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  1. Good, smart move for E-town. Bullitt East did the same thing this year & started the Mt Washington Football & Cheer Association (MWFCA). It’s modeled very similar to the Boyle Co. Youth program.
  2. Even with everything going on at Danville, I still look for them to be very competitive. This should be a good game and it's always a good atmosphere for the kids playing a game at Danville so I'm excited for our boys to have this opportunity.
  3. There are many reasons why Bullitt County has grown up so much since the mid 1970s. Some are good...some aren't, but by far the growth in Mt. Washington has boomed since around 2000. 20 years ago, there were 600 kids in the school at BE. Now there are 1600 kids in the school and they've even condensed the boundaries down quite a bit. If that hadn't happened, there would probably be close to 1800 kids in the school if not a bit more.
  4. No real connection that I know of, just trouble filling the slot. I believe it was originally supposed to be North Hardin again in that date, but that fell through. Sad part is, I think even though North Hardin has handled BE easily the last 2 years, this year would have been a much more competitive game and could have swung in the favor of the Chargers.
  5. Makes for a good story line though....in 1994, the Chargers were led by Brandon Egan at QB. In 2021, the Chargers roll into Danville, led by Travis Egan at QB....Brandon's son. Hopefully the younger Egan gets a better result! It also shows how quickly Mt. Washington has grown. Just over 25 years ago, BE was a 2A school and had there been 6 classes back then instead of 4, they still would have been 2A....now they are firmly in the middle of 6A as far as enrollment.
  6. Overall good and somewhat competitive schedule for the Chargers. I wish there were a few more 6A teams leading into District, but the Chargers are young (only 9 seniors on the roster again this year) so this might be best for them. We're a little over 3 months out from the start of the season and I'm sure like many, I can't wait.
  7. I like that idea, but would tweak it a bit. I would put them in 2 clusters 1-4 & 5-8) & rotate them for a wider variety of teams. Travel still wouldn’t be too far that way either.
  8. Depends on the sister district, 😂. In all seriousness, I think sister district is better. It made for some interesting matchups when it was this way prior.
  9. That’s Bullitt Central on 10/29, not East. BE plays @ Oldham Co. that day.
  10. I just saw another thread on Nelson Co.’s schedule & I have to think they would qualify for this thread. The addition of Thomas Nelson & more kids going to Bardstown hasn’t helped. The program was really good & competitive from the mid 90s to early 2000, including the title in ‘96, but has steadily declined since. A lot of that was Coach Brown, but still. Be great to see a program like that healthy again.
  11. I’m not familiar with the NKY scene, but I did hear from a fairly reliable source who is, that Cam is indeed coming back next year. I guess we will see. Has there ever been a 2x winner of Mr. Football in KY?
  12. Boone Co has a decent young QB & fairly solid, young RB. They have some talent. Saw both today at NUC in Boone Co.
  13. Long trip to Mt. Washington in week 4 won’t be a cake walk. Looking forward to it & a lot of respect to Graves Co. for making the trip.
  14. You mean Bullitt Central? BE doesn’t play Doss this year.
  15. Not sure of the week, but I believe they picked up Bullitt East this year
  16. Unfortunately, there's always going to be. Overall, I think they did a nice job of selecting. The only one I was curious about and didn't even see in honorable mention (unless I just missed it) was Jawaun Northington.
  17. BE will be much improved this year and will be very competitive, but honestly, probably still a year away and probably not top 10 this year. The players listed above are all juniors this upcoming year as will be 4 of the starting offensive linemen (projected). Throw in the fact there are a few sophomores this year, who started varsity last year as freshmen, that can really play and you have the making of a very competitive team this year, but a top 10, maybe even top 5 team, next year.
  18. I'm not getting into any of that. It's not my business why they transferred. I know a few kids who transferred here. They are young (will be sophomores), but they can play.
  19. Coach Kraeszig is a fantastic coach. I always had a lot of respect for him and he always treated my teams with respect. He will be missed, but Coach Quirino will do well in his place. Will Coach Quirino still continue to run River City Wrestling or will someone else take over that responsibility?
  20. Great game & fun atmosphere. Congrats to Bethlehem & good luck in the next round. Both BE basketball teams had great seasons & made their community proud!
  21. Try taking a family of 6. $135 for one high school girls basketball game! That’s rough.
  22. That 11-0 run right at the end of the 2nd quarter was the difference. Congrats to McCracken & best of luck in the next round. As for my Chargers, they did us proud here in Mt. Washington. Looking forward to next year with 5 of the top 7 scorers back.
  23. I said 6 or so, but to name a few that come to mind, Covington Catholic, Trinity, St. X, Lexington Catholic, LCA & CAL. You have a few of the others on the fringe like Owensboro Catholic, DeSales, St. Henry in basketball, but that's about it really. If you really want to narrow it down, you could probably just stick to Covington Catholic, St. X, Trinity & Lexington Catholic. 90-95% of the high school sports fans in this state, when you say private/catholic schools, one of those is the 1st that comes to mind, it just depends on what part of the state you live in. Maybe in the western part of the state it would be Owensboro Catholic & there might be a few that would say Newport Central Catholic in NKY, but when we're talking about this particular topic, I don't know anyone that would say a school like Beth Haven as their first guess.
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