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  1. I have not got words to express the gratitude from us all, thank you!
  2. Just to add a little more drama for you guys, his wife is from Milan and his cousin Jeff was the long time head football coach at Milan until a couple years ago when he retired. Lots of family ties there and a traditional TN contender that is only about an hour from Mayfield. Give Joe a chance and it will all come out in the wash and it will all be fine.
  3. To expand on my previous comments, as Deuce said, I am speaking of Mayfield. 64 kids are without a place to live as of now I was told yesterday. Not as bad as I thought but still very significant.
  4. I can't help but wonder what kind of team we will field next year. All the physical componets were undamaged but there will be some families forced to move to other places to find housing and jobs for parents. We lost some of our residential neighborhoods inside the city. Some of our kids maybe living and playing at other schools. Football is not longer even important now.
  5. I tried to send this from my phone but service is iffy to say the least. I went to get water at Mayfield High School and when I got there several of the volunteers said we have somthing you may want, Beechwood water. They led me to pallets of water taken off a BW trucks. First off I needed water bad and 2nd ot was BW water which held higher meaning to me. Thanks to any and all of my friends who up there, it is greatly needed and appreciated. While I was getting my BW water several trucks labeled Franklin Simpson Football pulled up with former FS Head Coach Timmy Schlosser in the lead truc
  6. I just wanted to check in and tell all on here that my family and self all are safe and learning how to cope with the day to day to day challenges this diaster presents. We had a generator from the go and that has made our quality of life much better than it has for many. Not a whole home gen but a 7,000 kw one that backfeeds into our electric box once you throw the electric main. We were also fortunate being a few blocks out of the debris field so while we had damage, that damage is nothing like what you are seeing on tv. Our biggest challenge is drinking water and water to flush the toilet
  7. None of us have internet or power here so getting to post on here depends on getting a cell post out and I’m guessing the system is overwhelmed right now so it’s not that we don’t want to but more that we can’t. I got the Beechwood letter from JAson Buc tonight and it moved me to tears. I wanted to tell all of you all who have posted and done for us how appreciative we are and thank you all. God Bless you all. Football seems so small right now.
  8. I live by the school and it was spared for the most part and is a shelter for now
  9. My family and myself are all safe but some are not. The deathtole is comming. Thanks for all the concerns. Please pray for us. My house had light damage but 4 blocks North is where the debris field starts. I lost a window a tree limb and a fence. 4 Blocks up is undescribable, pics will get out soon. We have no power or water. I have a genset. so I am a lucky one but the water issue and gas is hard to get. A friend in E Prairie, MO is bringing both and I just heard that the state is sending water.
  10. Slow, not at all, they are quick, I would question the Beechwood game as well, they were out manned and laid an egg. I've seen every game every year and alot of the main competitions games on film and would not get caught up in judgement from 1 game. Just look at Herogat's game with Mayfield for example vs Mayfield in 2019. From that game he looked very average. The last 2 years was no suprise for anyone who is a avid follower and the progression to get back to the top would be right where one would expect. If Cartwright can continue to improve, outside the egg vs Beechwood he was pretty
  11. I'm gonna go ahead and throw it out there, after 2 long hard years of suffering, I think Mayfield is the early favorite for next year. Speaking of the 98 Middlesboro team, the 2 players that still standout in my memory are the kicker (a Wynn kid maybe) and the noseguard. Great team that left no doubt against a really good Mayfield squad. I have often wondered how in the world Bell Co beat them that year.
  12. Mayfield takes it show on the road and the fans follow.
  13. If your a Mayfield fan, you have to be excited, in 2019 it was the largest rebuild in 20+ years and this year the Cards made big strides but everyone was pretty sure the final 4 was the likely ceiling. With the returning players the Cards should be the juggernaut of old. The steady improvement of Sophmore QB Cartwright was significant this year and if he contines to improve the Cards will have the other pieces of the puzzle needed. The recieving corps should be outstanding with Stephenson and Jackson back who both had great seasons this year and Starks back at running back is going to be hug
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