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  1. I see that on KHSAA/Riherds has updated schedules. At first I went into KHSAA and clicked on a link that said composite schedules which I guess do not have the updates. Either/or we are good.
  2. Scott Co is # 2 in RPI so if they beat FD next week then I imagine they still be ranked high. RPI is what matters.
  3. Cool. I didn't know if that was on our not. I went on to the KHSAA site to look at schedules and didn't see it for that week but I guess KHSAA never updated the schedules with all the craziness of cancelations.
  4. I guess they are not playing FD in the regular season so that would have been a good tell on how good they might be. Doesn't matter too much since FD/ SC will more than likely meet in 2nd round of playoffs. I think FD wins that one.
  5. I stumbled across it on covcath logo images. Got to say it's a better looking ring than the 94 ring.
  6. Just not the same intriguing matchups are they. Need to get back the old playoff format.
  7. Covcath did have to play on the road in the semifinals in both 2017 (S. Warren) and 2018 (Pulaski Co) in order to get to state. If we got to travel then we got to travel. If we do make it that far I just hope it's not FD in the semifinals. They scare me the most.
  8. True about the RPI but I think both teams win out in the regular season and they should leap frog all other teams by end of year.
  9. I think we see a 5A rematch from last year. The top 2 teams stay the top 2 teams for the rest of the year.
  10. I wouldn't worry too much. If Frederick Douglass beats Scott Co and St X later this year then they would probably be one of the top 2 teams for sure.
  11. Very impressive win. Our defense is getting better each week and being more disciplined. Our offensive line did great this game opening up holes all day for the running game. Besides Reardon, we need more recievers to get open and make some plays for Caleb but other than that it was a overall great victory. It was also nice not to see a bunch of turnovers and penalties. I know we had 1 turnover and that personal foul penalty but overall good. Let's keep it going, we got some good opponents coming up in the upcoming weeks in SK and LexCath.
  12. I'm horrible at predicting games. I thought it be close, I predicted CCH 24-21. Highlands is horrible but glad to see CCH with the shutout so far. There has been 3 shutouts the last 3 years for CCH against Highlands..Let's make it # 4 tonight.
  13. CCH should be up 28-0 but turnovers and that personal foul penalty when they were on 5 yard line is keeping Highlands in the game.
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