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  1. Sec. 1) ELIGIBILITY FOR PARTICIPATION WHILE LEGALLY ENROLLED IN GRADES 9-12 a) On Friday of each grading period, a student enrolled in grades nine (9) through twelve (12) shall be legally enrolled in a member high school as a full-time student in at least four hours of instruction as provided in Kentucky Board of Education regulation 702 KAR 7:125 (of the six hours of instruction required) or the equivalent of four hours of instruction acceptable to graduation at the member school he or she desires to represent in order to be eligible for athletics. b) A student who is legally enrolled or connected with any other school than the one he or she represents shall not take part in any contest. In the case of an all-boys’ high school, girl cheerleaders from an affiliated neighboring all-girls’ school may be accepted. c) A student is ineligible for the first year following enrollment at a member school if that student leaves the former school with documented obligations (including financial). The student shall remain ineligible until the conclusion of one year from the date of enrollment or documentation that the obligations have been satisfied. Sec. 3) INELIGIBILITY FOR REPEATING STUDENTS a) A student having been enrolled in the seventh (7th) grade or any grade through twelfth (12th) shall not be eligible for interscholastic athletics at the high school level (freshmen, junior varsity or varsity, grades 9 through 12) for more than a total of one (1) year in each grade and applicable eligibility shall begin in the first year enrolled in that grade. b) A student repeating a grade for any reason is ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics at the high school level (grades 9 through 12) during the second year in that grade. The penalty for violation of this rule shall be the loss of one of the four years of eligibility after initial entry into grade nine (9). Sec. 4) DEADLINE FOR ENROLLMENT A student shall have legally enrolled as a bona fide full-time undergraduate student no later than twenty (20) school days after the beginning of the semester to be eligible during that semester. Case BL-4-1- Why is there a requirement that a student be enrolled at a member school or feeder school under the same Board of Education? A student enrollment requirement in a member school accomplishes the following: (1) Promotes loyalty and school spirit which lends itself to cohesion of the student body; (2) Helps promote amateurism by drawing athletes only from each school’s student population which, in turn, prompts students to maintain the academic standard required for participation and promotes graduation in a common time frame; (3) Avoids professionalism and over-emphasis on athletics; and (4) Discourages “team-shopping” which wrongfully skews the relationships among student-athletes and coaches. I believe this is the information you are wanting? Like above is it Middle School kid or just new comer to school and got there?
  2. Officially announced Lonnie Oldham will be the new Head Coach of Carroll County, per schools Facebook
  3. The job is posted on Carroll’s school page, posted 3/27.
  4. I see. I found this petition which was the only thing that verified he was no longer the Coach, but previous thread and @barrel comments said it has been going on two weeks. Not trying to violate community guidelines in posting falseness. https://www.change.org/p/keep-coach-franklin?utm_content=cl_sharecopy_32830350_en-US%3A4&recruiter=1179493755&recruited_by_id=a1caea70-6829-11eb-9b62-1b0794934ad9&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=share_petition&share_bandit_exp=initial-32830350-en-US
  5. Well it appears the job was taken down from KHSAA, as I only see the girls basketball job is now posted from their district.
  6. Per KHSAA website they are looking for a new coach.
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