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  1. Morris Family, Jack, son Joe and his other son David.
  2. Cartwright returns from this past year so no change there.
  3. Biggers, the leading receiver and rusher for Murray, enrolled at Christmas at Mayfield. He brings immediate help to the Cards cause at both receiver and DB. The Cards should be in the top few this coming year.
  4. If anybody can it would be the Tigers. Mayfield should be right on the Tigers heels with the Cards returning alot plus Biggers from Murray has come back home and now is enrolled at Mayfield. LCA and that QB should also be in the conversation.
  5. Congrats Beechwood! I am sad beyond words for my Cards and will let the agony of defeat burn off for a few days.
  6. Same on this side, I have attended every one of ours starting as a small boy.
  7. Cards by 7, historically the Cards have BW's number in these to close to call games. If we don't win it, I am glad it will be the Wood that does. Morris had a clip on the local NBC channel this morning and he talked about the similarities the two school share in terms of tradition and excellence.
  8. With the offers from the bigs already in his pocket, to me he is risking his future with every HS snap.
  9. Boley is also a soph., the best soph. I can recall ever seeing. Billy Jack Haskins was at the Mayfield vs LCA game, Tim Couch's kid plays for LCA but I do not know if he was there.
  10. This feels like a 50/50 game to me so far but I have not had a chance to learn much about BW other than looking over their schedule. Is it safe to say the two best opponents were Cov. Cath. and Simon Kenton?
  11. Your post reminds me of our version of the Berger story, we lost our Berger, Jax Rodgers, the all state LB who blew out both knee and never got to finish. Without Jax's we worried about how we could go forward yet here we are.
  12. This game means a lot more than it normally would after all the pain and suffering the community has been thru. This team the entire season has provided the community with a ray of sunshine in the darkest days with something to believe in. It is ironic the Cards opponent is Beechwood who was the first of many to come to our aid in those dark days. On top of all that, the game being against the Tigers has a ton of other storylines for both. I could not imagine a better opponent for both the Cards and Tigers.
  13. Just watched a couple Lex games including the Owensboro Cath game. Boley, oh Boy oh Boy! man that kid is special and we really have not had to face anyone who is in the same zip code throwing it wise. It creates concerns for me.
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