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  1. Flyers limping their way to improvement. Good win boys! Offense is growing and Defense is very agressive..
  2. I really do not know any facts on these injuries.
  3. FC better come to play, they got a lot of things they are overcoming.. but at the end of the day you have to play to win! I know many of the Flyer coaches and kids.. those games MATTER!!! But they also believe in taking accountability for getting beat and working towards the next contest. This team gets its legs under it they will play hard and physical.. IMO they need a little bone thrown their way.. FC and Central very similar this year.. and most years.. I think you see the two battle it out for the one seed and make it pretty far in the west.
  4. Moorman is out. The kid who ran it tonight was a spark! He is tough and willing to get the tough yards. I hope to see him some more! Tough as heck! Flyers at one time had 7 sophomores on the field, a kid who never played qb at qb. A handful of kids playing new spots. Starting kicker was out. List goes on and on!! Woodford has a TON of talent. They really had to mix it up to contain and score on the Flyers They couldn’t put the flyers away til late. And tried their darndest to score again! 4 deep balls with under a minute! And went for two as well! They even dumped the water coolers on the coaches after winning! Dennis Johnson and that staff are a piece of work now. Lots of interesting actions from that sideline. Flyers will take the whipping and get back to work. Hats off to the Woodford County kids, on a victory.
  5. These boys will continue to work, and so will the staff. Ones who don’t will be moved to the back. Time will tell!
  6. I do not think Raceland will win.. but if they do.. this whole site will crash by Saturday 6 am!
  7. Corbin would beat Ballard. FC has to improve along the lines to get after them, and from what I hear special teams coming from some male fans.
  8. Flyer faithful are here, we are reading all this. We are waiting for our boys to rise up and play! So far this year we do not know much about them. Last year the Flyers talked a lot and got smacked around by Corbin. This team maybe is learning how to back it up.
  9. FC has a good kicker D1 recruit Easton Powell, Special teams was bright spot in the last few games but I am sure Corbin is sound in those areas. Something off for the Flyers? Time will tell! I am rooting for the FC boys to rise up and make it a game. Corbin has all the momentum being 2-0.
  10. 10-4. Sounds like they better get to work over at my alma-mater
  11. Are they better up front on Both sides of the ball you think?
  12. Franklin County, Dunbar, Lca, great crossing, all throw weekly.some nice teams to watch. No real score kept, lots of 10/10
  13. You can not have a pre-approved transfer it has to go through the khsaa, after the student enrolls. Papers then go to the old school. I am sure Boyle is no stranger on how to get the paperwork right. But never know what cards Corbin holds, or what is out there.
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