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  1. This is a big night for the Holmes seniors and Senior Night at Holmes will be live on (859) Sports Radio at 7:30 on Monday 3/7. Click here
  2. Congratulations Scotty!!! It was so fun to be on the air for this historic moment. Impressive list to be a top of. And yes Jake Ohmer is in the 10th region, but needs to be mentioned as NKy. Thanks to Mel Webster for the list. Scotty Draud Beechwood 3047 Brandon Hatton Dixie 3045 Scott Draud Highlands 2865 Jake Ohmer Scott 2705 Jackson Capel Heritage 2704 Doug Schloemer Holmes 2613 John Crigler Hebron 2567 Robbie Padgett St Henry 2481 Anthony Frommeyer Beechwood 2389 Derek Smith Highlands 2358
  3. Big game in Edgewood tonight as Beechwood and Dixie Heights square off. Two teams trying to have some momentum going into post season. But we all know the big story tonight is Scotty Draud is 22 points away from the top of the 9th Region scoring list and has a chance to get that on the same floor as Brandon Hatton 7 years ago. Scotty's dad Scott took that record away from Doug Schloemer who held it for 8 years. Scotty will take the crown off Brandon Hatton after 7 years. The game will be live with streaming audio and video on (859) Sports Radio. Click here.
  4. It was fun to be there for Scotty's historic surpassing of the 3000 point mark. Congratulations to a great player and great kid. Can't wait to be on the air Friday at Dixie and possibly see another historic basket!! Good luck Scotty!
  5. Great call by the St. Henry students on the broadcast and the final seconds especially. The thing that immediately stood out to me is the stoic reaction by Coach Dave Faust. They say act like you've been there before and if anyone doesn't know what that means show them this video clip. Coach realized all that gave them was a tie game and a free throw yet to come and a last shot by cch after that.
  6. How much time was left when Vieth hit the shot?
  7. Anytime you have two 1000 point scoring seniors as good as Vieth and Bessler you can with a game against a young yet talented team. Congrats to St Henry and Coach Faust.
  8. Amazing. Heard he scored 72 as a 6th grader in an AAU tournament
  9. Hatton 7th grade was 59 points and 8th grade was 305 points.
  10. High school doesn't matter. Only varsity and Scotty's are all varsity. He is on pace for the home game against Walton, but how amazing would it be to happen at Dixie the game before?
  11. Always fun when these two district rivalries clash. The Holy Cross two headed monster of Meyer and McClendon vs the deepest team in the 9th Region the CovCath Colonels. CovCath comes into this game ranked 3rd in the state. Winner should get the #1 seed in the 35th district tournament. We've been asked by HC to broadcast this game on (859) Sports Radio which will stream video and audio. Click here.
  12. This should be a good one in Newport tonight and you can listen and watch the streaming video on (859) Sports Radio at 7:30 tonight!! Click here
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