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  1. Was he in the mix for the head coach job at T? Possibly a case of hurt feelings?
  2. Good info, thanks. I like seeing when the state's talent spreads out further. Sounds like they've got some good things going on at Hendo.
  3. Boudin. Eat the boudin. And if you find deep fried boudin balls anywhere, eat those too.
  4. Is Henderson that good? I feel like they're one of those programs that's like "Oh yeah, remember back when Henderson used to be good?"
  5. Wasn't the coach this last season a buddy hire by B. Bender?
  6. Well they have screenshots of students using racial slurs to harass other students, so I'm going to go ahead and say that the answer to the question posed in the thread title is a very clear "yes". Mad South has themselves a a racism problem.
  7. So Tilghman fills in the remaining spot on 9/17. Game is at Tilghman.
  8. Soooooooo, what's the deal with the folks they have interviewed already then?
  9. Could you not watch? I can't go when you watch.
  10. Was looking around for a thread on here earlier. From the sound of things the AD and new coach have a rocky past, as you can tell from this way-back Card Chronical. Somebody dug it up and posted it on Twitter after they saw the announcement come out from Evangel. https://www.cardchronicle.com/platform/amp/2011/9/13/2422874/damarcus-smith-vs-brandon-bender
  11. Good to see y'all again BGP!
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