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  1. Nice article. I felt bad for him last year. Half of me is glad he got his redemption, but the other half still wishes he missed that kick.
  2. Wouldn’t it be great if NKY was represented in all classes down state next year?
  3. Congratulations Mayfield! We were following the game with parents who were down there last week. They went on and on about how welcoming and friendly you were last week. If it couldn’t be us, I am very glad it is you.
  4. Tough loss! Congratulations to Mayfield. Good luck next week.
  5. Congrats Cooper! Is this their first trip to state?
  6. I like them, except for the barking. Oops, meant to quote the announcer comment.
  7. How do I access the live feed? Is it on You Tube? I am not tech savvy and want to make sure I know what I am doing by Friday night.
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