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  1. It's so close quarters from all aspects locker room team meetings the way they practice huddles (though not so much now) its just so social the combine really exposed that the coaches were there stressing spread out...they had masks disinfected sprays etc but like we stated its going to be a daunting task to pull off or better yet to finish they'll probably start but its the finish......
  2. We were at the Bluegrass showcase camp/combine Saturday the kids are ready to get back but after seeing just the general activity of the camp its going to be very very hard to control/contain covid from just the general day to day activities involved with practice. now throw in fans ,media, traveling, etc.....its going to be daunting to pull off.
  3. We look at the upswing in college recruiting in the Lexington area. The Great Crossings situation and more.[video=youtube_share;vU-65Ds7hBY] Discussion point Do you see the Great Crossings program challenging Scott County?
  4. Douglass has another transfer QB in this year! The Broncos could be very formidable. Heaven help us with him. 🤣
  5. With things heading towards opening things up we ask what are you looking forward to this upcoming season?
  6. Could this be the beginning of a coveted Douglass pipeline for the Cats? Douglass seems to be the new Kentucky D1 hotbed. #BigThings
  7. [video=youtube_share;KVNFMWsMBic] We are checking in during Quarantine to see how things are going and have you heard about Fredrick Douglas's new transfer QB? #BigThings
  8. [video=youtube_share;VL1w4eJRC6A] We did this shortly before the tournament was suspended. Its unfortunate but understandable.
  9. [video=youtube_share;IZS43AdeeUI] Commissioner Tackett's press conference on suspensions.
  10. [video=youtube_share;j8eDq3nCIng] Press conference before 1st game today at girls Sweet16.
  11. [video=youtube_share;yUQj55E5TN8] We preview the Girls Sweet16 with Henry Clay Girls basketball coach Eric Sanford and Great Crossings Girls basketball coach Glenn Wilson.
  12. [video=youtube_share;cFHuHbIZ7LM] This week we look at the Region Tournaments with guest appearances from Tates Creek Coach Gay and Coach Young from Douglass. #BigThings
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