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  1. You know @Toothpickhas nothing but ⛵ on his mind 😂
  2. In 2019 the school I graduated from Oxford High School won the 6A title. It's last title came in 1993. On a running play inside the 5 yard line officials said our running back fumbled the ball and the other team recovered. Our coach threw the red flag for a challenge. Replay showed that he was down before the other player took the ball away from him. We scored on the next play to win the game with 10 seconds left. I believe there should be replay in all state final games.
  3. I watched the Alabama state championships and same thing happened.
  4. My oldest son said the same thing after the Mayfield game yesterday.
  5. Congratulations Bullitt East. Going for two was the right call.
  6. Congratulations to the Beechwood Tigers. What a game. Very proud of this Cardinal team. Not a lot of people expected us to be there. What a game. The two best teams definitely made it to the finals. Proud to be a Cardinal.
  7. I read this in high school. Couldn't put it down. Great book.
  8. Do you think that the passing success might have something to do with a 4* or 5* quarterback. Is Beechwood's quarterback a 4* or 5*?
  9. I will hate to see it, I was alive when Bear retired. It really sucked until Gene Stallings got there. Then when he retired it sucked again until Saban. Ray Perkins, Bill Curry and Mike Shula still give me nightmares.
  10. Bama doesn't offer just anybody either. The kid is the real deal. Very impressed with him tonight.
  11. Whoops. Misread the post. I thought you asked where they were ranked
  12. You know Mayfield has always respected Beechwood. But never more so than after what the Tigers and the city of Fort Mitchell did for the City of Mayfield after the deadly tornado last December. There will always be a special connection between the Tigers and the Cardinals. The Tigers are nothing but class on and off the field.
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