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  1. Proud to say I am here at KC. Really wonderful people here. Very gracious and yet appropriately challenging. Hopeful for a win and even more hopeful that I packed enough warm clothing!
  2. I am exhausted just looking at those numbers!
  3. His recovery is a testament to the team immediately starting CPR, and most importantly, having a defibrillator at the scene. Such an awful thing to happen, but he had the best of the best caring for him. It is so great to have a feel good story that the whole nation shares.
  4. I was a cheerleader the first time Beechwood went down state in 1974, dating the guard who I would eventually marry. We lost. 10 years later, my brother was on the 84 team. It was the second time Beechwood went to state and the first win. My youngest brother was on that team. He has never let my husband forget who won state and who didn’t.
  5. Totally agree. Kickers should be coached accordingly and hopefully make adjustments during practice. I am sure the overall thrill for high school teams to play in a college stadium far outweighs any goal post issues.
  6. I spent a several years absolutely FRUSTRATED with Mayfield who was a huge thorn in the Tigers side. Easy to hate. Prior to todays game, two Mayfield fans stopped us to say how much class Beechwood had. Then we went into the game to see the appreciation plaque awarded, and God help me, it made me cry a little. Very classy and kind on Mayfield’s part. I have a whole new appreciation/affection for the rivalry. Look forward to playing again. Still want Beechwood to win, but a future Mayfield win won’t make me lose any sleep anymore.
  7. Just read on Twitter that Beechwood won their last 4 championship games by a total of 5 points.
  8. I always liked the people at Pikeville. Super nice town. Congratulations on the win!
  9. What a game! A nail biter to the end. I don’t understand why Mayfield didn’t give #24 the ball more often. He is a beast and gave the Tigers all they could handle.
  10. Thanks for the head up. Left early and just got through it. Barrels have you down to one lane, but no work going on.😡
  11. Can’t wait! I am one of the few people who can say they have attended every Beechwood State game, and I certainly do not plan on missing this one. Safe travels to all and hope for a good, clean fight!
  12. Totally agree. If it gets an athlete a better scholarship I could see it, but what if he gets hurt during that extra year in high school? What kid actually wants to do an extra year of high school? I would think most kids can’t wait to get to college.
  13. Does anyone know if we will be allowed to tailgate, like the old Louisville days? Last couple of years have been so Covid restricted that we could not get into the parking lot until an hour before the game. Would love to get in early with my world class chili.
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