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  1. I'm admittedly out of the loop with high school wrestling. I think swimming & diving usually has their state meet a little earlier, but I could be wrong. I don't think they have an exact date established for the meet right now.
  2. Per James Weber, who is the Northern Kentucky preps writer from the Cincinnati Enquirer, the nomination for the Associated Press Mr. Football Award is yet to begin. In other news, Cam Hergott was presented with his KFCA Mr. Football Award today.
  3. Yeah, Coach Turner is going to be hurting. Woolley & Roell, and now Dale...Turner is going to need an OC and DC, both. I'm not sure whether or not Coach Dale has ever been at Carroll County.
  4. In all seriousness, I will say that I'm intrigued by the question about Catholic schools. Well, I guess I should probably say that I'm intrigued about the Diocese of Covington schools, in particular. It was Bishop Foys who put the current rule in place that established the moratorium on school sports during Holy Week. No practice, and no games. I remember hearing him say that he was "appalled" when he learned that his predecessors had permitted school sports during Holy Week. As far as I know, the rule has been pretty strictly enforced. Now granted, to the best of my knowledge there has also never been a state tournament or state championship that has fallen during Holy Week in the time that Foys has been Bishop, either. I'm really curious to find out how this sits with him. No idea from me what will happen with the Catholic schools from the Diocese of Lexington, or the Archdiocese of Louisville.
  5. Well if there's one thing that I learned from the bedroom walls of my childhood friends, it's that Jesus only played baseball and soccer. So I don't know about basketball getting a pass here...
  6. Boone County and Independence in NKY apparently both had a notable lighter loads of cicadas in 2004 because of the glut of subdivisions that popped up there between '87 and '04.
  7. I've been telling all the other residents that my wife works with about this, haha. None of them are from the area, and they're almost all completely clueless. They keep saying, "Oh, we have them where I'm from. They just show up every year around July or August though." I just laugh and tell them they have NO IDEA what they're in for 😂
  8. We're at Costco. My parents belonged to Sam's Club when I was a teenager. They belong to both Costco and Sam's Club now. They say they find "more good stuff" at Costco, though...whatever that means. I only fill up my gas at Costco, with the exception of about once a month when I fill up my gas at Kroger to redeem my fuel points. I don't know if any Sam's Club locations have gas stations, or if gas prices compete with Costco if they do have them...but I can't ever recall seeing a gas station at a Sam's Club. I'd say the food offerings are about 75% comparable, but as for the remaining 25%, I'll second what @bugatti said about having way more healthy food options. And I think in a lot of cases (although not all), Costco's store brand products are much better than Sam's store brand products. Plus, I went to Sam's Club a few months ago with my dad to pick up a few large shelves he ordered online, and it was wayyyyy dirtier inside than the Costco's I've been to. I also really like the Costco liquor store. Not sure whether or not Sam's Club has any of those. And I've ordered my last few pairs of glasses through Costco, which I believe you can also do at Sam's Club. The two have comparable tire/battery services as well. One more thing...I grill 3 or 4 nights a week, year round. I love getting to go to Costco and have the propane tank filled for $8 instead of paying like $24 at a gas station and being sent home with a rusty, greasy exchange tank when I showed up with a clean one.
  9. I know that he has definitely resigned at Scott High School and that he lives in Carroll County. I can't say definitely that he has been hired at Trimble County, but I have heard it from more than once source that they are currently finishing up the details of the hire.
  10. Aug 6 vs. Russellville (Scrimmage) Aug 13 at East Robertson Jamboree (Scrimmage) Aug 20 vs. Trigg County Aug 27 at Fort Campbell Sep 3 vs. Webster County Sep 10 vs. Hopkins County Central Sep 17 vs. McLean County (District) Sep 24 at Monroe County Oct 1 vs. Owensboro Catholic (District) Oct 8 - BYE Oct 15 at Butler County (District) Oct 22 at Hancock County (District) Oct 29 at Green County
  11. I don't know, but I keep hearing his name mentioned in the same sentence as this job.
  12. Was given a tip that this is looking like it will go to a coach coming from a position on the coaching staff of a team from NKY.
  13. Aug 6 vs. Grant County (Scrimmage) Aug 13 vs. Shelby County (Scrimmage) Aug 20 at Great Crossing Aug 27 at Franklin County Sep 3 at Dayton Sep 10 at Garrard County Sep 17 vs. Bethlehem Sep 24 - BYE Oct 1 at Mercer County (District) Oct 8 vs. Henry County (District) Oct 15 at DeSales (District) Oct 22 vs. Christian Academy Louisville (District) Oct 29 vs. Frankfort
  14. Aug 6 at Grid-O-Rama (Scrimmage) Aug 13 vs. North Hardin (Scrimmage) Aug 20 at Scott County Aug 27 Western Hills (That West Side Football Team) Sep 3 at Corbin Sep 10 vs. Southwestern Sep 17 at Woodford County Sep 24 at Shelby County (District) Oct 1 vs. North Oldham (District) Oct 8 - BYE Oct 15 vs. Waggener (District) Oct 22 at Central (District) Oct 29 at Madison Southern
  15. '92 would have been Chris Redman at QB. He was the QB at Louisville, was drafted by the Baltimore and earned a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens in Super Bowl 35. He's back in Louisville these days. Todrick Bradley and Jackie McCroskey, I believe, were there #1 and #2 RB's, respectively. Not sure what either of them are up to, but I believe McCroskey played around minor league baseball for a bit. That's #10 Todrick Bradley on the right.
  16. Aug 20 vs. South Oldham Aug 27 at North Bullitt Sep 3 at Bullitt Central Sep 10 vs. Lexington Christian Academy Sep 17 at Owensboro Catholic Sep 24 vs. Mercer County (District) Oct 1 at Henry County (District) Oct 8 vs. DeSales (District) Oct 22 at Western Hills (District) Oct 29 vs. Eastern
  17. I've only been out in Male's stadium once...it looks in that satellite picture like they have 4 light poles though. Did it seem like they lost more than a quarter of their light?
  18. Well...that's my wheelhouse. I'm a commercial construction estimator, haha. And I spent about a decade as a commercial project manager too. I was the project manager that oversaw construction of the current soccer stadium at Northern Kentucky University, I've been PM on a few different school builds, and I've put together estimates on quite a few school bids.
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