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  1. Coach Grantz talks about his teams amazing season as they prepare for the KHSAA state championship tournament.
  2. We get all the information on next week's EKU Football camps and the FCS recruiting dynamics. #BigThings
  3. This week's episode Coach talks about the Bulldogs spring and upcoming season and building a successful program. #BigThings
  4. Coach Arnold talks about the Eagles cancelled season, the challenges of caching a DOD school and the upcoming season. #BigThings
  5. We caught up with one of our 1st ever guests coach Frank Parks to talk about his time at Station and his new program the Berea Pirates. #BigThings
  6. The Lexington KY area is really turning into a recruiting Hot Spot! lots of D1 offers lately we just want say Congratulations to the coaches and players as they continue doing #BigThings Looking forward to next season here.
  7. Brandon Anderson talks Indians baseball and his commitment to Louisville. #BigThings
  8. Coach Peach talks about taking the helm of the prestigious Danville program. #BigThings
  9. Lafayette sophomore pitching sensation Trinity Bridges and a 11th region review. #BigThings
  10. This week we check in on the 11th region. #BigThings
  11. Coach Shaw talks about revamping the Generals as he looks to bounce back from two challenging seasons. #BigThings
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