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  1. To play devil's advocate, what do we do with teachers who have compromised immune systems?
  2. Nebraska was in the mix too. Another player that Jon Sumrall was the lead recruiter on.
  3. Martez Thrower, a linebacker from Rochelle, Georgia commits to UK. Listed at 6'1" 210.
  4. I guess it depends on the quality of o-line players they have been recruiting. But with this year's o-line, I would expect another run heavy game plan. But I agree they will be graduating some very talented o-linemen this year and next.
  5. Looks the Tennessee High School Athletic Association is requesting that high school football be considered the same as college and pro football, which means they would be allowed to play as scheduled. So the Tennessee schools may still be playing in the Cumberland Falls Classic. Things, as they say, are fluid at this time.
  6. Christian Lewis, a wide receiver from Alabama commits to the Cats. With all the receivers in this class, looks like the plan is to open up the offense in the coming seasons with Gatewood or Allen at the qb.
  7. Corbin was to play a Tennessee team in that event as well? Maybe they will play Highlands now.
  8. I like the move. Ohio has had deserving teams left out of the playoffs each year. The Winton Woods scenario last year was ridiculous (although unlikely to happen again since they've joined the ECC). Questionable how much this will increase Ohio-Kentucky games. Outside of a few marquee match-ups, not sure how good the gates would be.
  9. Caldwell was a pretty good baseball player too.
  10. I have no idea what the first order of business would be. I'm asking if anybody had heard anything.
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