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  1. Good news for Beechwood. Probably not so much for the rest of 2A.
  2. Is that the plan? To play football in the fall and then enroll at EKU in the spring of 2022?
  3. Holladay will pitch for the Beechies. I would imagine Siemer or Wilson for CovCath.
  4. CovCath has won two recent state basketball titles and didn't do this. I don't follow how you can say their (Highlands) opponents would have done the same thing.
  5. Does Highlands always have people throw out the first pitch at home games?
  6. My question was rhetorical. Just hard to see this game as anything other than a mismatch that neither team gets anything from. But I guess a mismatch is better than being idle.
  7. Why is Pikeville playing Evangel? Seems like a mismatch in the making?
  8. So how would a freshman meet the minimum requirements if they are repeating their freshman year? Or am I misunderstanding the guidelines?
  9. That's a nice win for the Beechies. Oak Hills is the #2 seed in the D-1 Cincy region playoff bracket.
  10. Sophomore Michael Murphy with the complete game for the Comets. He's Mason's #2 pitcher behind Garula and has a chance to be a very good the next couple of years.
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