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  1. University of Wisconsin, today after camp. weighed in at 205 ran a 4.6 40yd.
  2. Thought the same! Taking shots at the county schools! Gotta love the rivalry.
  3. I wasn't taking shots at the Frankfort staff. However I'd invite you to call Coach James, and come see the FCHS staff, in action.... you will see what I am talking about its different. This Super, and the board in place now, really value athletics. Western Hills also has a new weight room, turf, and several upgrades in track and other sports going on as well.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I got some FC gear for you anytime you need it! What I see from FCHS is they go above and beyond for their kids off the field. That staff makes sure each kid has the support they need to flourish. FCHS has tried to give the kids the best for years, but the community, school have finally offered to match some of their efforts making for some great strides!
  5. Franklin County has worked hard on fundraising to make some major upgrades to their facilities. Turf last year, and the weight room this year, track and surrounding areas in the next year. Hope this excitement continues to grow! Kids looked strong at the liftathon today! IMG_5206.mov
  6. Was shocked from what I had been hearing that he wasn't drafted...
  7. 7 on 7 not with your team, is a sham! Consider yourself lucky your players are not wasting their time!
  8. I’ll be interested to see how this works out, training all sports, is going to be a challenge.
  9. No one said he did, but all the doomsday scenarios with the program at Danville’s suggest that kids will just all stay home. I don’t see that happening, or the old coach allowing it.
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