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  1. Central Hardin opened as a high school in the fall of 1990. In the 31 years of boys high school basketball played at Central Hardin, they have never won a region championship and been to the state sweet 16. Again, this year, Central Hardin will finish the season with a losing record. There has got to be a point where you say that it's time to make a change and reach outside of the program to bring in some top level coaching talent that can first off, get the most out of these kids and become competitive in a district with North Hardin, John Hardin, and Elizabethtown, and also reach new heights in bringing a region championship banner to the rafters of Terry Buckles Court at Central Hardin high school. The Central Hardin footprint has got to become a destination for basketball parents and kids that move into the region. Right now you have to believe that destination is Elizabethtown and John Hardin high schools.
  2. I think North Hardin losses to South Warren, Desales, Manual, to start the season. They are losing 22 Seniors from this years squad.
  3. It looks like North could be under 500 going into the Boyle County game.
  4. Central Hardin is planning the 7v7 passing tournament and lineman challenge at Central Hardin on Friday July 23rd beginning at 5:00 pm with pool play and finishing with a single elimination tournament.
  5. Many of these players will be sophomores and juniors next year and come from East Hardin Middle School teams that won district championships 2 years in a row.
  6. When high school basketball teams in Colorado take the court this season, masks will have to be on the faces of all players. What do you think of this restriction? Coaches and players say they are happy to compete no matter what the season looks like. Masketball: High school teams getting ready for basketball with masks on (durangoherald.com)
  7. Absolutely, I would be willing to pay a little bit more. I was streaming all games through NFHS during championship weekend at a cost anyway and it was hard to watch at times with the buffering, camera angles that didn't always catch the long offensive pass plays, and replays that were sporadic and not shown when there were questionable calls from my understanding. These are paid referees that should be held to a standard. If I don't perform at a certain level in my profession, I am subject to counseling and possible removal from the position. Knowing some of the players on the Elizabethtown team, I also realized that the announcers were not identifying the correct players names during the game early and often.
  8. I was able to see 2020 Trinity and 2020 IMG when they played Ravenwood TN. I'll take 2020 IMG by 3 TDs. Had 2 OL 6'7", 345 and 340. Averaged 323 on the line and RB Kaytron Allen, a Ohio ST commit is on another level. Legit D1 talent all over the field.
  9. What prevents the KHSAA from contracting with a local network TV affiliates in order to carry the championship weekend live on TV like many other states do? Is it money? Everyone in the state of Kentucky deserves better. The down and distance graphics were way off all the time and it seemed like the announcers had no control over when instant replays were shown. Sometimes they were shown on crucial plays of the game, sometimes not. Camera angles also didn't pan out to show some long passes down field. The crucial pass by Franklin County that was called complete down to the four yard line was never shown on a replay?
  10. You have to be able to stop the Panthers sweeps to the outside where they use their speed to get to the edges. CAL never adjusted on defense to force Elizabethtown back to the inside on these sweeps. Two aggressive safety defensive sets would help nullify them getting the edge on you. Run between the tackles and you can be successful. You need to be able to have an effective passing game on offense. CAL was effective in the passing game, their receivers turned the ball over too much. Elizabethtown is beatable.
  11. So why is the football team called Ashland and the basketball team Ashland Blazer? Just wondering?
  12. Does anyone know when tickets will be available for championship weekend? How will they be distributed?
  13. The Key against North Hardin is to be stout up front on defense, get pressure on QB Manie Wimberly and have strong, physical corners at the line of scrimmage. Their WR quick screen passes are effective as they go 3 wide with 2 blockers. QB Wimberly is accurate on short to medium passes. They don't go down field much in the passing game but prefer to go to Harris, Smith and Sharps in the medium passing games. Wimberley releases the ball quickly to his receivers who have good size and speed. You can run the ball on North Hardin between the tackles. Their team speed and physicality makes it hard to gain yardage on the edges. Because North Hardin brings at least one of their linebackers or defensive ends on a blitz every single play, a team who can hit the short crossing routes over the middle, seam routes, or screens can be effective against them.
