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  1. Cov Cath and Cooper's 4 overtimes tonight is the most for me. I'd seen double-overtime on a small a handful of occasions, but never 4OT.
  2. ....plus we had a good game with lots of different pressure scenarios to help break in a sophomore quarterback. I'll take it.
  3. Cooper falls short of their first program win against Cov Cath.
  4. Incomplete pass. Nice pressure from Cov Cath forces an early pass. 3rd and goal Jags on the 22 yard line.
  5. Chop block called on Cooper. Personal foul. 1st and goal Cooper on the 25 yard line.
  6. 31-24 Covington Catholic after the first possession of 4OT. Coopers possession now from the 10 yard line.
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