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  1. Last time I checked most teams do all of the above? FC has a great staff. Keep counting them out, in the meanwhile I’m sure the kids and coaches will Be working! Proud of the Flyers for stepping up to a real schedule this year.
  2. Well that is very true, but winning next week is not the only goal around here anymore with this group…. Winning the last one is. Corbin was a mess of flags and uninspired play… sounds like the coach seen it that way too. Friday will tell us a lot.
  3. FC will either win, or they will all be running sprints by half time. I heard there was nothing but sprints, up downs, hitting, and hard work from the team this week. I would say, that Coach James will be sending a lot of messages the next few weeks.
  4. Franklin county made more plays for Corbin than they did themselves. Back onto the drawing board! Congrats to Corbin, gut check time for the Flyers.
  5. Sloppy game, Hills is bad bad…… Flyers game vs Corbin will be a good measuring stick.
  6. Thoughts with that community, anytime you lose a coach, the world has really took a hit!
  7. Right they are literally ranked ahead of Franklin in every poll that exists, and have what 8 D1 kids with offers. FCHS has one.
  8. I don't know what happened but that guy sounds like one of those guys that don't listen.. I know all kinds of ex-college, ex-pro players who cant even coach youth league well.
  9. If I was the kids and coaches at Danville I think I would listen to Peach... he the best you could find... and a notable, respected coach..... Too many people seem to want to like him since when did that make a good football team? ........ You wont get a better one if he can't find success there.
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