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  1. I am trying top find the best match ups for Friday August 21st in the surrounding states since play has been delayed in Kentucky. The game that I was planning on attending, Warren Central vs Center Grove, was cancelled due to WC players and coaches being quarantined. Oh by the way, WC game 2 vs Trinity was also cancelled. Should be an interesting season. Hope we can make thru to championship weekend the second week of December.
  2. Baseball players are already in "full swing", with minimal time to get ready for a season. Living within 1 mile of the Elizabethtown sports complex, what sport could be played and is being played right now? Baseball!!!. There are major baseball/ softball national tournaments being played every weekend at the park. Based on social distancing guidelines, baseball would be the easiest to pull of in the fall and is would not conflict with the baseball season and players that are dual sport athletes.
  3. Play baseball in the fall, football in the spring. Start the Football season March 5th -30 April. That makes a 9 game season. Four weeks of playoffs put the state championship games the weekend of May 28th-29th-30th. Push fall football permanently to a start date for first games the 4th Friday in August with championships the second weekend in December.
  4. Here is something that makes too much sense. Move football to spring and baseball to fall this year. You have baseball players coming off of summer travel teams that could roll right into a baseball season.
  5. Forget football this fall. It's not going to happen KHSAA. With in person classes being pushed later into the year (September 28th), either start planning for a spring season or cancel the season all together. This decision needs to be made sooner rather than later in order to give coaches and the kids some predictability. If the Governors concern is for the safety of the kids, there is no way football kicks off as planned on September 11th.
  6. A loaded north Hardin team? They lost 5 DL that played significant time as well as 4 O- lineman. They do have some talent returning on offense but will be no where near as dominant on defense as they were last year?
  7. I have yet to see or hear any district or school plans on fan capacity at fall sporting events. Is it too early to finalize these plans based on the unknowns of COVID-19 in September? What would make sense; family members only, 20%, 30%,40%,50%, 100% capacity? Requirements to purchase season passes to limit fan base and supplement that sports fundraising? What are some plans that you have heard of for fan capacity?
  8. Voice of reason, this is a ridiculous statement, Trinity would beat Cov Cath by at least 3-4 TDs.
  9. How much did they take out of the taxpayers hide for this?
  10. In a high scoring affair last year vs Central Hardin, Becherer had a field day at running back, 17 rushing attempts for 174 yards. Seemed like he couldn't be stopped by the Central Hardin defense. Final score Central Hardin 57 Elizabethtown 40
  11. Top vaccine makers predict a vaccine or vaccines may be available as early as the beginning of 2021 and at least two pledged doses will be free or low-cost for all Americans. Executives from AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Moderna and Pfizer said their goal is to have effective vaccines available as soon as possible while following all safety and regulatory guidelines.
  12. A big loss for Elizabethtown was RB Joseph Becherer, 16 TDs and 1240 rushing yards but return FB Camron McNeil. Overall they lost 13 seniors but return QB Clay Games, 23 TD passes, 1552 net passing yards but also lose leading receiver Love Grimes. They have a new coach in Ross Brown, son of coach Mark Brown, who has been with the program for several years. I expect Elizabethtown to have a drop in the talent level this year as well as win totals.
  13. If Jefferson County does indeed cancel in person classes this fall but Catholic schools reopen as planned on August 12th, what does the Trinity and ST X football schedules look like. Trinity looses Male, Ballard, Eastern. Will they be able to still play the 5 out of state opponents? What a nightmare!
  14. Ok, here we go. Let's use critical thinking and logic here. If you believe in the science; 99.97% deaths from COVID-19 are in people over 15 years old 99.9% are in people over 24 years old The hospital rate for influenza according to the CDC is much higher than for COVID-19 The JAMA pediatric study states that "the risk of critical illness from COVID-19 is far less than seasonal influenza". 82% of teachers nationwide are under age 55 years old, not a high risk category of adults. 50% are under 41 years old. For teachers that are high risk, they should be able to believe in what the CDC says about masks and social distancing in the classroom the same as when they go to Walmart, grocery stores and other essential businesses. If they are still afraid, they could teach remotely from home. There is no need to lock up the children! It is proven that children have no significant risk to COVID-19 It is proven that influenza is worse than COVID-19 for children It is proven that children do not transmit COVID-19 significantly to adults All these are proven facts. Name another country that is NOT sending kids back to school? Data shows that it doesn't matter if children get COVID-19, they don't get sick from it! Either you believe in the science or not. You can't say you believe in the science yet act contrary to it. There is no rational reason or science that says children transmit the disease significantly to adults. Let's get the kids back in school. The slogan "safer at home" assumes that all children are safe in their home environment yet how many children are in 1 parent households?
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