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  1. Looking forward to this one. I think JC wins, but SK will hang around.
  2. Landers is a solid qb for Dixie. Looking forward to seeing what he can do the rest of the season.
  3. Except for the score, the other stats don't mean much. In fact, I would have been concerned as a Tiger fan that were outplaying the Colonels to that point and only had an 8 point lead. Where I was sitting, there was never a feeling CovCath was out of the game or that the game was lopsided in Beechwood's favor.
  4. You also said without the qb scrambling, it was a severely lopsided game in Beechwood's favor. Reasonable minds can disagree, but I didn't see a severely lopsided game at any point.
  5. Going to disagree that the Beechies pretty much dominated the game. If we take away Jacob's scrambling, can we also take away the two Colonel penalties that extended Tiger scoring drives and eventually led to 10 points? Maybe one or two were expecting Covcath to be as dominant as they have been the past 3 seasons. Most CovCath posters I've read have pumped the breaks and said this team will need time to develop. Either way they are 2 - 0 and working to stay near the top of NKY football.
  6. Didn't realize Corbin scored on a 74 yard pass with 34 seconds left in the 4th to edge Dixie. Tough loss for the Colonels.
  7. CovCath still feeling things out. The good news is another one in the WIn column as they continue to make adjustments and settle into a rotation.
  8. Ross needs to go. That was another pick that didn't pan out.
  9. CovCath won 29 - 27 in triple overtime. Exciting game. Not a lot of separation between the two teams last night.
  10. Not as many posts here as I would have thought. Usually by now you have a CovCath poster or two predicating a running clock after the first offensive series and a couple Beechwood posters giving us the game plan that, if used, would result in a Tiger victory. On a serious note, I watched the CovCath broadcast of the Campbell County - CovCath freshman game last night. It was good quality for anybody on the fence as to if they were going to watch the broadcast.
  11. With Boyle coming to town next week, this is a massive game for Highlands.
  12. My impression is Dixie is bigger on the lines than Beechwood.
  13. Have a junior league or don't. Developmental or competitive. Either model works. CovCath won multiple state championships without a feeder league. At the end of the day, it comes down to the kids in the program. In the 90's and 2000's, Highlands used to have Power 5 D-1 guys in the program. Who was the last one they had? Those kids obviously make a huge difference. In the larger divisions, when you don't have them, the path to a state title becomes very difficult.
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