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  1. Who did Stephney from Bell end up signing with?
  2. East is a solid team. Nothing flashy and they don't have anybody that you look at and say we can't guard this guy. They play as a team and play good defense. Winters and Stepp for West can be a tough matchup for teams but they split during the regular season and anything can happen post season.
  3. So Powell to Auburn and Traynor to Louisville are the only two non mid major D-1 players in the senior class? Everyone else is D-1 mid major or below in the senior class right? Think about the 1998 season you had Jaron Brown Pitt, Eric Brown Louisville, David Graves Notre Dame, Shawn Fields Georgia and Rick Jones Vandy all in the 11th region.
  4. Mercer Senior Class is up to 3 D1 Commits. - Darrian Baker DE Eastern KY University - Kaelin Drakeford Safety Eastern Illinois University - Malachi Yulee RB University Louisville This is a special class and they aren't done yet. Probably 2 more still deciding on a college. Congrats to all three mentioned above. They are all three high character and will have positive impacts on their future teams on and off the field.
  5. Kaelin Drakeford received a scholarship and is committed to Eastern Illinois University OVC. Drakeford was selected to the CJ all state team as a safety his junior and senior year.
  6. Drakeford has probably has the best overall numbers so far. Stepp has been playing the best over the last two weeks. Dysinger and Sims from SW are one of the best inside out duos in the region. By the numbers Drakeford and Lewis are one of best back court duos in the region averaging a combined 46 PPG.
  7. Bell is a huge part of that team. With that being a 5 point game they probably win if he plays.
  8. It's scary that Smith is Lincoln's 4th leading scorer. That is the sign of a very good point guard of getting everyone involved and winning games. He can fill it up himself if needed.
  9. I hate to hear that. Hopefully he gets back soon. Is he out against Mercer tomorrow?
  10. Impressed with Meyer. He is a great player especially for a freshmen. Kaelin Drakeford averaging 38 & 11 so far for Mercer.
  11. Anna Drakeford Mercer County had 17 against South Laurel tonight.
  12. Kaelin Drakeford had 46 & 10 for Mercer last night. I know he's not considered a top 10 player in the region. Does this move him to the top 30 LOL?
  13. Darrien Baker of Mercer County has been offered by EKU and Navy in the last week. He is a 6'5DE. Not sure how many in this top 20 have 2 D1 offers.
  14. Anderson had a great team last year and will be really good again this year. I am not disputing any of that. I am coming with facts from KHSAA not my opinion. Per KHSAA they are returning 4 of their top 13 tacklers meaning they lose 9 of their top 13 tacklers. They lose 5 of their top 6 receivers per KHSAA. They lose their top 2 rushers from last year. I find it hard to believe from the facts I listed above that they lose only 4 starters. Labhart had a great sophomore season and as long as he is healthy I see him having a great senior season. I don' t think he is better than Collins. It may be a wash with losing Collins gaining Labhart but I don't think he is better. Also just because I don't know. Where are your preseason rankings listed for all of our viewing pleasure.
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