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  1. I believe this will be the 53rd straight season that Cov Cath and Highlands will play each other.
  2. So just so I am understanding you correctly, you are saying that rankings for this years Dixie team should include what has happened in the past? Not only do I disagree with that, I find that a disservice to this years Dixie team trying to make a name for themselves.
  3. I don't think anybody is saying that. My assumption is that DMC doesn't know everything about every player in the state, and formed the list based on players he knows about. In DMC's 4th post in this thread, he asked "Is there an off the radar name that could be poised to break through this weekend?" If you feel that McClendon should be mentioned, state your case for him being on the list and maybe he will be on a future list.
  4. Me, A My Wife, C Our Compromise, C
  5. It looks like last week Caden Veltkamp received an offer from UK. Caden is a 6'5" pro style QB. His season was cut a little short last year due to an injury, but in 6 games he completed 75 of 121 passes (61.9%) for 1,008 yards and 16 TDs. Caden also holds an offer from WKU. Congrats to Caden!
  6. That dude, Justin Burke, Ben Revere, & Cornell Burbage ended my high school career. It seemed like every time we had them 3rd and long, or 4th and long, they would either run a streak or screen, and those dudes could not be caught. From a Colonel, good luck Wes (except when you play my Colonels!).
  7. Ben Stiller's best movie is Heavyweights.
  8. That can only be good news for the Bearcats right?
  9. There have been less than 5 really good movies since 2000 that have won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
  10. If there is not a 2020 CFB season, will there be 2 separate NFL drafts?
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