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  1. The announcers for Graves should be fired, Joe and crew are pathetic and have no real experience. go Livingston County!
  2. Interesting thread, this Cards team has actually been a bit of a positive surprise for me after losing one of the best QB's and RB's we have had in some time. The schedule rolled out and looked to be murders row but now after having gone through the roughest part of it I cant say the same. UC, PT, Hoptown & McCracken were expected to be better and in some cases a lot better. That said, I will be surprised if this team isn't in Lexington. The Corbin game was actually a positive to me given the situation and fact that we played them even. We are a totally different team with Hurt, Halliburton, Terrell and Gutherie not hurt. Atlanta Cat and some others will be surprised, this is a really good football team that I think is better than last years edition
  3. This is likely a calculated political move that garners Trump more support as polling has shown that more Americans agree with him on this. Though divisive to most it appears to me that Trump actually maybe the only one that is getting a positive from it.
  4. Alder, the tennis commentator, was fired for his remarks about Williams by ESPN. Hill makes remarks about the POTUS and gets 2 weeks. The punishments are vastly different so does this stance help Alder in his wrongful firing law suit against ESPN?
  5. As always great read, thanks for putting in the time to make it for us
  6. When the SEC is dominating, which has generally been true throughout history
  7. The NC QB and offense are pretty good except in the red zone. The Cards are not real good and just got worse because Williams, a stud, is likely done. I have not been impressed with the Louisville QB play since the UK loss late last year.
  8. I picked DeSales in the preseason and see no reason to change my mind now. They returned the most off a really good team from last year. The shroud of mystery over Carr is interesting. He is a game changer, and the best young QB I have seen the last couple years so I hope that he gets back on the field.
  9. RE: Corbin VS Mayfield Yes they will play again next season again at Austin Peay in Clarksville. Per the AD at Austin Peay, who played for Mayfield. The first 2 games in this series were played at Lindsey Wilson as part of a 2 year deal and would have likely stayed there had it not been for a conflict for this year at Lindsey Wilson. So in looking for a new location Austin Peay came up and having the ties made it easy. In the interview with the Austin Peay AD he said they were excited to host and gave the teams a better price than what they had with Lindsey Wilson because they just finished a 19 mil stadium upgrade and wanted to show case it and get the word out and felt that this was a great way to do so. Anyway, the Corbin vs Mayfield at Austin Peay is a 2 year deal meaning that they will play there again next year and man it is a awesome facility
  10. If not I hope UK will buy me out so I don't jinx them :lol2:
  11. We are guaranteed at least 1 more year, the AD at Austin Peay is a former Cardinal player and in a interview he said that Mayfield and Corbin inked a 2 year deal to play at Austin Peay. He also said it was cheaper than what they had been paying at Lindsey Wilson because they just recently completed a 19 mil stadium renovation and wanted to show case it and had hopes that allowing Mayfield and Corbin to play there would draw other schools to come and play and thus help Austin Peay show case what I can attest to as a magnificent stadium
  12. My sentiments exactly but I cant afford too this year as I am in to deep. I bought season tickets, 2 parking passes and have to use them at least some. Im in for TN. Ole Miss and Louisville. I am not sure if I will witness a win
  13. I have been to 2 UK games the last 2 years, Georgia last year and Florida this year and both games were eerily similar
  14. The Hounds did surprise me by their overall speed and ability to keep us breaking some long ones. As for special teams no doubt Corbin had a advantage. Defense was about even to me. I felt the difference was a couple of breaks downs by the Cards defense that yielded fairly long Corbin TD's and that should be fixable. Either team could have won this one but it was Corbin that did. The stats were almost dead even. MF had 5 more total yards and 1 more first down. Both are solid teams but I think both will have to improve to win a title
  15. When we replace our jerseys we sell the old ones to the fans. It amazing what old jersey can bring
  16. I left Austin Peay Friday with more questions than answers about Mayfield. When the schedule was rolled out and you told me that MF would be 5-1 I would have been very pleased but now looking back it is my opinion that the schedule the Cards played on paper vs the one on the field are different. Union City, TN was the #1 ranked preseason 2A in TN but it was obvious from our game with them that they were not as advertised. Hopkinsville lost their 2 best players and were a shadow of what was supposed to have been. McCracken, Tilghman and Graves were all good but not great teams. Then there is Corbin, a close loss that could have gone either way and did expose areas that need to be fixed and luckily are all things that are easily fixed. but how good is Corbin? They beat Alcoa but Alcoa does not appear to be the team they have been in recent years and then there was the loss to a good Beechwood. Clearly Corbin is a good team but are they or any of the other teams MF has faced state title level? I still cant tell, nor can I tell where MF is really at. The run game was not great against Corbin but the starting back was out and his replacement was playing sparingly with a nagging injury himself. Even then I though MF should be more effective running the ball behind what is believed to be a stellar o line but 96 yards on 25 carries is not going to get you a title when you have a sophomore QB who is still learning. The D actually played Corbin well if you take away 3 long pass plays and stop getting drawn offsides that. We had 5 or 6 procedure calls that gave Corbin first downs or first and 5's and this was huge in keeping drives alive for the Hounds who are good enough that they don't need any extra help. I think MF has a good shot at being a legit title contender and will fix these issues but I think for now the West side favorites are DeSales and CAL and I really like the physical aspects of what DeSales is doing. They are my West #1 for now anyway.
  17. I had a tough weekend as I went to the Corbin-Mayfield game, then drove to Lexington after the game for the Florida-UK game and finally listened to my Dolphins lose to the Jets driving home from Lexington. 0-3 ouch! So other than a phone text in this thread while driving to Lexington I have not had time to catch up but I just did and I saw numerous posts regarding if Corbin and Mayfield would continue this series and I happen to know that they inked a 2 year deal to play at Austin Peay so this game will happen again next year as the same incredible venue
  18. Congrats to Corbin, a very even game that saw the lead swing between the 2 teams all night. This game could have been won by either team but the prize goes to Corbels n this round. Good experience for the Cards who have some things they can take away from this to work on to get better. Our one DB got tour he'd for 2 tds we have got to get that fixed. Our young qb had some growing pains tonight that he can learn from. Time to get back to work and see what we can do in the playoffs. Congrats Corbin
  19. Half Corbin 7-3. Cards hurry up offense got to the Corbin 6 but time runs out. It's half time
  20. Mayfield 0 Corbin 0 This is a out of state score I might add
  21. The Cards NG was also out vs CAL, but it matters not, the trophy resides @ CAL
  22. Well you would have had better luck at the rub wrong if you had done so before we became actual face to face friends and now its too late. Its all good, that's what makes this site fun. By the way, I had DS at 3rd or 4th best!!! JK!
  23. What I have not heard anyone say is where was CARR??? Is he hurt, suspended, missing???
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