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  1. My personal rankings. 1-3 all very likable. 4-6 season 3 didn't live up to the 1st 2 seasons, kinda forgettable for me. 7-9 turds. 1) Sam Hartman 2) Jake Fromm 3) Justin Fields 4) Spencer Rattler 5) Nik Scalzo 6) Lance LeGendre 7) Tate Martell 5) Tayvon Bowers 6) Re-al Mitchell
  2. 21- Corey Smith "Still I go down to that college town when the Bulldogs play at home. I drink keg beer from a trash can til the whole damn thing is gone."
  3. Finished the Jack Reacher series (took 3 years) last week. Will probably read all the Sigma Force series (James Rollins) books that have come out in those 3 years as well as the Cotton Malone series (Steve Berry) that came out during that time. A part of me wants to set a goal of reading The Brothers Karamzov by the end of the year, but starting that book terrifies me.
  4. It is just a personal preference thing and those are my top 5 options since we have the 5th pick. Chase is my #1 receiver in the draft, and the Burrow connection adds points in my mind. I personally like Pitts as a matchup nightmare and additional weapon for Burrow more than I do Smith.
  5. My Wish List in order: 1. Sewell 2. Chase 3. Trade back depending on the scenario in hopes of getting Slater and more picks (would need at least next years 1st from somebody) 4. Parsons 5. Pitts
  6. He and Ben Dickhaus (OL Covington Catholic- Honorable Mention) the only representatives from NKY.
  7. 2015 10-0 #2 OSU lost to #9 MSU 2016 6-0 #2 OSU lost to unranked Penn St. 2017 7-1 #3 OSU lost to unranked Iowa 2018 7-0 #2 OSU lost to unranked Purdue
  8. 6 Owensboro 5 Ashland 4 Paintsville 3 LCA 2 Boyle 1 Trinity TB 50
  9. If that is what the rule dictated, then that is what should have happened. Do I want to see MSU (3-5) in the championship game? No. Does anybody who is not a fan of Sparty? No. Does the B1G? B1G NO, but that is the bed that they made at the beginning of the year and they should have to lay in it. It isn't a shot against OSU at all. As you said, OSU could and probably would still get in the CFP even without playing in the game because the committee determines who makes it on their own criteria. The B1G should have had to abide by their own stupid rule and looked stupid for doing it.
  10. I think the point RTS is making is if the possibility of the rule being changed is available, why even make the rule? Obviously OSU deserves to be in the game. The issue is that a rule was created specifically for this season, and when the rule didn't give the outcome the B1G was hoping for (an undisputed team with 6 games under their belt), they changed the rule to fit their agenda. I think the issue is much more with the B1G for most than it is with OSU. For those who have more of an issue with OSU than the B1G, I will agree with you and JA that they are haters. For the rest of us, we are just calling out the stupidity (which in fairness you have done as well) of the B1G.
  11. Hoping for a Cowboys win so that we hold on to the 3rd pick and can get Sewell. At this point there is absolutely no reason I can see for a Bengals fan to want us to win another game this year. Lose out and get Sewell to protect Burrow.
  12. 5 BG 4 Belfry 3 Paintsville 2 CAL 1 FD TB 42
  13. Dixon's numbers against the competition that Belfry has played are insane.
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