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  1. I am going to ask this question early so I can avoid kickoff embarrassment. Is the game on the same site as Beechwood’s game last week?
  2. When my boys were born, their uncle bought them a large box of tops baseball cards from the year of their birth, 88 and 90. Don’t know if they are worth anything but the boxes are still unopened.
  3. I see your point, but I do disagree. The restaurants I have been to have bent backwards to be compliant. Patrons have to wear masks anytime they aren’t seated, which I will agree isn’t the greatest. Is there any statistical proof that closing restaurants significantly stops the spread? Maybe there is, I just haven’t seen it. Meanwhile, businesses are going bankrupt, and people are losing their homes.
  4. At this point, I don’t think any businesses should be forced to close. We know what to do to protect ourselves as best we can. I don’t think restaurants should be singled out.
  5. I feel so bad for restaurants and bars that have been forced to close. The restaurants I have been to did a great job adjusting to COVID rules. It seems so random to pick those businesses over others for closure.
  6. I want to say happy Thanksgiving to all my BGP friends. I think we can all agree that this year has been a challenge for all of us, yet we are still here. Personally, Mr. BWF had a big cancer scare this year, which turned out to be nothing. Makes you really appreciate life, particularly the one I took for granted. Many blessings to all!
  7. I feel really bad. I usually have 20 plus at my home for Thanksgiving. We are down to ten now. Still, too many risk factors for my 91 year old dad to come. It is probably his last Thanksgiving. He sits alone not wanting to take the risk. I am afraid I will kill him if he comes over. Yet, he is so depressed being alone. Drives me nuts with guilt no matter what!
  8. My son has been supporting himself by bartending while he finishes school. On his last night, before the bars closed (again), two customers handed him a $100 bill. One customer he knew, and one he did not. There are always great people in bad times.
  9. Mashed potatoes/gravy broccoli casserole stuffing My cousin making her mother’s recipe for home made chocolate cake with Graters ice cream
  10. I was in a store the other day. Saw a young man in there not wearing a mask. I noticed him because he was the only one not wearing a mask (I used to feel weird wearing one. What a difference 10 months can make!). Anyway, an employee very politely came up and said “Sir, we require masks in this store.” He immediately shot back “It ain’t like I am ever coming back here no way!” His response told me two things.. 1. He was just waiting for someone to say something to him so he could mouth off. 2. His rudeness and incredibly bad grammar made him look like an ignorant punk, not the clever tough guy he thought he was. Funny thing is that after he walked out, another customer loudly said. “That’s no great loss.” Everyone within earshot laughed.
  11. I was talking with my fellow nurses the other day. Most of us are wary of a vaccine pushed through so quickly, and are concerned that we will be forced to take it. Flu vaccines are mandatory, but have been developed for years. Mandatory corona virus vaccines are a whole different story.
  12. I work in Cincinnati 7am-730 pm. Usually I get to work before the traffic gets busy and home after. Spent 3 days trying to find the best way to get back and forth. There isn’t one. Glad I am not a 9-5 er.
  13. I was looking more for the party bus route. I have been looking on the internet quite a bit and I did see that most are limiting tours to groups of 10 which may squash the whole thing. Thought maybe I could plan for spring, but can’t count on COVID being under control by then.
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