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  1. Playing devils advocate, what makes it a strong schedule? Beechwood will be heavy favorites in the district games. In the non district games, all but one would be a toss up? And I would lean towards the Tigers in most of those. Is it because 5 of the 6 non-district schools are in bigger classes than Beechwood?
  2. Also interesting to note that schools can schedule games after they have been eliminated from the playoffs: While affirming that our fall sports seasons will start as planned, the modification will shorten the length of the 2020 football regular season to a six-game schedule prior to the playoffs beginning. With this, all football-playing schools will now be eligible to enter the 2020 playoffs. Schools also will be afforded the opportunity to play 10 total regular season contests – whether they continue regular season games after they are eliminated from the playoffs or should they decide not to enter the playoffs – as long as they complete their season by November 14. This raises the possibility of schools generating some revenue through gate receipts, and allowing schools to play after being eliminated from the playoffs is similar to regulations that already exist for many other OHSAA sports. Additionally, this means schools that may be delayed in starting their seasons could still have a football season.
  3. I wonder if the coaches votes for the playoff seeding will be made public. Other Playoff Details• Playoff seeding will be via a vote of the coaches the week of September 28 (Harbin Ratings suspended for 2020 season)• All playoff contests through the regional semifinals (and possibly the regional finals) will be hosted by the higher seeded team• Schools must commit to participate in the playoffs by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, September 17• Playoff regions will be drawn on Friday, September 18• Schools may withdraw from the playoffs without penalty until Thursday, September 24
  4. I thought CovCath had over 40 kids on this year's freshman team. Those numbers don't seem to work for a froshmore team?
  5. Simon Kenton filled one of their open slots with CovCath. We may not get that Pioneer-Shamrock game this year.
  6. Updated 2020 CovCath Football Schedule: 9/11 at Dixie Heights 9/18 vs. Beechwood 9/25 at Cooper 10/2 at Boone Co. 10/9 at LaSalle 10/16 vs. Highlands 10/23 vs. Conner 10/30 at Simon Kenton 11/6 at LexCath
  7. CovCath has confirmed it's first game is the September 11th game at Dixie.
  8. Ryle released their updated schedule. CovCath and Ryle are not playing this season.
  9. Gronotte is a very good high school kicker. A high percentage of his kickoffs end up in the end zone, which is a nice luxury to have in high school.
  10. Slowing the spread of a highly contagious disease where people won't follow recommended guidelines isn't a good reason?
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