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  1. In all honesty, if BE keeps it from being a running clock, that is progress for them against Male vs the last 2 years they've played them (3 games). In those 3 games, BE has yet to score an offensive TD. I think at least that changes tonight. A lot will depend on if BE can limit their unforced errors and penalties. That has been something that has haunted the team all year. If they can do that, I could see the game being 42-21 with it being close for a half and Male eventually pulling away. If they can't limit those mistakes, it will get ugly very quickly. As far as personnel, the key t
  2. Ballard Pulaski Co Madison Central Cooper Central
  3. The best part for anyone who has a different opinion about the rankings, is that every team in there, especially in the 7-10 range where there has been the most changes, will get at least one more chance to prove they belong. If Dixie gets past Simon Kenton in the 1st round of the playoffs, they'll get another crack at Ryle to get their signature win this season and prove they're top 10. That's all anyone can ask for is an opportunity. What they do with it from there is up to them.
  4. Did Ballard really have 8 sacks & 15 TFLs against the Trinity O in this game? If so, that’s an awful lot against Trinity for one game.
  5. Outside of Male, the BE offensive line plays the best defensive front they’ll see all year, every day in practice. Eventually, those 3 boys will start to get credit where it’s due.
  6. I'm not a fan of taking anything away from opposing teams.....Fern Creek had some timely stops when they needed it and limited the offensive possessions for BE in the 2nd half by playing ball control offense. BE didn't get the ball in the 2nd half until 3 minutes to go in the 3rd so credit there. However, the 20 pt. total was more indicative of the multiple BE mistakes that were unforced instead of the Fern Creek defense. The offense didn't have any turnovers, which is good, but they dropped at least 5 easy balls, two of which would have been big plays if not potential TDs & had some ve
  7. I'll be the first to admit, I was wrong about this Madison Central team. I was thinking this team was closer to the team that only beat Dunbar by 10 vs. the team that beat Pikeville by 2 and lost to LCA by only 9. Appears to be a very solid team that has a good chance to at least get to the 3rd round of the playoffs this year. They appear to be playing the best of the 4 teams in their district currently. Definitely worth of a top 10 6A ranking.
  8. Not this year. Male is in their district & BE will see them in the 2nd round. Next year however.....
  9. Not tonight. Too many mistakes such as dropped passes, untimely penalties, etc. Defense stepped up & played well. Playing without their starting RB hurt; no doubt, but the boys have to learn to play next man up. Good teams do that. Losing teams make excuses.
  10. 13-0 BE at half. Game isn’t as close as score indicates. BE making multiple mistakes. BE playing without JR RB Mason Gauthier tonight.
  11. Yes. Players have an 8 quarter per week limit and the week runs from Friday through the following Thursday. The quarters for the game against Iroquois & Bethlehem will be their 8 quarters, but quarters against Caverna will be at the start of the new week.
  12. Can Bullitt East get over the hump and finally beat Fern Creek? Two years ago, Fern Creek was without a doubt the better team, but Bullitt East almost knocked them off at BE. It took a 97 yard TD run with under 2 minutes to go for Fern Creek to beat BE. They actually both scored 3 TDs in the game, but the difference was Fern Creek hit all of their XPs. Last year, I think they were close on talent, but Fern Creek beat BE handily in the regular season. I think BE would have beaten Fern Creek the 2nd time around in the playoffs as they simply were playing better than Fern Creek at the time,
  13. Ahhh, the old team comparator. LaSalle beat Trinity by 21 and St. X only beat Trinity by 7 so LaSalle would beat St. X by 14 and Manual only lost to LaSalle by 4 so Manual is 10 pts. better than St. X 🤣. All joking aside, I think this is without a doubt the best game in the Louisville area and probably the best game in the state this week. I think a full strength St. X is probably a touchdown or two better than Manual, but I'm not sure St. X comes into this one full strength. I think this comes down to how well Manual's offense can run the ball against St. X. If they can and they play bal
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