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  1. All 3 are great hires for that coaching staff. I know Bilal Powell's son is also in the CAL program (younger than high school though) so I could only assume he'll eventually get added to the HS staff. My son worked with Keith Trowbridge a little last summer and enjoyed it quite a bit. Quite a few positives going for CAL right now on the coaching front.
  2. I’m choosing to look at it as a win-win for both teams. Danville does have a tough schedule for a rebuilding program so this could a confidence booster for their kids. On the other hand, the kids from Atherton have probably never had a chance to play in a Friday night environment like they will going to Danville, so it’s a good experience for them. That’s my take on it.
  3. Coach Nino is a good, young coach with a bright future. I know he spent a lot of time working with the KY Future Stars program with Coach Ricco Hughes & he did well with that. He was the 7th grade coach for KY Future Stars in 2019 & my son really liked him. Wishing him the best of luck in season 3 this year.
  4. Bullitt East will score a lot of points this year. Offense will not be a problem. I have a feeling they will be in a lot of shootouts this year however & hopefully most go their way at the end. Only 8 seniors on the roster so plenty of room to grow for them.
  5. Interesting enough, we have one of those large TEs at Bullitt East so I agree. He’s a 6’3”, 240 lb. sophomore. He is a load & will make things difficult on defenses this year.
  6. Pool 1 looks brutal. I’m assuming that’s Boyle, Ballard, Hoptown & Frederick D.
  7. Agree with this completely. My son plays multiple sports, but once football season started on July 10th, AAU basketball took a backseat and that's how it should be, just like as soon as football season is over, it takes a backseat to basketball until they are eliminated from the KHSAA tournament. Your teammates deserve that respect and dedication from you. Anything less then just becomes about you as an individual and has nothing to do with the team.
  8. They do, but I think one of them is more of a defensive end so probably wouldn't play 7v7. I think the other kid is a corner, but I''m not sure if he was there yesterday or not.
  9. I thought Great Crossing was supposed to be there as well. Were they not?
  10. Which team is the first & which is the second?
  11. I was being a little facetious. Fifty is light for a program like St. X, but 95%+ of the programs in the state would love to have that many in a class. Heck, probably 25% of the teams in the state would like to have that many in their entire program.
  12. Light class on numbers. I only counted around 50 😂
  13. I got to see him at FBU Louisville. He competed well during that camp/combine; no doubt.
  14. I thought they ran a good tourney. The games were quick & efficient & they stayed on time. I think Bullitt East was able to get 10 or so games in over the course of Friday & Saturday; a lot of reps for the boys. They competed well & came back to win the consolation bracket after losing to BG. Ready for another good week of practice & onto EKU next weekend.
  15. I agree. A lot changes when you add linemen and also the possibility of running the ball. A lot of times, not everyone plays either or often times, backups get a lot of reps as well, which is needed, where they wouldn't necessarily in a regular season game. 7v7, in my opinion, helps with timing and also some team bonding....that's about it.
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