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  1. Going into round 2 we catch up with LCA's Xavier Brown Douglass's Darius Neal and Oldham County's Sam Young.
  2. Some highlights from our 1st ever live stream game. #BigThings
  3. With a rest before *fingers crossed* the playoffs.
  4. The regular season finale! Coach Truck and coach Bu pick the final games of the 2020 regular season. we talk to Lexington Catholic wr Blake Busson and discuss The Bryan Station City championship. #BigThings
  5. This week we checked in on The Grant County program and talk to Bryan Station Sr Giovanni Watson about the Defenders turn around season.
  6. Thanks again @TheDeucefor helping out with the rankings. This week we catch up with Chad Pennington to discuss his Sayre Spartans. We also talk to Coach Hawkins about his surprising Defenders and Coach Fox of Oldham county as these two teams meet.
  7. Thanks for coming on looking forward to more appearances "Rankings with The Deuce". 😁👍🏽
  8. We can't seem to get ahold of Coach Truck.
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