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  1. Is this Turf Field expected to be completed for the upcoming season?
  2. North Hardin could start the season 0-6 with this schedule.
  3. I don't know anything about Woodford County, but I find it hard to believe that anyone has more height in the tournament than Elizabethtown. What the heck, I'll take Elizabethtown to advance to Saturday to face Warren Central.
  4. The relationship with the kids was average at best. Now is the time for principal Tim Isaacs and athletic director J.C. Wright to look outside the program for a quality coach with a winning pedigree. Central Hardin. The only team in the area to never win a Region Championship in the history of the high school. Now is the time to make a move.
  5. My pick is McCracken County. The 5th Region was down this year in talent level. I will stick to my original prediction that whomever came out of the 5th Region would be 1 and done in the Sweet Sixteen.
  6. I disagree that Elizabethtown flew under the radar, they were mine and many others favorite to improve as the season went on as they always do under coach Hare, and to win the Region Tournament. Their 3rd Region Championship in 4 years.
  7. Question for anyone at the games tonight at Hart County. Are tickets sold at the door? I do not see anything on GoFan?
  8. Central Hardin returns senior QB Zachary Spurrier, RBs Walker Meredith, RB Mason Gardner, RB Brandeon Lee, RB Noah Payton, QB/DB Caden Elmore, OL/DL Tucker Walters. North needs to find a QB that can get the ball to Shaun Boykins IOT challenge Central Hardin for the District title. Barren County and Warren Central will need to rebuild to compete for the district title. My predicted order of finish: 1. Central Hardin 2. North Hardin 3. Warren Central 4. Barren County
  9. Elizabethtown vs Larue County for a trip to Rupp
  10. Decker had 30 last night against North Hardin. Central Hardin played well but North Hardin had a dreadful shooting second half and couldn't hit anything. I think Central Hardin goes down vs Elizabethtown Saturday night. Elizabethtown should still be considered the favorite at the Region Tournament. I have seen Taylor County, Washington County, and LaRue County this season and Elizabethtown has the bigs inside with the Evans brothers and solid guard play that will give these teams trouble next week. Central Hardin will be hard pressed to replicate the game vs North Hardin again. Decker will need to score 25-30 points in any game for Central Hardin to have a chance. Central Hardin's big weakness is offensive and defensive rebounding. Central Hardin's only quality win all year was early in the season against Elizabethtown in overtime. I will take a James Haire coached team late in the season all week long and on Sunday vs the field.
  11. The 5th Region did not have a team ranked in the top 20 all season. Truly a down year for the Region.
  12. Does anybody know when tickets go on sale for this year's Sweet Sixteen at Rupp Arena?
  13. Elizabethtown will represent the 5th Region at Rupp. They were better all game vs Taylor County, have beaten North twice, are better than either Washington County or LaRue County and have the best coach in the Region.
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