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  1. Anyone have any information on this?
  2. Looks like UPike assistant Trevor Hoskins per WYMT.
  3. And in 3-4 years they will be looking again and probably pass on Coach Stultz once again...sad but true.
  4. Sorry, I was referring to Josh Jaggers.
  5. Hearing his name also with Clark County opening
  6. Whitley County High School announces Zeke Eier as new head coach of the Whitley County Colonel Football Program. Former assistant at University of Cumberland.
  7. Stults would be excellent hire if he wants the job!
  8. The Franklin County Linebacking Corps may be, if not, the absolute best in the state as a whole unit! Very impressive!
  9. Looks like Rowan may be shutting down? Positive test from a Boyd County player is word on the street. Anyone confirm?
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