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  1. Egan is Mr Football….and Coach Kendrick should be coach of the year. Everyone both in the regular season & in this game kept alluding to he & his staff being inexperienced & potentially outcoached. It didn’t happen. I said on this site back in the spring that he is our coach & we’re dang lucky to have him. Now you see why! Not a better coach or person I want my son learning from.
  2. Yes, 1st ever….but there will be more in the future. There is talent in bunches in the Mt Washington youth league
  3. Beyond ready for this! These BE boys mean the world to me. To see where they started as 1st and 2nd graders to now is surreal. I know they’re ready; whether they’re the best team today or not, we’ll find out soon. Regardless of outcome, I’m proud of them & they’ve put a charge into the Mt Washington community like no other. This will come down to the BE defense & if they can slow up Sweeney to force Male to pass more. If they can, I believe they win this game. He’s a great player so I know they’ll embrace the challenge. I’ll take BE 28-24. Let’s go Chargers!
  4. Maybe so, but I know they gave up 35 points through 3 quarters to them. I will also say Ballard isn't scoring anywhere close to 41 points against Bullitt East either.
  5. And BE started 6 different OL lineups in their first 6 games due to injury including missing 3 starting OL in the Meade Co. Game. BE also started 3 new defensive lineman this year. The only returning starting DL was #5. It’s part of the game. They too are finally starting to gel & getting better. Sounds like 2 vastly improved teams ready to throw down & have a great game Saturday to me.
  6. I’ve seen both Bryan Station & Ballard in person this year, along with Male, Manual, etc. I’m 💯 confident in saying Bryan Station was as good as Ballard. Take that for what you want. Male will be a huge challenge & an uphill climb for BE; no doubt. Overall, Male is playing good football right now. I’m looking forward to the game on Saturday.
  7. Guaranteed seat back & guarantees you a seat behind the bench between the 40 YD lines (sections 25-27). It’s only $3 more.
  8. The club tickets might be sold out, but should be plenty of general admission. I know for the Bullitt East game, we had a special link for the Club tickets. I think there were 900 reserved for BE parents, staff, etc. and they sold out in 10 minutes, but there were plenty of GA tickets left. Might be a similar case here. https://gofan.co/app/school/KHSAA
  9. Calpreps picks BE to lose. @Hardin County Prepspicks BE to lose. I feel about certain the TP94 rankings & @teeroywill pick BE to lose. Now only if Jason Frakes from the Courier-Journal picks BE to lose, then I’ll feel pretty good about Bullitt East’s chances in this one.😂
  10. Great program led by a fantastic coach & staff. Station will be a top 5 6A team next year; no doubt!
  11. 28-20 BS at the half. BE to receive the opening KO in the 2nd half. BE special teams have allowed a KO return for a TD & missed XP. Need to tighten that up.
  12. Jake practiced today. Bullitt East is about as healthy as you can hope for this time of year. Looking forward to Friday night.
  13. I never noticed it before, but it shows a percentage of win probability based on the projected score. It has Bryan Station with a 65% win probability vs. Bullitt East with a 35% win probability.
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