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  1. I am not so sure. The most vulnerable have been vaccinated. Keep in mind I have been wrong a lot, but at this point I think the hysteria should die down and we should be in flu mode,
  2. Keep us updated! Hope you make a quick recovery!
  3. 1970 was my first experience. I remember trying to ride my bike as they were flying everywhere, and the gross crunch of riding over them. It was the first time my mom let us stay inside to play on nice days.
  4. This thread has been open for almost a year. It is interesting reading through it. I don’t think any of us would have predicted that we would still be dealing with this virus so long. I didn’t take the virus seriously at the beginning at all. Couldn’t have been more wrong.
  5. Makes me wonder how many asymptomatic positive people who are out there and have never been tested. I hope a lot.
  6. I would love to know (and never will) the true number of people infected. We test like crazy at the hospital where I work and I am amazed at the number of asymptomatic positive patients. I also know so many friends and family who were never tested but had mild to moderate symptoms. I am so very glad that the vaccine is here.
  7. I would say your friend “manned up” by not turning you in. Thank goodness he gave up his life of crime to be a minister!
  8. Well, sneaking up into the Bell Tower was a senior rite of passage. I snuck out and went out for lunch a couple of times. Worst thing I ever did (and I still feel bad about it), was sneaking into an empty classroom with a classmate and changing some grades in a grade book. Back then classrooms were never locked and everything was out in the open. Oddly enough, I had an A in that class so I had no reason to do it except for the danger element. Most of my bad girl things happened on the weekend.
  9. I was Best School Citizen my senior year. Never once got in trouble. Wasn’t a saint but just never got caught.
  10. I am a very lapsed Catholic, but my old favorite fish fry was always Mary Queen of Heaven in Erlanger.
  11. I have personally heard from several young females (not teachers) that they were not going to get the vaccine. According to them, there were too many unknowns and they wanted to get pregnant in the next few years. They don’t believe enough testing has been done in this particular aspect of the vaccine. Since education still seems to be a primarily female occupation, I am curious to know what percentage of teachers are refusing the vaccine. Does anyone know?
  12. I have never owned a pickup truck but love looking at them. Personally, I like the look of the Dodge Ram.
  13. So very sorry to hear this. He and your whole family have a tough road ahead. Prayers to all of you.
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