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  1. This has been one of the most interesting threads all year, thank you for the effort.
  2. UK is a terrible place for the finals in my opinion, no atmosphere and too many empty seats to change that. On Cats game day the students have to move their cars. That would have been the least they could have done and I do not mean every lot but some of the lots near the stadium. Parking was terrible as was the atmosphere.
  3. Red Helmet just released their state game for any who want to watch. It airs on their Face Book page and on their You Tube page
  4. Mayfield Senior Kicker Lincoln Suiter lives in a small WKY town where football is king. After the tornado devastated Mayfield, the community looked for it's beloved Cardinal football team to bring a glimmer of hope, something to help the community forget the reality of the devastation, something to believe in, to cheer for, to help heal. Lincoln missed a field goal and a late extra point in the 2022 state championship game in a 14 - 13 loss to Beechwood. The weight of the loss weighed heavy on Lincoln but here is his story of redemption. https://www.wpsdlocal6.com/sports/suiters-redemption-sends-mayfield-back-to-another-state-title-game/article_8b6791fa-8e2f-11ee-94c4-173cda739f07.html?fbclid=IwAR2Ur44f81W8dg-Eo5fPRjzHaC9XRFfmgglHfzOTwk7MgIq8jpGBUZnKJA4
  5. One note I want to throw out there is a congratulations to Owensboro Catholic, Beechwood and Lexington Christian Academy. All 3 of these teams deserve high accolades and were all good enough to have been the state champs this year. All 3 pushed the eventual champ to the limit.
  6. Mayfield is blessed to have some unreal younger classes at the moment and you can never count them out. This is a question for another day and thread for now.
  7. Great night to be a Mayfield Cardinal ! Couldn’t be prouder of this bunch !
  8. I have arrived at the grocery, enjoyed the thread on this game all week and it was fun getting to cut up with all. Here’s to the hopes no one gets hurt and it’s a great game. Go Big Red!
  9. True to the word but I will add what I posted as part of it from what I have been told by old timers.
  10. Tons of great teams and several undefeated teams from way back then but its hard to garner media to support you this far West where there are no major populations centers. That's my opinion for what its worth. In addition, a couple number one ranked teams that got upset would be the rest of the answer.
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