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  1. The Reds rotation is set for the rest of the year, of course that could change at any time. Gray is hoping to come back late next week from what I've read.
  2. The Bengals ran a pick play on the fourth down conversion in the first quarter for Boyd, Green set the "pick".
  3. It's easy to say they should have tried to trade for Trent Williams, but why on earth would he have wanted to come to Cincinnati? From what I remember, he had a small list of teams he was willing to play for.
  4. He played game 1 of the double header on Monday.
  5. Finally scored some runs last night and not a single positive post about it. Plenty of negatives though.
  6. It's incredible the amount of hate Votto gets. They win and he does well = crickets. They win and he struggles = "he's washed up, trade him, cut him, bench him." They lose and he does well = "the rest of the team plays better without him." They lose and he struggles = "he's washed up, trade him, cut him, bench him." I've never understood the hate for someone, seemingly because the amount of money he's being paid. Who cares? It's not your money, wouldn't you rather the player get the money than the higher ups? I promise, the game is more enjoyable to watch if you're just watching the game, rather than complaining about one individual and only focusing on him.
  7. David bell didn’t manage last nights game fyi. Not a pass by all means but just thought that should be pointed out.
  8. Big 4 game series this weekend, double header on Saturday. After last night's doubleheader sweep of the Brewers, hopefully the Reds can continue with the sticks.
  9. 4 game series against the Brewers. Reds lost game 1 last night. Castillo goes tonight, hopefully he can pick up his first win. Surely the bats will start heating up eventually, right?
  10. Was hoping someone else starting a series thread would change their fortunes. Maybe it begins tonight?
  11. Double header tonight, Castillo pitching the first, Bauer the second. Fingers crossed we don't see the bullpen tonight and the Reds leave Kansas City with a sweep.
  12. 4 game series against the Pirates starts tonight. Anthony DeSclafani takes the mound in the series opener.
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