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  1. Bullitt East is 24-7 and one of the 7 losses is an 82-73 loss to the 22-11 Ryle Lady Raiders in the LIT back on January 31st. You can hear this game live on 859SportsRadio.com
  2. Click here for the (859) Sports Radio Broadcast with Mark Wehry and Greg Spencer. We've also broadcasted 4 Highlands games already so we're pretty well up on everyone on the court playing tonight. 859sportsradio
  3. All games will be broadcast live and available on archive on (859) Sports Radio.
  4. All games will be broadcast live and available on archive on (859) Sports Radio.
  5. Going to be down to the wire i think based on how Newport played against NCC. Seem to be putting it together. HHS has been solid all year and a slight favorite, but nothing would shock me. Click here to listen on (859) Sports Radio!
  6. Who wins the rubber match here as Conner won by 1 point in December and Ryle by 18 a month ago? This game can be heard live on (859) Sports Radio! Click here
  7. Nice post! What other 1000 point club members were inducted on HC Internet Radio?
  8. Big game tonight in Newport as the Newport Wildcats take on the Thoroughbreds from NCC in the 36th District Semi's. A couple of weeks ago this was a 3 point NCC win on Newport's floor. I think one of the best semi final matchups in the state. Game time at 7:45 and you can listen live on (859) Sports Radio. Click here.
  9. Always one of the biggest and best games of the basketball season. You can catch this game live on (859) Sports Radio. Click here
  10. We will be broadcasting live on (859) Sports Radio. Click here.
  11. The #1 team in the state at 13-1 visits the defending state champs Ryle Lady Raiders and Gatorade Player of the Year Maddie Scherr and recent 2000 point scorer Friday at 7:00. Should be a classic.
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