessler. 35-31 Cov Cath. 2:33:19 Cov Cath's with a sack by Ben Reeves. 2:33:46 Cov Cath's with a sack by JP Sullivan. 2:35:50 Cov Cath's Cash Harney with a big hit to knock the ball incomplete on Beechwood's 4th and long.
  12. Beechwood has some serious, serious offensive weapons in WR Tyler Fryman, WR Luke Erdman, WR James Cusick and RB Chase Flaherty. It's no wonder Erdman and Fryman were #2 and #3 receiving in 2A football and #4 and #10 in the state, respectively, coming into the game on Friday. Cov Cath was putting their top DB's on Erdman and Fryman in the first half and that opened up Cusick for a lot of receiving success that half...and Flaherty is a fantastic receiver out of the backfield. The Tigers are going to give EVERYONE fits by air this season. Xavier Campbell is as solid as they come, even after his injury last week. His batted ball for his own pick-6 was one of the most athletic plays I've seen this season, and was nearly a back breaker in the game. Jack Meier was also a major presence for Beechwood on the defensive rush. Cov Cath's defense did a great job adjusting at halftime, as they have always done under DC Terry Brown while Coach Eviston has been at the helm. Cov Cath's offense was a little flat opening up tonight, but even with Rodriguez dealing with a bum ankle tonight, they found their footing in the second half. For all the people who have only looked at Pitzer as a lanky QB with an arm, he showed what he's worth with his feet tonight - a team leading 91 yards rushing with a touchdown. If he wasn't running in the clutch to pick up a 1st down on third or fourth downs, he was hitting one of his receivers when it really mattered for a new set of Cov Cath offensive downs. Glad Cov Cath was able to pull out the comeback, and best of luck moving forward for Beechwood. Go win 2A, Tigers!
  13. @bluecolonels95, you've been notably absent from the postgame discussion.
  14. I think I root for Manual in every game they play. Their athletic programs have essentially been hamstrung since the start of the magnet school programs in JCPS. That has kept them from performing at the same rate that Male has, but they continue on, and still manage to put out very competitive teams nonetheless. After all the to-do with Coach Stoner this season, I didn't know what to expect from the Crimsons. But once again they are putting their heads down and pushing on. I assumed this game would be a 7-10 point win by South Warren, but I'm admittedly really pleased to see that it went the other way.
  15. Here's another calling them the Redhounds. November 15, 1928 from the Courier-Journal.
  16. Corbin has been the Redhounds as far back as November 18, 1939. This is their 100th football season, so it may well pre-date 1939.
  17. Welcome to BGP @ProblemChild, and agreed. After seeing Newport down 5A Boone County 28-15 and down 4A Holmes 58-6, I would have expected to see a little wider of a scoring margin in this one.
  18. It may just be where I'm sitting in northern Kentucky, but Paducah is quietly off to a 5-0 start in 4A. The Blue Tornado has averaged 41 points per game on offense with two 6A teams and one 5A team on the front half of their regular season schedule, and they've averaged a 22 point scoring margin per victory this season. Consider my eyebrows raised.
  19. Correct. Douglass played their first game against defending 2A runner-up Danville in their program lid-lifter and lost 36-0. Excluding a few cancellations due to COVID-19 in 2020, 2021, and another illness forfeit in by Lafeyette in 2022, the Mustangs have only been held to 7 points in losses to Cov Cath in the 2019 state finals and to Boyle County in 2021, and then held to 6 points by Archishop Hoban (OH) this season. Otherwise they have never been shut out. Tonight was the second time they have ever been shut out.
  20. Agreed. I'm curious how many Shamrocks fans are going to be calling for heads to roll.
  21. I'm the exact opposite. I always root for the teams on Cov Cath's schedule. If we win, I want to be beating the best teams that have beaten the best teams, and if we lose, I only want to be losing to the teams that have beaten the best teams and are thereby the best competition we could have lost to.
  22. You're not wrong about Tate. He was actually the leading tackler for Cov Cath last year - as a sophomore. And he's the leading tackler at this point in the season this year too. His dad, Justin, didn't end up on the football team at Cov Cath until his senior year. And then after graduating and being admitted to Notre Dame he low-key walked on to the football team at the University of Notre Dame as like a sophomore or junior. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to one of the guys I played with at Cov Cath. He said, "That Kruer kid, he's one of those dudes who keeps his head down and doesn't say anything to anyone, and then quietly makes 1 out of every 4 tackles in the game. And he doesn't really look like a whole lot of anything on the field, but after you've taken hits at practice every play for 2 hours and feel just about numb to it, every time he hits you, you think, 'Damn, that freakin' hurt'."
  23. Beechwood roars out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter, but Covington Catholic bows their backs and stages a comeback.
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