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  1. Pulaski Southwest has now agreed to play FCHS two times, and ducked out sticking them with a hole to fill. Once this season, and now. Tough Schedule, hope the Flyers can survive to make a good run!!
  2. Watched Jeff interact and coach during the 7 on 7 summer stuff that FCHS and Boyle worked together on last few years... He is elite. It was apparent... I would say that Boyle will not be the same without Jeff around.
  3. All of those lived in the Franklin County School district. For the most part and attended EMS.... right now there is 7-9 kids on the FHS roster roster that currently live in other school districts or played at other schools before FHS. Around 1/3 of the roster is my guess. Goins, Hammons, Stanley, Walker, Pires, Raglin, Leigh, to name a few. Per the KHSAA roster there were 6 bengals players who played in the state game form my memories at least. 5 of them played for EMS.
  4. Thanks, yes big time body transformation.
  5. Twitter has none, you see this kid all the time on Twitter, and other venues, but never any highlights in actual football games. I just wanted to see him in action.
  6. Where can you find highlights on this kid? No hudl link on his Twitter or anywhere else I can find ?
  7. Fhs has several kids from FC on the roster.
  8. Was sad to see they didn’t re-up with Franklin County.
  9. You can read between the lines on what the administration complaints may have been. That is some specific requirements they have listed. Spelling or none....
  10. Congrats on a good hire. I always thought Bob was a good one... I’ll be interested to see if he can still get it done.
  11. Well to me the longer this goes on, to folks from the outside looking in, it’s really bad press... along with the more it appears that Highlands either 1. can’t find a coach that will say yes, 2. Can’t find anyone they feel worthy, or 3. a combination of the two. Either way if this was happening at any program in the state other than Highlands.... The faithful fans, supporters, or whomever would be much more likely to call this a hot mess... I hope your program gets their guy as long as it’s not our coach down at FC! But most of all that you guys are successful moving forward. Ky football is better when you guys are in the mix. But right now.... your treading water.
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