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  1. Solid 3rd quarter by Gals and excellent long range kick by Bullock.
  2. I agree that the Colts are a good team. The bad feel is very little pressure on Rivers and a 21-point lead reduced to 3 at the break. Just don’t see the Gals winning even after leading by 3 TDS.
  3. The game has a bad feel to it. If the Bengals win, I will be surprised.
  4. Great to see the Bengals playing so well so far. Joe B 15+ minutes of standing upright. That young man is a winner.
  5. It’s good to see the Raiders improving. Hopefully they put this upset victory behind them quickly and prepare well for SK to win the district. Dixie had one of those nights and Ryle certainly played well.
  6. Biggest shocker of the year so far in NKY. WOW just WOW! I would not be surprised to see the Red Colonels close the gap, but that’s a large hill to climb.
  7. I was impressed with the athleticism of the younger players for Ryle such as the 8th grader Eubank and freshman Holtman. Sarah Baker will be an inside force for years to come as she gains strength and agility. It was quite amazing to see two 8th graders and a frosh on the court for the Raiders at times. Crittenden and Douthit were terrific, too. Overall athleticism edge clearly went to Ryle. I believe the biggest leads were 2 for NDA and 7 for Ryle. Really close game without Maddie.
  8. Congrats to the Lady Raiders on a 3-peat in the 9th. Well done all season, NDA Pandas! It speaks to mental toughness and solid coaching at Ryle to adjust in-game to the loss of one of the best players in the nation. Impressive win. Both teams played with grit and high intensity. I could see a rematch next season.
  9. Gutsy win without their all star. Says a lot about their team. Congrats to Ryle and great season for NDA!!
  10. Wow. So much for a chip on Dixie’s shoulder. Great job Lady Raiders. You will seal the deal Sunday!
  11. It’s overused but so true of Maddie. An even better person than player. It has gone by too fast. Ryle is blessed to have enjoyed her years of excellent leadership. Congrats to a unique young lady!!
  12. TM2 only loses one stud receiver. How cool to see him on the list. I’d be shocked if Fields or Lawrence does not win it next year assuming they remain healthy.
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