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  1. Trevor Rogers for the Marlins is currently the betting favorite. He's 7-6 with a 2.45 era, 129 k's in 110 innings.
  2. You're thinking of his older brother Corey. Casey graduated from Simon Kenton.
  3. Who else would you like Bell to use?
  4. Defensively he will get picked on in the pick and roll. He's very foul prone. Also he's atrocious at Ft shooting. Considering that, his ceiling isn't very high because it's unlikely he'll develop a perimeter game offensively. So essentially he's unplayable late in the game. Guys like that aren't in much high demand in the NBA.
  5. Looks like the Las Vegas Raiders have signed Carson Williams to play tight end. He hasn't played football since the 8th grade but has the athleticism as he posted a 4.73 40 time and a 38 inch vertical. It would be pretty cool if this ends up working out for him.
  6. India with his first ML home run to tie the game.
  7. Reds lineup tonight. 1. Jesse Winker LF 2. Tyler Naquin RF 3. Eugenio Suarez SS 4. Joey Votto 1B 5. Mike Moustakas 3B 6. Nick Senzel CF 7. Tucker Barnhart C 8. Jonathan India 2B 9. Luis Castillo P
  8. Shane Bieber on the mound for Cleveland. Let's hope he has an off day.
  9. Per Baseball Savant here is the 2021 exit velocity so far for Reds hitters. This was before last nights game. 100.6 Winker 97.7 Naquin 93.2 Stephenson 91.9 Votto 91.6 Castellanos 90.2 Farmer 89.9 Senzel 89.7 Barnhart 88.4 Aquino 85.1 Moustakas 84.7 Suarez 84.6 India Most balls hit with 95mph+ exit velocity 18 Naquin 15 Castellanos 13 Votto
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