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  1. The wording says students in private schools have till May 1st to tell school coming back, and they can not transfer to public after that date and be eligible to gain 5th year. “However, in order for students to qualify under section 4 of this act, the students shall submit the request to the non-public school by May 1, and the student shall only use the supplemental school year at the non-public school At which the student was enrolled on that date.”
  2. Major problem if schools go thru all the work and guidance to start hosting events on 9/7, then be told on 9/4 that it is again suspended. Wasted time and money just like preparing for school and that being moved to 9/28 at the 11th hour.
  3. Actually that isn’t exactly correct, it was recommended that only fall spirts process but was not made illegal. Local decision.
  4. Hazard High School has 9 Football players and a coach test positive for Covid-19.
  5. We are worried about kids standing next to each other on the sidelines, but fine with the contact of the 22 on the field? Seems like the locker room, play, practice, and even busing would be more of a problem.
  6. “Those are definitely person-touching-person-all-the-time sports,” Tackett said. “So the health people are going to be involved. … Coaches are probably not going to have much say-so this year. Maybe we can get back to normal a year from now.”
  7. Disagree completely with this take. A few fall sports I would agree with you on (golf, cross country, and maybe volleyball) but soccer/football would be ALOT more dangerous conditions than in school for kids. In school admin can try to contain distancing, forget that in contact sports.
  8. I still feel that the collateral damage to this (schools back in session in May) is far worse than other areas that could open up first.
  9. I guess I will be the one to point out the obvious. Without widespread testing/vaccine aren’t we really just putting off the inevitable herd immunity? Whenever we open back up, without testing/vaccine what is different about March 13 till the day we reopen? i mean no matter when we start reopening the virus is still going to be out there, it’s not going away. Without a vaccine/testing when we reopen what have we really accomplished? I think people are more knowledgeable of the do’s and don’t’s but the virus is still going to be spread by people not aware they have it.
  10. Not many under 18 year old teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and administrators. Throw in the parent volunteers and it will be a free for all. If I had children of school age, which I no longer do, I wouldn’t send them back to school for a week of babysitting.
  11. I understand that, and again I hope that the state can open up schools, but do you think that social distancing will be gone by the middle of May? If that is still in place, I can’t see schools going back. Also most schools are out by mid May with the skipping of spring break by some districts. Is it really worth schools going back for a week or 2?
  12. So you believe that schools will be back in session in Kentucky in May? Find that hard to believe when colleges are doing online for summer classes and not on site. Hate to be the superintendent who makes the wrong call on starting school too early. If back in school, can spring sports have an abbreviated season in May & June. Hope your right, but I have my doubts.
  13. If the KHSAA charges more to their annual dues they will not come down. I remember when the dues were raised for them to build there beautiful new building about a decade ago. Did that with the promise that the dues will go back down after it was completed. Dues have been raised 2 more times since then. If the annual dues go up, they will not go back down.
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