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  1. Haha, I'll have to see if I can dig around a little and come up with anything.
  2. I'd have to suspect they were begging other eligible AP voters to submit selections.
  3. Interesting move for Coach Dawson. He's a Trinity graduate, he's been on-staff at Trinity for 5 years, AND he was the offensive coordinator at Trinity. Obviously a good hire for Male, but I've gotta look at this as a little bit of an unexpected lateral move for Dawson, at best. I'd also suspect there's less money in the OC job at a JCPS school than there is at Trinity. Makes me wonder what his reasoning was.
  4. In a 3-week span, Paintsville is facing opponents that combine for 5 state finals appearances and 4 state championships in the last 3 seasons.
  5. Schedule lists the Beechwood game as a home game, so it doesn't look like the intent is to make it a part of a bowl at Georgetown College as was planned in the initial draft of the 2020 schedules. Somerset is a really nice add into the schedule this year.
  6. Looks like it will be a home and home. Paintsville's schedule was released today, and shows the game as a home game for the blue Tigers on August 27th.
  7. They didn't explicitly specify, but "During his tenure as teacher, coach and principal he has been a great mentor and advisor for so many" and various other bits of the announcement have the definite sound of all-around retirement. https://www.ncchs.com/news/2021/4/14/mr-dawn-announces-retirement NEWCATH PRINCIPAL RON DAWN ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT Earlier this week, Mr. Ron Dawn announced his decision to step down as principal of Newport Central Catholic High School, a position he has held for five years. His retirement comes after 41 years of teaching. “DURING HIS TENURE AS TEACHER, COACH AND PRINCIPAL HE HAS BEEN A GREAT MENTOR AND ADVISOR FOR SO MANY. WE WISH RON ALL OF GOD’S BLESSINGS TODAY AND EVERY DAY OF HIS RETIREMENT.” School officials said, “It is with grateful hearts that we thank Mr. Dawn for his dedication to the Catholic education of so many students over the past 41 years. We are losing an outstanding leader. Newport Central Catholic and its students have benefited immensely from his tireless and selfless work ethic and love for his alma mater. His loyalty and devotion to Newport Central Catholic is second to none. During his tenure as teacher, coach and principal he has been a great mentor and advisor for so many. We wish Ron all of God’s blessings today and every day of his retirement.” Mr. Dawn began his career at Newport Central Catholic in 1979 teaching accounting and business courses. Over the years he has held numerous positions at the school including Business Department Chair, Dean of Discipline, Athletic Director and most notably Head Boys & Girls Basketball Coach. Athletic Director and Business Manager Jeff Schulkens said, “Ron has been an outstanding leader in many different roles here at NewCath. His service and loyalty to the school & students will be greatly missed.” Mr. Dawn commented, "I want to thank all of the parents, teachers and students who allowed me to have a great experience for so many years. People have always told me that I would know when it was time to retire, they were correct. I know it is time, but I will have so many fond memories to look back on. Thank you NCC Community!!” Assistant Principal Stefanie Piegols added, “Mr. Dawn has shown so much dedication and loyalty to Newport Central Catholic over the past 40 years. His love and pride of NewCath shine through in all he has done and continues to do. He deserves all the prayers and well wishes as he enjoys his retirement.” The school will conduct an official Principal Search led by Diocese of Covington Superintendent of Catholic Schools Kendra McGuire.
  8. If my numbers are correct, Coach Dawn retires with 520 head coaching wins. 82 wins as head coach of New Cath's girls basketball team, and 438 wins as head coach for the Breds' boys team.
  9. Ron Dawn has announced his retirement after 41 years at New Cath.
  10. I think Scott Turner is still on staff as OL coach. I know Coach B. Sphire said he was going to be interviewing some of the folks from Weinrich's coaching staff.
  11. There are a variety of different construction types for domes...some of them have different "overlaps" in the way they're designed/engineered, and I think honestly some of the design-type names can even be used somewhat interchangeably. I did a little reading online about the dome down at Breathitt yesterday afternoon/last night, and it sounds like the current roof is at least the 3rd one it's had: the original, the replacement after a collapse in the 80s, and now the roof they have after the fire in 2020. The pictures I'm seeing of what they have in place right now look like what I've heard called a radial wood dome - also kind of generically called an "umbrella dome". The large radial beams appear to be wooden glulams, but they could also be wood-wrapped metal beams. Just kind of depending on the engineering of the beams, sometimes it's less expensive to go with a wooden glulam, and sometimes it's less expensive to go with metal and wrap it with a wood facing. I can't exactly tell from that black & white picture from the original construction what material the beams were when the coliseum was originally built, but looking at the current pictures I would suspect that what are currently in place are glulam beams.
  12. Ahhhh, that's what it was. Breathitt County's Fairce O. Woods Coliseum. Built in 1963 and renovated in the last year after a fire in May 2020. Looks pretty awesome.
  13. There's a newer gym I saw someone in post a picture of on Facebook recently-ish that looked really impressive from the pictures. I want to say it was in Eastern Kentucky somewhere, and I'm totally racking my brain to remember what it was...might have to make a deep dive on Google here sometime this evening.
  14. Plenty of different angles of the play out there to provide for plenty of different opinions...
  15. I believe Augusta is the oldest high school gymnasium in use in the state. Went to a middle school game there way back. Absolutely need to make it to a high school game at the Panther Den.
  16. I've always wanted to check out a game at Mason County's Fieldhouse, if for no other reason than to force @mcpapa buy me some popcorn.
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