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  1. About the fact that he will not be the Mayfield head football coach any longer.
  2. I have someone reliable who told me Morris is waiting on the opportunity to talk to his players about his retirement. Hasn't been able to get because of all the complications from the tornadoes. The job was posted so the hire could be finalized asap.
  3. Cliff Dew. Teaches at Mayfield Elementary. He's the DC right now, and the linebacker & Oline coach. Started at Mayfield in the early 00s, left for a head coach spot in Mississippi for a couple of years and came back to Mayfield in '09 or '10. He's from Mississippi originally. Played foosball at Ole Miss.
  4. This is coach Dew's job if he wants it.
  5. TylerDurden

    My Intentions

    Definitely. I'm kind of sparse in posting, especially in the non-sport forums, but I definitely check on here when there are major storm systems expected or coming through. I'm glad you're hanging around @nWo.
  6. What's the motto? With a spirit that occasionally shows up? With a spirit that sometimes tries? I think that's it.
  7. I know I'm not a high schooler. I don't get turnover chains or wrestling belts, and don't even get me started on how little sense carrying sledge hammers around makes, but the garbage can Highlands had was really really dumb, and Sphire managed to one-up that with the stick.
  8. Maybe now that they have that big piece of wood to get excited about, things might get better when Highlands kids move up from freshman to jv and varsity.
  9. The play calling at Dixie is consistently puzzling.
  10. So which player gets to run onto the field with that chunk of wood after this week? What's it called? The tooth pick?
  11. It sounds as if DaMarcus Smith was never even hired as the head coach either. In a different letter to the KHSAA the Evangel superintendent said "Mr. Smith is not an employee of Evangel. If he were, he would be terminated."
  12. Football program has been dissolved. Sounds like the superintendent is stating that DaMarcus Smith was never officially hired as football coach either, despite attempting to recruit players from other high schools while claiming to be the coach. Brandon Bender has also been terminated, and appears to have admitted to falsifying information on Kyran Tilly's eligibility application to the KHSAA by alleging that Tilly's family stated he was "subjected to abuse by his coach at his former school." Interesting stuff. Interesting stuff.
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