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  1. I agree. I've seen it too many times where the playoff game is much closer than the regular season game. CovCath will need to be focused this week as they will get Highlands' best shot.
  2. The non-tacky news is the audio broadcast is free. And if 2 people were going to the game, you would be breaking even on the cost of the broadcast.
  3. I would pay to see a Hoban - St. Xavier game. That would be a good one.
  4. Lexington Christian Bowling Green Saint Xavier Paintsville Mayfield 59
  5. I was mildly surprised Ironton beat Roger Bacon. Nice win for Ironton.
  6. 5 Murray 4 DeSales 3 Wayne County 2 Hopkinsville 1 Highlands 66
  7. Not surprised X won the D-1 championship, but the margin shocks me.
  8. Hearing Trinity and Cincy St. X have signed a 4 year contract. Can any of the Trinity crowd confirm?
  9. Have to be concerned with medical staff burnout. It's on ly the middle of November and we have 4 months ahead of continued indoor activities.
  10. I would say that was more than provincial voting and argue it was either anti-Louisville or anti-Trinity bias.
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