  14. Tigerpride94, what are Saint X strengths and weaknesses and have they played on natural grass this year? What type of team have they struggled with this year? North Hardin's field is natural grass and could deteriorate pretty quickly Friday night with the moisture from Monday's storm and predicted rain Thursday/Friday.
  15. I thought I remember a discussion in one of the KHSAA meetings that approved football teams scheduling one additional game after losing in the playoffs? If this is the case, why aren't any teams jumping at the opportunity to play an additional game in this COIVD shortened season?
  16. Is Trinity better than they were last year? YES. Is North Hardin better than they were last year? NO. Last years North Hardin vs Trinity final score 54-7. Enough said, not even close!
  17. While North Hardin has 2 quality wins against Frederick Douglass and Belfry, I would argue that District 2 was one of the weaker 6A districts in the state this year with Central Hardin starting from scratch after losing 23 seniors last year and playing with mostly freshman and sophomores, Meade County vastly underperforming for a team with 18 seniors, and Barren County mediocre at best. With a Solid defensive effort, I think that 21 or more points wins this game for Saint X. North Hardin's offense disappears at times and in the Meade County game Friday night it was 7-0 North Hardin at halftime against a very mediocre team. North Hardin has had a good 3 year run but look to fall of next year as they will lose 22 seniors to graduation. A key returnee will be Junior QB Manie Wimberle.
  18. Ok, here is the breakdown of North Hardin after seeing them play three times this season. Wright was injured in the Central Hardin game on October 30th. Not sure of the severity but he has been in a walking boot last 2 games. If he is able to go, I don't see him being 100%. When healthy, he was the reason they beat Frederick Douglass and Belfry on last possession drives. With that being said, they are not as strong up front defensively as they were last season. They are vulnerable to the run between the tackles and bring someone on a rush every single play. Since they play extremely aggressive on defense, short crossing routes, and seam passes down the middle are effective as well as draw plays. It is hard to run on the edges with their speed. On offense, they go 3 receivers on one side of the field and throw a lot of wide receiver screens and block well on this play. Unlike last season, they don't seem to go down field as much in the passing game. Pressure on their QB Mannie Wimberle is key to limiting their scoring threats downfield. They play with a lot of intensity and emotion. Most teams cannot match their effort and intensity for 4 quarters. I think the final score will be Saint X 28 North Hardin 14
  19. Who delayed in person classes until September28th? Here in Hardin County, county, city and private schools all decided to proceed with original plans for in person classes either this week or next week.
  20. I am trying top find the best match ups for Friday August 21st in the surrounding states since play has been delayed in Kentucky. The game that I was planning on attending, Warren Central vs Center Grove, was cancelled due to WC players and coaches being quarantined. Oh by the way, WC game 2 vs Trinity was also cancelled. Should be an interesting season. Hope we can make thru to championship weekend the second week of December.
  21. Baseball players are already in "full swing", with minimal time to get ready for a season. Living within 1 mile of the Elizabethtown sports complex, what sport could be played and is being played right now? Baseball!!!. There are major baseball/ softball national tournaments being played every weekend at the park. Based on social distancing guidelines, baseball would be the easiest to pull of in the fall and is would not conflict with the baseball season and players that are dual sport athletes.
  22. Play baseball in the fall, football in the spring. Start the Football season March 5th -30 April. That makes a 9 game season. Four weeks of playoffs put the state championship games the weekend of May 28th-29th-30th. Push fall football permanently to a start date for first games the 4th Friday in August with championships the second weekend in December.
  23. Here is something that makes too much sense. Move football to spring and baseball to fall this year. You have baseball players coming off of summer travel teams that could roll right into a baseball season.
  24. Forget football this fall. It's not going to happen KHSAA. With in person classes being pushed later into the year (September 28th), either start planning for a spring season or cancel the season all together. This decision needs to be made sooner rather than later in order to give coaches and the kids some predictability. If the Governors concern is for the safety of the kids, there is no way football kicks off as planned on September 11th.
  25. A loaded north Hardin team? They lost 5 DL that played significant time as well as 4 O- lineman. They do have some talent returning on offense but will be no where near as dominant on defense as they were last year?
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