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  1. Looks like Rowan may be shutting down? Positive test from a Boyd County player is word on the street. Anyone confirm?
  2. I'm sure it happens everywhere, time to time, but graduate 20 plus seniors, top 7 offensive lineman and a potential 2000 yard back, throw in no offseason, the injuries and lack of depth, sometimes the football gods will frown upon you. Knowing Coach Turner and Coach Woolley, I'd promise you there is no internal issues. I'm sure everyone is frustrated but I'd think if there were any issues like was stated before it's from former disgruntled "Football Dad" whose Little Johnny wasn't the star running back or quarterback that probably never played a down but watched a game here or there or picked up a flyer to play semi-pro, Uncle Rico style.
  3. Has Rufus Sanders applied? Pretty sure he’s the current DC.
  4. If Coach Moore wants the position- I'd say he's the man!
  5. Same Jonathan Moore that was also at Greenup Co and Franklin Co?
  6. Nathan Leslie, DL, Prestonsburg Bubba Combs, OL, Betsy Layne Mike Minix, ATH, Paintsville
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