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  1. All were open. The dining room was shut down for a few days after some employees tested positive. I don’t know where/how members were exposed, but heard that some members were also positive.
  2. Not sure of the numbers, but I do know that several cases were traced to Ft. Mitchell Country Club.
  3. University Hospital in Cincinnati has a 24/7 Psyc ER too.
  4. The people I know (Including my son) were in familiar social circles and did not wear masks. One major exposure was at a wedding, another was around a friend’s asymptomatic young children, and the third was definitely out socializing without a mask. One of those is on a ventilator.
  5. I now know 6 people in Ft Mitchell diagnosed in the last week. Hope we are not turning into a little hot spot.
  6. Thank you! He only has a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Only got tested because he was with someone who turned up positive last week. He lives alone so quarantining isn’t a problem. Husband and I had brief contact with him last week when he made his usual trip over to steal leftovers from the fridge.
  7. My home to Good Sam Hospital, 8.8 miles.
  8. My son was diagnosed today. I officially know someone personally with the virus.
  9. Will life be better in December?
  10. 50 something coworker. Extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and chest pain. Missed 3 months of work. Even now you can see how tired she gets very quickly at work.
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