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  1. We have been very blessed during the pandemic. So weird because the same people we were here with last year with Covid, were here with us again. Some of our best dinners were cooked at home under the cover of Covid. Ate well, watched movies Gotta make your own fun.
  2. The mister and I go to Florida every Jan. He got Covid last year and dammit, he tested positive again this week. Housebound for a few days, but he made an amazing Beef Wellington for dinner. The filling over grew the crust, but it was delicious.
  3. Well, I am a first line person. I have been around long enough to understand why medical people don’t want to take rushed, unapproved or quickly approved FDA medications, including vaccines Sometimes there are things medical professionals have studied about or seen that other people have no insight to. I once worked on a research unit, and totally get it. Those of us who have worked long enough have seen a lot of weird things Those who haven’t, have been taught enough or heard enough to challenge authority. I personally chose to get vaccinated, but completely respect my co workers
  4. Well, any habitual pot smokers out there want to weigh in? Not sure if you can because technically, it’s illegal activity, but it would be interesting to know.
  5. I take a multivitamin, vitamins C and D, Zinc and Tumeric.
  6. As well as those of us who are ready to move on, accept the risks, doubt the statistics, and are tired of the hysteria.
  7. Lol, I have been taking D prior to Covid. The mister had some arthritis issues. His doctor recommended taking it so I did too. I plan on living forever!
  8. Just remember, I am not a doctor. I just play one on BGP!
  9. I remember when this pandemic first started, reading that the reason the virus was so bad was because the human body didn’t recognize it and therefore had no defense for it. As the virus mutates it would become “more human”, meaning our body would recognize it making the virus less virulent with each strain. That being said, I can’t quote the source, so I can’t say how true this is. However, I like to think there is some truth to it. My brother just got the virus for the third time. Not sick, just tested because he was going to be around our elderly father. It truly is everywhere,
  10. We all keep hearing statistics about how many people are hospitalized with Covid 19. In my hospital every single person admitted to the hospital gets a Covid 19 test I am pretty sure every hospital does this. I personally do these tests and I know the in vast majority of positive results I have seen, the patients have no symptoms at all, yet they are still hospitalized for other reasons. Technically, they are hospitalized WITH Covid, but not FOR Covid. I am curious as to whether all positive results are being lumped into all sick positive results. It might very well, as even non sick Co
  11. Spreading like the flu. Not a popular opinion, but I wish people would stop getting tested (unless it would be via private home test, or if you are truly sick ), so the hysteria would die down. I have several Covid positive coworkers staying home from work who are not sick at all. Same with some people in my community. Some actually wanted to be positive, so they could take time off with their kids during the Holidays. Others wanted to be positive so they could avoid their families all together. We all know it is here, we all know what we should/shouldn’t do. It is not going away. Wash
  12. My son had his bachelors party there. I don’t know, but could it be that home games are so great that no one wants to spend the money at these places anymore?
  13. My understanding was that he climbed over a barrier. What a shame that a beautiful, endangered animal was killed for such a stupid act.
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