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  1. Like every single bowl game that isn't the playoffs, the game's outcome will have more to do with who plays and who doesn't. Osu's qb is transferring so I'd assume he isn't going to play in this. I'd venture to say he isn't the only regular starter that will be skipping this game either.
  2. Citing a pitchers record is so irrelevant when it comes to a pitchers stats. Sonny had a 2.79 era compared to Castillo's 3.34 era. Give me the pitcher giving up less runs every single time. Whether he gets the win or not has more to do with the team around him than anything else.
  3. Steelers play at 1 and the 49ers/Eagles is at 425. Why would Nky and Ohio be forced to watch one and not the other?
  4. Wish I had done the same because I had that exact thought and just left them in there.
  5. Really? I thought the exact opposite, Purdue has some nice players, but they likely wouldn't even be a tourney team without Edey. His impact on the game goes well beyond the box score. He changes the game completely on the defensive end with his size, and the amount of confidence his teammates have in driving the basketball knowing they can dish it to him or throw a shot off at the rim knowing that Edey has such a high chance of grabbing the rebound is immeasurable.
  6. Give me 4-3, there's still a lot of talent on this team.
  7. Reed has been the best player so far through 4 games. His basketball IQ is elite to say the least.
  8. Both teams still have games this weekend against other opponents. A lot can happen before Georgia and Bama play each other.
  9. Yea I think the relationship in Phoenix with Ayton was toxic, just wasn't working out anymore and a move had to be made. I wouldn't be surprised to see him have his best year yet with Portland though. There's going to be a lot of high scoring games this year in Phoenix that's for sure.
  10. The Suns add solid young depth, add a 40% 3 pt shooter, and get rid of salary cap. Nurkic isn't as good as Ayton, but with the team they have, they need someone to do the dirty work downlow. Nurkic is more able to do that, but he's constantly hurt. The roster is good, not as good as Denver, but barring injury, they should be a top 2-3 seed in the West.
  11. Hasn't had a day off in awhile. Came in the game and made a couple nice plays defensively. The Reds won. No mention of that though.
  12. It worked, and they won. No mention of that, but I guess that doesn't fit the narrative.
  13. Hindsight would be such a convenient ability to have as a manager.
  14. Other than Cruz since he pitched in both games, I'd say everyone is available tonight.
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