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  1. Fayette and the counties touching it . We get lots of love from the Franklin county people when we get more staff we'll expand. #BigThings
  2. We had a really great year in Big Things County this season it was really hard picking this years edition. Now to see the new hires and things could really get fun next season. #BigThings
  3. We recognize the top players in our area. #BigThings
  4. We talk to Owensboro Catholic head coach Jason Morris on the LCA game and Southwestern Coach Jason Foley on the 3rd straight regional with Douglass. #BigThings
  5. What a great 1st season for coach Holcomb in Big Things County.
  6. We talk Round 2 and the future of Big Things County in the playoffs with Lexington Herald Leader prep reporter Jared Peck and another guest picker The Mad Jacket. #BigThings
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