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  1. Unfortunately, there's always going to be. Overall, I think they did a nice job of selecting. The only one I was curious about and didn't even see in honorable mention (unless I just missed it) was Jawaun Northington.
  2. BE will be much improved this year and will be very competitive, but honestly, probably still a year away and probably not top 10 this year. The players listed above are all juniors this upcoming year as will be 4 of the starting offensive linemen (projected). Throw in the fact there are a few sophomores this year, who started varsity last year as freshmen, that can really play and you have the making of a very competitive team this year, but a top 10, maybe even top 5 team, next year.
  3. I'm not getting into any of that. It's not my business why they transferred. I know a few kids who transferred here. They are young (will be sophomores), but they can play.
  4. Coach Kraeszig is a fantastic coach. I always had a lot of respect for him and he always treated my teams with respect. He will be missed, but Coach Quirino will do well in his place. Will Coach Quirino still continue to run River City Wrestling or will someone else take over that responsibility?
  5. Great game & fun atmosphere. Congrats to Bethlehem & good luck in the next round. Both BE basketball teams had great seasons & made their community proud!
  6. Try taking a family of 6. $135 for one high school girls basketball game! That’s rough.
  7. That 11-0 run right at the end of the 2nd quarter was the difference. Congrats to McCracken & best of luck in the next round. As for my Chargers, they did us proud here in Mt. Washington. Looking forward to next year with 5 of the top 7 scorers back.
  8. I said 6 or so, but to name a few that come to mind, Covington Catholic, Trinity, St. X, Lexington Catholic, LCA & CAL. You have a few of the others on the fringe like Owensboro Catholic, DeSales, St. Henry in basketball, but that's about it really. If you really want to narrow it down, you could probably just stick to Covington Catholic, St. X, Trinity & Lexington Catholic. 90-95% of the high school sports fans in this state, when you say private/catholic schools, one of those is the 1st that comes to mind, it just depends on what part of the state you live in. Maybe in the western part of the state it would be Owensboro Catholic & there might be a few that would say Newport Central Catholic in NKY, but when we're talking about this particular topic, I don't know anyone that would say a school like Beth Haven as their first guess.
  9. I don’t see CAL, DeSales, Beth Haven, Portland Christian, Presentation or KCD from the Louisville area on your list. KCD doesn’t have any religious based curriculum. Let’s be honest though, when we think private and/or Catholic schools, it’s really just 6 or so schools most people think about.
  10. Coach Couch has the team playing their best ball of the year by far. Their district win over Fern Creek & their regional win over DeSales aren't flukes. The team replaced 3 starters from last year and their top 2 off the bench are sophomores playing varsity for the 1st time. It simply took the boys time to gel together, get comfortable and settle into their roles. Will the pressure of Rupp be too much for the Chargers, whereas a team like McCracken might have a few kids making their 2nd appearance? I don't think it will. Give me the Chargers by 5.
  11. If Western keeps these kids together, they will be a handful to beat in a year or two. I believe they started the 8th grader & 2 freshmen tonight. They played hard.
  12. BE did it back when they had Derek Willis & Rusty Troutman. I think it was 2011-12.
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