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  1. Holmes hung around. Only trailed 55 - 47 heading to the 4th quarter.
  2. 9th Region refs used to call very tight games, but that has slowly changed over the last 20 years. I think today the 9th is as physical a region as their is in the state. Just my two cents.
  3. CovCath may be a slight favorite, but it's mostly due to depth. With so many bodies, it's just tough to get them in any type of foul trouble. But, as pointed out above, they've taken some losses this year and could certainly get beat in the semi's or finals. Cooper beating Ryle caught my eye as Ryle was a solid team.
  4. I said the same earlier in the thread. CovCath is a nightmare matchup inside for the Tomcats this year and I doubt a second matchup would be any different in outcome, unless Ashland was hitting a crazy amount of three pointers.
  5. Possibly because Bowling Green wouldn't agree to using 9th Region referees... 😎
  6. Very good year for the 9th. Looking forward to the Beechwood - Dixie game this week.
  7. Two of Marcum's fouls were obvious calls. The third may have been a 50/50 call, but the refs let him off easy by not calling a T when he spiked the ball out of frustration. Even with Marcum, CovCath had a big advantage in the low post. A big advantage in the low post usually leads to fouls called on the smaller team.
  8. Some of the free throw discrepancy was Ashland intentionally fouling in the 4th quarter to try to lengthen the game and CovCath hitting both ends of one and ones. Most of it was Ashland didn't match up well inside and CovCath was attacking the basket nearly every time down the court. The crew doing the game is one of the better ones in NKY. Game was about a 10 point spread most of the night. A couple more made 3s by the Tomcats and they could have been right back in contention. A couple more made 3s by CovCath and the score could have been lopsided.
  9. Not sure if you were only given matchups or are giving where the games are to be played, but Ashland is at CovCath.
  10. How long has Rowan been wearing those uniforms? Wow.
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