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  1. You can feel the tide turning and Finley is not a proficient NFL quarterback to win this game. The spread may be back in play. Running on first down every series is not a winning recipe in the big league.
  2. Best half of defensive football by Bengals in recent memory. Normally, the Steelers would have taken a time out after the second down run on the Bengals’ last drive. The Bengals should have taken a time out after the sack. Big Ben does not look 100% to me. The spread is looking safe, but the outcome is in doubt.
  3. A little quick research. 1995 was the last time the Bengals led the Steelers by 17 points. Wouldn’t you love to be in the visiting locker room at the break?
  4. First nice drive led by Finley I can remember in the 5 or so games he has started. Count me surprised the Bengals got to double digits against the Steelers.
  5. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Bengals D play with this intensity. Unfortunately, the offense is so bad........you know the rest.
  6. There is such a huge talent gap between Trinity and the rest of the field this year. Dixie has no chance. It's nothing to do with heart and everything to do with playing one of the best teams in the nation. In games like this where one team has no chance to win, I do believe in moral victories. Moral victories for Dixie would include scoring on T's #1 defense and delaying the running clock until after half time.
  7. He is a going to be a “Gronk in his prime” type of impact player in the big league. When you consider his continued development, MM appears to be on his way to a high first round draft pick in 2023 after his junior season. I like his demeanor and team orientation, too. He was raised right and works his posterior off to continually improve.
  8. Michael Mayer is what we knew he was at CovCath = stud-beast! I’m so impressed with every aspect of his game for a true freshman. Excellent win for MM and the Irish.
  9. Congrats to Highlands. I assume they play Conner next week and RPI’s are probably going to be fairly close to determine home team.
  10. Touchdown Raiders making it Ryle Raiders 34 Conner Cougars 14
  11. Go Dawgs! This is great to see Holmes playing well.
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