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  1. Right? 45 kids, and they're saying they have enough kids to field two completely separate squads?
  2. Ever hear the phrase "parents are ruining sports"? The parents at Anderson County are who that phrase was written about. They're the folks who forced the AD to fire Peach who'd grown up in Lawrenceburg and was the winningest coach in program history. I wouldn't take the Anderson job for all the tea in China. They managed to dupe some poor guy from out of state into taking the job, and here it is less than 2 years later and we've got a case of a parent crying foul about the coach. All in favor of kids playing multiple sports. But if your non-school affiliated AAU basketball team has you m
  3. No, that isn't safe for the kids. How in the hell do you prepare kids to play 4 games against 4 different teams in the course of 9 days? That's dangerous and irresponsible. They don't pull crap like that in college football, or even in the NFL. They're going to get kids hurt. This schedule shows how much DaMarcus Smith and Brandon Bender don't really care about kids and just want to try to make names for themselves. They're completely irresponsible and have no concern for the safety of their players. The fact that this is all going on at a Christian School tells me that the administr
  4. What does the KHSAA say about playing teams that aren't a member of the state's governing high school athletic association? I looked on the OHSAA site and Bishop Sycamore is not a member (which makes sense if they're taking post-graduate students on as a prep school). Assuming the KHSAA will have something to say if there are potentially 20 year olds on the field, especially after all the hub-bub surrounding the do-over year in Kentucky.
  5. 8/13 at Perry County Central - Scrimmage 8/20 vs. Martin County 8/27 vs. Clay County 9/3 at Williamsburg 9/17 vs. Hazard 9/24 vs. Floyd Central 10/1 vs. Middlesboro - D 10/8 vs. Knott County Central - D 10/15 at Morgan County - D 10/22 at Breathitt County - D 10/29 at Harlan
  6. Absolutely awesome. GREAT player. I expect to see him playing on Sundays eventually.
  7. I'm assuming I'm not the only one who reads this and thinks Danville's roster numbers are low?
  8. I'd say they have potential for at least 4 wins during the regular season. And you've gotta assume they play either Scott Co or Douglass in the first round of the playoffs so that will be a loss. Realistically I think all of their non-district schedule is pretty evenly matched and several games could really go either way. From the couple of times I've seen Grant play in years past, I always felt like their kids were surprisingly small, across the board. Not sure if that's a regular thing they struggle with or not, but I definitely was surprised at how small they were up front especially. I don
  9. I'm still just...... 😦 Do you think Manual and Shawnee high school are pretty similar too? Both are JCPS schools. Only separated by about 6 miles.
  10. Are you forreal? Do you have any clue what kind of families are even attending those two schools? And you realize that like half or more of a local public school district's budget comes from property tax, right? Now which city do you think collects more in property taxes, Newport, or Fort Thomas? Newport: Median household income (in 2019 dollars), 2015-2019 - $37,435 Persons in poverty, percent - 32.4% Fort Thomas: Median household income (in 2019 dollars), 2015-2019 - $78,972 Persons in poverty, percent - 5.2%
  11. As an outsider looking in, the change in demographic from Highlands to Newport is a particularly interesting one for Coach Weinrich. Has he ever coached in an inner city public school before?
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